What is the Future of India? | Karolina Goswami

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HARRSH : Poland must be proud to have a daughter like Karolina. India also do. :)

Dharmi patel : I'm proud to be an Indian 🇮🇳

India In Details : I would like to produce more episodes. If you like my work, please support financially through this Patreon link: www.patreon.com/indiaindetails

Northeast India in details : Love from Assam

T K : Plz make a video on how Germany is trying to kill Hinduism through fake NGOs 🙏

Backpacker : I love India..I am from Vladivostok (Russia) India 🇮🇳 + Russia 🇷🇺 = Love Story ❤

Mark Austin : I just love India. Appealed for Indian citizenship. Jai Shree Ram. Coming to India from Russia ❤️

Gaurav Singh Shekhawat : Incredible india And incredible indian daughter Karolina ma'am. 🙏🙏🙏Respectfully Awsome research and nice work Superb video👌👌👍👍

Taiwanese : Love India from China. There is no doubt that India will become next superpower. The same is true of China. In the past, we felt that our culture was very backward and that the West was advanced. In fact, ancient civilization is full of wisdom. What we have to do is to study hard and work hard.

Balinder Aujla : Mam are you living in india.. You have knowledge about India in detail.. May this information 70% indian people don't know.. You are great

Tanush Deshmukh : Globalisation does not mean westernisation what a Line

Elias DeGeneres : Hi Madam Karolina, I am from Paris France, I love your videos and they help me to know more about India. May God bless you!

Iam The Best : Globalisation does not mean westernisation Well said 👌

Paras singh Rana : Indian hv time to watch the reaction vedios of foreigners which is just waste of time . But we indians does not watch this type of good stuff. All the forigner reaction are fake and everybody knows it but still watching them ... Wake up Indians Save your root

Telugu talk show : Thank u so much mam..

Northeast India in details : An amazing video as usual And one of the best video. Stay Blessed

akhleshwar Singh : Love from India..carolina

Aakash Bhatia : "Globalisation doesn't mean westernisation" Damn it. This must the political slogan for 2019 Elections

Suryapratim Paul : India will remain India! I'm hopeful.

Anupom Gogoi : Love from north east india.

Atif Islam : Love you India and HINDUISM 💘🌿

Iam The Best : You are the true indian

sahil gujjar : Who else watching before liked the video

Jay Moon : You must have been an Indian in your last birth, thats why you are defending your "mother" country. Love from South Africa. Even I still feel India is my Mother land although I am 4th generation South African.

Sivalingam .R : Dear child Karolina your statement "globalization does not mean westernization is heart touching

zu eio : When i watch your video i feel #positive about india

Rahul Gaikwad : The Indian government must take strong action against unwanted Population otherwise no benefits for common people of world's 6th economy. You can't compare 3 trillion$ for 70 million people. 3 trillion$ for 1250 million people.

Ranchier Nishu : India will always remain India.. I hope globalisation mean Indianisation not westernization

Sweta Rawat : Will India remain India? The most important question for us Indians.

Manish kumar : Wow nice video ma'am , I also believe in India's original culture and tradition. Globalization does not mean westernization. see u again. :)

Advait Chougule : But Still India Has Hinduphobians All Over World And Itself In India ,Bollywood Is Against Hinduism

Hyper Red : Video editing skills are just awesome ...

killer .Harsha : India will remain as india, even it becomes developed country because we Indians will not feel that we are at top of anyone either we are below. We will give respect to everyone and treat equally. Proved to be an Indian

instant sports : That music 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

Mesut Özilean : Dziękuję bardzo siostro. My, Hindusi, jesteśmy ci bardzo winni!

Railways On Demand : Yes there is a global news channel in India sister, its WION, its new...

Ashish Pandey : Great bharat mata ki Jai thanks karolina to representing Bharat

kshitiz gupta : Hello mam ,I want to donate. But since I am a student, I do not have credit card. If you have any means to accept my guru dakshina by pay tm? Please let me know mam...

Pigember bakrichod Thakri rasul : First view and first comment🤓🤓

Trending Globally : Superb, informative video

Harinder Jeet Singh Bedi : You must collaborate with Rajiv Malhotra

Dhananjay Singh : I liked your video Plz make video on Indian education

rakesh dwivedi : Hi karolina I was waiting for your vedio from long time

王师临 : i cant agree with you more,gloablization dosent means westernization!

Diba G : I like your every video.. thanks for your support.. keep doing great job ⚘👍

Nidheesh nidhi : Madam please help Kerala... Please do anything for Kerala peoples 🙏

Prakhar Srivastava : when will u upload a video in hindi language , waiting eagerly

shubham ahire : Not Adulation But Poland Is emerging Economical, Millitary, and political power in whole Europe.

djavinash08 : I am very big fan of ur channel..Keep making videos like this..thank u so much

Aryan Divyanshu : After so long Karolina? Was waiting for your content.