JImmy Carr Destroy's HECKLERS!! JImmy Carr Funny Business

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Viral-Videos : Watch Jimmy carr Deadpan & oneliners - https://youtu.be/VDjLs7LwaO0

Peter Wilhelmsson : That fellow engaged in a duel of wits, and boy did he show up unarmed.

Sam the Stuntman : He look like dr stange

Travis M. : Crap insult, when's the comedy really start? SMH mom insults

Christina Medeiros : This is my favorite heckling of all time!!!

jedaaa : another lesson for you Rack .... never fuck with a professional comedian in a public forum. it's like trying to challenged a freight train to a game of chicken!!!

Gordon M : I bet Jimmy can't fight. He avoided tax then lied about it. He's a wimp.

Gordon M : Comedy is DEAD.