Seth Rogen Smokes From Amazing Gravity Bong!

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Skillgasm Gaming : Can't be Seth Rogen, he didn't talk about how he's Jewish even once in this video. Totally fake.

BILLSTMAXX : The next dead celeb......

Jonathan : I know this is a gravity bong but does anyone know the company that manufactures them? Or is this homemade?

b d : I need this! *looks it up, sees the price* yeah, I'll just stick to my basic pitcher & plastic bottles 😭 but so cool!

Dakota R : Studenglass gravity pipe

Jarmahent : If you don't breathe it all in in one go it's a big waste

jtm88 : Yo, this shit must be good, B. My man ain't coughed like that since back in the day

Kingdrew : You get this from studenglass cost around 500$

ddstar : this is not a gravity bong. gravity doesn't exist

Simon Drapeau : Cough cough cough, smooth..

Cyfer 420 : Holy Heat Batman, I must know where to purchase this, incredible device. I must add this to my collection Seth. Shoot your loving public a link. Bong !!!

sean stevenson : It's apparant Seth doesn't know smoke goes stale after about 20-30 seconds lmao. Thats why his ass coughed for 20 minutes, sat there and stared at it lmao. TAKE the hit bro

Joel Ross :

steel65712 : What a waste of a are a puss Seth Rogen

Daniel But : For the love of god! Will someone find out already!

Bvlvi Woodson : It is called the Stundenglass by glass distributor Lazydaze Counter Culture. According to their website, the smoking contraption is made of β€œanodized aircraft grade aluminum, surgical grade stainless steel and durable Teflon seals.

FuturisticLobster : dear god

Ty : where do i get one

Slade Smith : I've found out the mechanics behind this if anyone is interested

Ben Gehl : I need that thing

Zach Lyons : Need one! But for $500 bucks idk lol

LurkerAnonymous : Science biatch!

Shitty Bill : Yeah we already saw this catch up bud

Bodak Klack : I'm going to smoke for the 1st time this weekend and my friend is going to use a gravity bong but those hit really hard I heard. Is it a good idea? PLEASE RESPOND

Jozef-D : Classic Seth Rogen.

TheMagicNinja447 : His face while lighting the weed

whoeveriwanttobe : For those complaining about stale smoke , understand that 1) The studenglass gravity bong has no oxygen running through it so the smoke can't go stale and 2) He had to wait for the bowl of the gravity bong to be cashed (anybody who's hit a geeb knows how intense that is )

Strimtu Gheorghe : iroseste tovaru

Robert Lounsberry : I didn't realize IKEA had a head shop.

David Litz17 : Holy crap. $400? Way too much.