24 Hours in Shanghai | Karlie Kloss

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Nella Ella : Like to find out which model you are 1-karlie kloss 2- Gigi haidid 3- Kendal Jenner 4-Taylor hill 5 - Bella haidid 6- Ashley graham 7- your self 8- Hailey Baldwin 9- emily ratajkowski 0- you choose The last digit of the number you got when you liked is who you are

Taya Taya : You are an inspiration and you motivate us karliiee I love youu !!😘😘

Jo Smashnyuk : Not all Americans like Starbucks 🤦‍♂️

KaitlinKarate : You should make your videos longer! I love your videos so much they go by so fast

Eva Antoine : I love your style! Can you tell us where you get most of your clothing please?

stell la : Are these adidas videos sponsored? Transparency is a plus people.

Ariel Zabihi : Isnt Addidas Russian?

Julian : Are the "Like A Kloss" Tee's still avalible?

Cicely Hu : Din-Tai-Fung! You should come to Taiwan as well💕

Grace2104 : Does Karlie ever reply?

Diletta Dile : I love your travel diary love to see all the things you do !!!! Thanks for posting it !! I love you as always

April 13 : that't not dumpling hahaY(^_^)Y it's baozi

tan jia xuan : She basically towers over almost all asians like me

canara imin : I wish she knew what was happening in XINJIANG with thd government....🙁

Iman Noor : it seems u have personal videographer!! so its not Vloging!

Melody Tu : so sad cuz i went on vacay with my parents whilst Karlie was in Shanghai😭😭😭

Katina Diep : Wow jetlag didn't slow Karlie down not even a bit 🛫🎥📸

Alex K. : When Karlie goes to Shanghai, she increases the average height of the city's population by an inch.

looong H : shang hai and hong kong should join as a country fck the rest china !

Anika Suares : Din tai dung is the best

Julien S : lmao coming from the woman who does some yellowface http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/karlie-kloss-vogue_us_58a3853fe4b094a129f01f15

Jordan Sullivan : I love Din Tai Fung! :D

Niclas Plays FPS : mustafa abdul

Gabriela Sobral : Girl go check your PO Box!! There's a box with some bday gifts waiting for ya 😘❤️

beautyplayground : Your videos are the best <3

Allison Geneau : Love this karlie😍

Moonlight Serenade : Can you please please make a one hour vblog...truly we can't get enough of your adventure, places you visit, the street clothes you wear are simply stylist... We love your voice, it's so yummy....

Catta Bonata : How do you animate your titles? And in your intros how do you make those doodles you put in your name? 😊

Claudia Schonfeldt : I think Karlie is such an inspiration and so healthy its amazing

NovaWarrior77 : Everybodis feed full of adventures... like if you haven't gone on vacation this summer...

Jenna Day : She should have a makeup line called "Karlie 'Kloss'metics"

Sankar boro : Every place you visit, it feels like you haven't visited at all. Maximum of them knows you. And I don't find any challenge there. Come to India, and you will find an another perspective of life.

John S : Your Wix Youtube commercial has become quite annoying to see every time I watch anything on here. I'm sure it's not your fault it the site runs it so frequently, but please for the sake of other people and my myself who are growing tired of it, address this issue and push for a quick resolution Thank you in advance if your able to do something about it. I'm not here for your content, nor am I here to criticize it. I'm just a person who growing tired of see this same ad over and over.

TDH Gaming : Neistat led me here.... great stuff!

Clara : Yes karlie!!!!

the princesse : you do so many things in 24hours the things to any body cant do it

Alejandro G. Gomez : We need a closet tour.

dom di : That gorgeous red hair at 2:39 though

Yana Gilishtarova : Come to Bulgaria karlie

Debbie Lim : Hi Karlie! I love your content. Just a suggestion... I'm sure many others are like me and would like to know what you eat in 24 hours. I believe it will be quite interesting

Nikhil Puri : Did u eat 40 yrs old dog meat?😁

Lane Crescent : WHY would you drink fucken STARBUCKS in a foreign country? Typical bloody AMERICANS!!!

Novak_ Matthew : What's the background music playing?

Harry Potter : Now if I'm wrong, I'm wrong. If I mistakenly identified Joshua Kushner as being an incestuous pedophile I'll admit my mistake. BUT AM I WRONG KARLIE?!

barack putin : Love you so much. You are such a down to earth human being and I love you very much.

Andy Lee : Ffs I'm living in Shanghai now with no twitter or facebook or any social media with a language I can understand so I missed a chance to see my 女神 sigh.. I love you karebear. Kaylor for life

PXG : she so hot

Danielle Calder-Kamalu : It sounds like it was 36 hours instead of 24 hours 🤔

peningkah aku : what an amazing trip!!!!

Hanna Bella : <3 <3