lavate las manos- american dad

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fragmento escena de laanimación


Godot : Harry Potter and the Chamber of Lavate Las Manos

Daniel Arthur : Every bathroom in the spanish speaking world should have a picture of steve in this scene saying 'lavate las manos'

Fnidner : IS THAT A SPELL..? :D

Nuno Silva : Harry Potter + Breaking Bad = lavate las manos

piplup2009 : *sees a guy having a seizure* "is he fighting invisible dementors?"

LatinAmericanDog : 1 persona no se lavó las manos.

Schmidteren : and this is why this show rocks

IsaHoodie : Juan point for Griffindor


No'tur Beeswax : Manos: Wash The Hands of Fate!

Cesar Perez : I've seen this episode. I know it's a cartoon but if Steve actually legit thinks that there's a real hogwarts, then I feel sorry for Stan.

SparksDrinker : gotta love steve.

raneltheleaf : I wonder what language they used in the Spanish dub since it wouldn't make sense if they kept in.

Yui Zorah : I love Steve <3

homer Simpson : lavate las manos =wash your hands

vinetta Bradley : LoL or LLM laugh out loud or lavata las manos

Josh Grimes : haha

xxyoutuber420xx _ : Steve uses attack : lavate las manos 69 dmg.

drkinferno72 : How stupid do you have to be to mistake a crack house for American hogwarts?

Matt Tibbetts : 3rd best wash your hands fight I've ever seen

Onais Peña : It mean wash your hands

Sorata Tusnami : Spanish guy: laveta Las monas :Steve l-lavta la maons :spanish GUY LAVETA LAS MAONS :STEVE LAVETA LA MOANS :SPANISH GUY LAVETA LAS MONAS!!!!!!!! :STEVE LAVETA LAS MAONS XDDD

Josh Kohlstedt : I'm taking a Spanish class and i can't get this out of my head.

Reach_ Hitz : means wash yo hands in Spanish if you didn't know I speak Spanish also

Jake : Sword Art Online on crack xD


TheNicutube : Epic

Eli JR. : LMAO I laughed so hard that I peed myself and then replayed it all over again

LX arts : I permanently known how to say wash your hands in spanish

Zay Zay : Steve just wash your hands!

Ffghjjj Dd : wash your hands​

MrGencyExit64 : Why's the homeless guy so obsessed with cleanliness?

Quintessence 679 : Juggalo memes brought me here

MrKimonster12 : Funny thing is the dude is pointing at steve hands and he ignores it

food smart : if they did with all spanish I'll learn really fast

Skylar Mcalister : i actually go to Hogwarts and this episode is very offensive and by the way we train every week to protect you all from *gin* hes the real he who name should not be mentioned Xd its funny what you people think of us XD :)

Sun Set Trucker Cascadia : Wash your hands

DarkcrossGamerTV : Man just wash your hands dawg

Jhonatan Alvarez : Lavatei lais manois! Hahahaha

Chris Spades : Lavate las manos!!!!!!!!

Q.H.S : Wash your hands

Liz Fuentes : 😂😂😂😂😂

Vik Abreu : Yo soy español


RavensXClippers : Can some one please translate that in English what that means?

Flower Power 2016 : Wash your hands!

Real 252 : Wash your hands

Amir Hasrath : This drug den look miserable...lavate las manos!!!

Alex Gerges : What episode is this?