America's Antiques Roadshow: Record Valuation | PBS America

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GassedGasMask7 : Best I can do is tree fiddy

The Arabic Student : This is the perfect collection story. A guy bought something decades ago when it was cheap and no one was really too interested in it and then the market for them skyrockets. What's the next big thing going to be that today no one cares about?

Achromaticdj : i have some similar bowls at my house that say they are made in china on the bottom. any guesses on their value? i think they are circa 2014


Y Football : the price 4:25

T Bone : All I could think was "For God's sake dont drop it "

huntinandawhipin : 1st off, I'd imagine back when these rhinos were killed, nobody objected to eating them. So what if he wanted to sell them! I mean if I had something worth that much, I'd sell it to a museum and continue to enjoy the history...AND the money!

Quantum Leep : He wasn't worried about the money / value when he acquired these , wasn't worried about the Rhino either . Sure these are not current but their value and rarity helps perpetuate the poaching industry and the current dire situation the Rhino faces in the wild . Personally I'd be ashamed to own and or profit from these items , surprising how this seems lost on these guys ......

purpless38 : That is the cutest old man ever

FawkesMuldarr : His immediate reaction was underwhelming.

briefcasefullofbacon : Right.... Right..... All I can say is.. right....

3506Dodge : What a strange guy. I picture him sitting in his functional tract house staring at his art eating a can of beans.

Eduardo Castro : Homeboy almost had a heart attack

Jupiter MacWillow : I always wondered what happened to Les Nessman.

IAM ChickenSalad : RIighhhtttt.

Halifa Rabiu : I wonder why people are sometimes stupid, killing a Rhino is just as killing a Cow and other Animals that we eat. All their lives are taken for our pleasure. If you dont like those art pieces stop eating burgers and chicken wings.

Greg Edmonds : While these are lovely, the black rhinoceros is very nearly extinct because of this trading, and because the Chinese believe their horns possess aphrodisiac-like qualities. Purchasing these things further endangers one of earth's dying species. Please spend your money otherwise.

red beard : I like reading about the bleeding hearts crying about dead rhinos from 200 years ago

MICKLUVR : Wow that took MY breath away.  I don't think he is underwhelmed, I think he's in shock.

Stoneageway : Riiight.

B Montana : They should be destroyed.

kicktotheliver : My grandfather bought his house in the late1930s he spent $3200. on it I told him years ago when he was alive it's now worth just under 400k he said "I would be happy to get $4000. for it."

B T : Rrright

JA MES : Let me call a guy who happens to know about a guy who knows yhis kinda stuff whom happens to know a guy who knows of another guy that knows about this from another guy who can ask this guy .... its worth 100,000,000.0. oh best I can do is 200.. gotta make a profit.

DTR89 : The appraiser's hands ALWAYS shake. Is Parkinson's a requirement for the Antiques Roadshow?

DreamJordan : then I would say, we'll do you want to buy it?

rob doubleu : I started enjoying the mutilation of endangered species in 1970, right around the time my wife left me for molesting my children and doing heroin.

OpinionDay007 : 20 dollars and I'll take them off your hands sir.

Andrew Fallon : 4:22 is the price reveal

RollaArtis : Grind them up and they are worth even more............

Bobby Dukes : Fake. All paid actors and paper mâché items from ikea

JammastaJ23 : Over $1M? Put some gloves on when you're handling those!

Hali Steinetz : Damn how does he pick those up. I'd be scared to be within 10 feet of them.

Charlotte Webb : I will give you 36 pence and a Freddo

Justin Shillington : Aaaaaaand here I am eating Kraft Dinner.

Androgynous Anonymous : Thanks Mao for destroying all the priceless history of your country so random Americans can sell back Chinese history and make a buck.

Chris Whatley : Western Black Rhinos are now extinct for those of you who do not know.

Beau Duncan : riight

Apocalypto1 : valuation at 4:25

I Q : I was expecting maybe $100,000. A million to a million-five??? Wow!!!

Bea, Honey dog and me : He must have been told ahead of the taping cause that was a very muted, unrealistic response.

Chris Redfield : Its worth 2 in a bush.

w23857980 : Don't worry, no rhinos were killed. They found the dead rhino horn and carved it.

SpaztallicA : I'd rather have a rhino...

ScotSpeed : thing like these make me ashamed to be human. poor rhino.

bliglum : Just recently watched a national geographic program where they mentioned how terrible the poaching problem is in Africa, with rhinos and elephants being slaughtered constantly. Change the channel, antiques roadshow. "Well, I've been collecting rhinoceros carvings since the 70's and 80's." Turns out it was a very lucrative choice too!!! All I can say is, good luck to those brave souls trying to defend the rhinos from the poachers! They're going to need it!

any name : SOLD

weemanling : Everyone in this video is fat. America is so beautiful.

Kenyan Legs : right...

Toby Kim : Hey, names rick. Buy them for 200$