Racketeer Rabbit

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Don Corleone : Mel Blanc was a friggin genius

Wolf 3018 : “Its Coitains For You Rocky, Coitains”...


Rann B : BUGS BUNNY. Legendary troll

Infamous Yash Show : No school like old school

Patrick Peralta : Rocky: Why, it's Mugsy! Don't look at me like that, Mugsy! I'm your pal, Mugsy, your buddy pal! Yeah! Bugs Bunny: [as Mugsy] It's Curtains! for ya, Rocky! Curtains! Rocky: No! Not that! Bugs Bunny: Curtains! do ya understand, Curtains! ..... Here! [Bugs places a pair of curtains on Rocky's head] Rocky: Aw, they're adorable.

Obie Hive : LMAO. that makes me laugh to this very day. "Its the 'Coitons' for you Rocky,....'COITONS'"

W : So funny he’s trying to sleep while smoking a cigar

999haunted : I laughed way too hard on the curtains bit

Big Daddy : 1:05 is so funny.

Chris N : "Oh, they're adorable" hilarious to me when I was ten, sixty years later (!) it's still hilarious. The Looney Tunes pretty much defined my sense of humor when I was a kid. God bless all the guys and gals in Warner's animation dept. in the forties.

TheBigbody2009 : " aww they're adorable "

shadow king13 : Proof that old bugs is one of the greatest smartasses of all time and rightfully so

Blue Sky : Bugs Bunny is the master of time, illusions master, he can manipulate time and deceive his opponents to whatever he wishes them to believe/see.

steve gant : I feel sorry for the kids today, characters like Bugs Bunny have enriched the lives of al of us who grew up in the 60s,70s, and 80s! Cartoons today are total crap without any imagination!

godsBane266 : the look on bugs's face when he says give it to me XD

Sammy Afe : I was dying when Bugs was dressing him up

O Ram : hand me my shoes!! LOL

bar rosner : 0:50 he gave him the dough alright 😁😜

XStriker 101 : That's how Mafia City works

Carlos Galindo : Man I love these classic cartoons. Had me dying of laughter lmfao

Terrence J Lee : They don't make them Nooooo were near them ,like these anymore.

LordEVIL187 : Edward G Robinson

Marisa Faith : Ah! When Looney tunes were the stuff.

Max Wylde : I love how Rocky sleeps with a cigar in his mouth.

SpyroTDragon : Edward G Robinson

Bruce Scott : Thank God for the man of a thousand voices MEL BLANC.

Bizarroking : 1:02 Ohhh Rocky's REALLY MAD now!

FMJ IRISH : Dave Chappelle...

The batman who laughs : Big chunges redemption

john oktavec : edward g. the true gangster.

southy98 : Mel Blanc. A master voice actor if there ever was one

Jose Aldana : 'cuitains' = #DEAD

Everlena Oliver : Hysterical!!

German Ramos : Give me the dough you see!! Yeah! What’s does bugs Bunny do? He makes some and gives it to him!! Classic.

Giovanni : "It's curtains for you Rocky! Curtains! You understand? Curtains!" CLASSIC!!!! XD

CuteblondStacy72 : gimme the dough, seeeee!

Yamislittleangel55 : “It’s curtains for you, Rocky!” (Places them on him) “Aw, They’re adorable!” 🤣

Mathieu Leader : Origin of Chief Wiggum see

KingLich : love the brilliant quality of voice acting

The7legacy : 1:12- It's Curtains For You Rocky Curtains! Curtains! You Understand?! Curtains! Here!

EL LOBO : Who are the 12 idiots that down voted bugs bunny?

Mathieu Leader : Bugsy Malone

WreckingWood : "OKAY!! OKAY!!" >:( "But first you gotta close your eyes." X)

Alexis Perez Ramirez : Come On Open Up Rocky, IT’S THE COPS!

Keith Sanderson : In this episode Racketeer Rabbit, 2 gangsters Rocky ( a caricature of Edward G. Robinson) and Hugo (Peter Lorrie) take Bugs for a ride but it's the Bunny who drives them crazy! This is simply great writing and one of the greatest episodes I've ever seen I call it Hare-Raising Hilarity.

Matt Schneider : Coitans ya understand?? Coitans!

Seawitch4u : Al Capone vs Bugs 😂

Keith Sanderson : I love this episode Bugs Bunny helps Rocky get. dressed then Bugs says it's curtains for you Rocky ha ha then he puts a curtain rod on his head simply hilarious Bugs Bunny is the funniest Bunny in the World.