Be My Boyfriend Interview ASMR

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Valí ASMR : Listening to you is like sitting by a waterfall and just listening :)

Alex Waller : This made me very uncomfertable

Michael Enriquez : Damn gurl, you want my social too?

FBI Agent : B E G O N E T H O T

Sam Gillis : I could listen to you for hours.

Lantz Hill : Where were you born Detroit Michigan sorry your disqualified don't hate on where i was born there's only 5000 homicides a year and 4099 of them are because of relationship problems 🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Slickrick * : I think your looking a sugar daddy

Camila BC : 6:42 “fucking nerd”

dantesinporno : Will the fact I no longer have skin as a result of a volcano related sexual misadventure be a conflict of interest?

Gregory Chernishov : Yeah, I only had to wish about such girlfriend as you! From Russia with love! 😍😘

HAsTY : I think I fit the spot

Yellow Umbrella : *I cAN ALwaYS fInd TImE FOr mY bAe*

kingers : "have you ever got any girls pregnant?" I looked at my skin color and start thinking maybe u finna get pregnant (I'm black)

tox0tes : This was really relaxing. I'm probably going to have it on loop 3 or 4 times. Wish it were longer!

Zombie likes ASMR : "Do you have any pets?" yeah i have 3 cats "oh that's great i love dogs!!" that is not what i said :/

franco mendez : I like video games, you like video games, perfect match

Ginos Kokkinos : I wish I wasyour boyfriend sweet beautiful girl and I send you a beautiful rose from my hurt

Lantz Hill : Man this went better than my job interview lmao 😅😅😅😍😍😍😘😘😘🖤🖤🖤🖤

Aaron Mullins : If you are interested in a gaming career you could try starting out on twitch.Btw loved the vid keep it up :)

Jackson Rex : 9+10=21

ChaseIsSosa - The Random Stuff Account : That was very relaxing and unique. Subscription earned

travistyson2011 : I'm a Gemini lol

Edgard Serrano : I think theres hope i can ace the interview 😊😀😀😂

Dan Graves : Damn i was an aquarius

marco melgar : Wow, beautiful my girlfriend 😍💝.

colton kikkert : I love this video

Marc Mosley : I’m surprised you didn’t ask him to drop his pants to see what he was packing haha

Sin Nombre :v : Amazing video! Kiss from Uruguay

Woodrow Call : if I got to be interviewed for being your boyfriend I hope everything would go good and I would be picked because your such a beautiful and sexy woman

Tide Pods : okay...I just got here and I’m leaving

Jack Stanworth : She is fit and sexy and hot and I would love to be her girlfriend

Michael Anderson : Reverse the genders and this would be widely shamed for being sexist shallow and narcissistic. It’s just the double standard that bothers guys.

Giuly 006 : Baby smileee😍

colton kikkert : I love video games

you're amazing : part two! part two! part two!

Randy Perry : i would sooooo be your bf gorgeous

Game4R Life : You must live in a lot of places 😂

Jack Stanworth : I like her fairyblossom friends asmr videos

bibi aspinall : omg this video is so irritating

TheElasticTuba : Ok but like I’m actually an Aquarius and my best friend who I’ve always been a little head over heels for is a Libra????

Emilio Pena : So how do I know if I win

Felipe Batista : ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Madison Da Durp 2 : Could of swear this girl was a lesbian...

Fox Mulder : lol

Derek307 Nunez : Yes I can be your boyfriend 😏💙

Porsche Cayman : Oh, notice me, Blossom, fairy wing by wing. This is your next-door neighbor calling! Notice me, Blossom.

Kingy : No one else think she’s the most self absorbed bimbo or are the truthful comments just getting deleted or getting lost in the gap of her teeth? Cringey girl

Shewhoshallnotbenamed 101 : Listened to the first 60 seconds and I’m shaking my head so hard.

Island In The Sky ASMR : At least the interview is with her and not with the father. 😝😋😉✌😊💤💤

Jraybay : Cool vid 👀