Africa But It's 29 Cartoon Impressions

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Dank Matter : They named a continent after this amazing song


diesaturn : that Joker impression just made me pregnant. Bravo, sir.

Amadeus2248 : Timon is the only African on here.

Slumped : The Ed, Edd and Eddy impressions were amazing!!!!

CptJack PL : It's time for ... Ocean man

Zach Webb : I forgot the title to the video, but searching "africa but sung by an idiot" had it as the first search result.

The Colorizer : Omg joker is so good it sounds fake holy hell Edit: ooh yay people actually like something of mine

Trinity Kurth : 1:00 Omg after Timon, he's just like 'why am I doing this? Why am I here?' lol


Leoreo : Please, in tribute of Stefan Karl do a "We Are Number One But It's 30 Cartoon Impressions"

ellen sandås : every time I hear this song I’m reminded of Joe Swanson .

Nii se on : 0:01 is that condom?

Loot Cat : Holy shit your Jay Sherman and Joker were amazing! They all were but those two were spot on for such old characters

That Random Scottish Laddie : We are number one We are number one We are number one We are number one We are number one We are number one We are number one We are number one We are number one We are number one We are number one We are number one We are number one We are number one DO IT

Brock Baker : First!

Dairy Saiden : Only clicked because i- *BLESS THE RAINS DOWN IN AFRICA!*

BlitzPhoenix : Joker was on point

Jean Louise Scout Finch : *HEY DONT I GET VERSE!!?!!???*

GregorySpikeMD : For some reason, this guy even manages to look like most of the characters

schmoyoho : yeah, sex is cool but have you watched Brock Baker sing in the voice of Zoidberg and Timon? 💖💗💝💗💖

Alaina May : 00:42 OMG AHAHAHAHAHAHA

Moki Mon : The facial expressions omfg

mrs mozzarella sticks : *HURRY 🅱🅾️ℹ ℹT'S W🅰ITING THERE 4 UUUUUUU*

gavin mounce : 0:43 hey beter

Paint : Your masterpiece!

Li Animations : Me :Dad I learned something awesome! Dad : * his facial expressions * = 2:03.. That's SOO great. =\

MiguelYT Gaming : 0:42 sounds more like Brody fox

Aidan Madiba Suess : NO CRINGING! What are you talking about! You’re BEAUTIFUL

Yam Jam : Dude! Your Monarch and Dr Girlfriend are spot on!!!!

Jay Garcia : My favourite part is when he does a cartoon impression

The MP Puppeteerman : the doctor girlfriend thing was strange then i was like is that the voice of that 3 minutes later:omg why is this a thing why god why

Mazey_ Wolfskii : its 4 in the morning why tf am i watching this

ARC 06 : Why did joe sound constipated

Carolina Cortina : My Version of Africa but it's 10 Cartoon Impressions: Porky Pig (Looney Tunes) Megavolt (Darkwing Duck) Scrooge McDuck (DuckTales) Batman Rocky (Rocky and Bullwinkle) Wallace (Wallace and Gromit) Pete (Mickey Mouse) Bugs Bunny (Looney Tunes) Larry (VeggieTales) The Grinch

Llama Life : This is so amazing it's a little creepy...

Abheek Paul : 1:32 oh oh oH NO PLEASE AAAAAA

BOOP 1 : James Mcavoy?

Demonic ACDC Fan : Yes! Metalocalypse impressions!

FDTHEGAMER : 1:45 I can't stop laughing

DanceOn : Truly incredible! Krusty was perfect!

Retro : huuhh huh huh hu-huh huhh *AAAAAAAA*

Kathleen Rawlings : Beavis and butthead 😂😂

Ryan P : That was amazing man! =D You deserve 1 million subscribers! :D

Li Animations : Stalkers be like : 2:26

LilDeuceDeuce : oh sweet I love weezer

Stale Cracker Jack Box : The Joe Swason!!!!

Priscilla Mia : I laughed, I cried, and I loved 💜😂👍

Jaime Reynolds : How am I just finding this channel?! LOL Love it 😃

Shwing Swong420 : Dude his Nigel impression is amazing