Africa But It's 29 Cartoon Impressions

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Dank Matter : They named a continent after this amazing song

Awesomeman 3226 : Didn’t they name a continent after this vid??

HavocPigeon : Ok, but now do the whole thing as Joe Swanson.

Torfes Detinn : How ironic is it that Joe Swanson met Bonnie while this song was playing

Sami D : The fucking Joe Swanson part was the best. I honestly had to pause the video to take a break to breathe

Leoreo : Please, in tribute of Stefan Karl do a "We Are Number One But It's 30 Cartoon Impressions"

Justin Y. : The Nigel Thornberry was my favorite

*Bones0010* : Imagine all of those characters in one room waiting for their turn

AngryMustache 9 : Please do *We Are Number One* next

Feh_ X3 : Achievement Unlocked: Nostalgia

schmoyoho : yeah, sex is cool but have you watched Brock Baker sing in the voice of Zoidberg and Timon? 💖💗💝💗💖

Styles FS : THE JOKER ONE 😮😮😮

Tom Anslow : Please do final countdown with impressions

Eye Bleach : Was there a condom in front of his keyboard 0:01

LumberPickel : i like how you did the beavis and butthead voices

CptJack PL : It's time for ... Ocean man

HUNGRY EMERALD : What is love but its 30 cartoon impression

Dymeek : Joe was too accurate even the squint 😂😂😂😂

NemoLZ : I was hoping to see an Invader Zim Character 😂

Slumped : The Ed, Edd and Eddy impressions were amazing!!!!

Paint : Your masterpiece!

Benjamin Lorenc : Hey Brock! Story time! I have a younger brother who's 10 years old, and he and I both love this video. I thought it was funny at first, but after seeing the smile on his face when we watched it, it became one of our favorite videos. We both love singing along and doing out best at the impressions too. Thank you, Brock. Keep it up please

Bob Mcmahan : I just realized your the paul blart mall cop guy

Llama Life : This is so amazing it's a little creepy...

mangoose gaming : I found the meaning of life

Brock Baker : First!

VGamer1308 : 0:43 You sound like you’re about to Pass Out

Sam Mac : I can only wish to be as good as you.

Chloe Brown : That was amazing man! =D You deserve 1 million subscribers! :D

Anna J : Is it sad that this is kinda sexy? Oh man. 🤷🏻‍♀️😂👍🏻❤️🦄🔥😅

Jay Garcia : My favourite part is when he does a cartoon impression

damb : That Joe Swanson tho

Marlin Martinez : Did you voice these characters before because no isn't true!


Chad Bowling : This is my spirit animal. Anyone else?

LilDeuceDeuce : oh sweet I love weezer

Brendon! at the disco : This. Is. Art.

Kevin M Hazel : Jurmph vurn nreyaah

Space Kitty : I love the parts where you do the character's voices for the beats.

Waahaa _1 : I blessed the like button on this video!

Johnnie Guilbert : I needed this in my life thank you

Kevin M Hazel : G O R S H

Kaleb Animated : BRIAN V BROCK

Trailer Park Boy : (Hears Dr girlfriend and Monarch) Okay I’m seduced. Say no more. Take me home and turn the lights off and talk dirty to me, but you have to sound like DR girlfriend 😍😍😍

Luxor Will : Hey, guys which is the best idea song for Cartoon Impressions? The Real Slim Shady Feel Good Inc. In the End Thriller I believe I can Fly Ocean Man

Zacharias : Your Joe Swanson is so perfect XD

bella n : i love our national anthem!

datboi Henry : I was gonna stop watching youtube as soon as the time went 00:00am but this was worth the 3 extra minutes😂


NiCortez Z-X9 : Why This is in my reccomendations?