24 Hours in Shanghai | Karlie Kloss

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ayat b : You are an inspiration and you motivate us karliiee I love youu !!😘😘

高浩 : Welcome to Shanghai it is amazing😃

Jenna Day : She should have a makeup line called "Karlie 'Kloss'metics"

Krystal Everett : I become more infatuated with Kloss as I watch more videos.

Jamieee : Dang I had lunch in that dumpling place in Shanghai a week ago. Never should have left

Cicely Hu : Din-Tai-Fung! You should come to Taiwan as well💕

Brittany Lau : Love when karlie uploads

Eva Littman : If you are ever in Seattle, there are a few Din Tai Fung restaurants there

honestly : I love your style! Can you tell us where you get most of your clothing please?

Alejandro G. Gomez : We need a closet tour.

Alaska Waters : Sending all the love ❤️ ❤️

Andy Lee : Ffs I'm living in Shanghai now with no twitter or facebook or any social media with a language I can understand so I missed a chance to see my 女神 sigh.. I love you karebear. Kaylor for life

PXG : she so hot

Shawn Cheng : KK is my girlfriend

Run The Atlas : Omg I went to the original Din Tai Fung in Taipei! Vlog in my channel 🎥

Emma Opheim : You should come and visit Norway sometime!!😉

刘燕青 : 身材好好!

李苡睿 : Next time maybe you can come to Taiwan!! It's so fun here:)) I can give u some recommendations of places if u'd like to 😆😊💜😂

Allen Lee : Wow! I like Shanghai

Julia Li : Come to Taiwan 🇹🇼!!!!!!!! It's definitely a nice country to visit ☺️

Alan Zhou : I love you more and you are best model

Alan Zhou : I love shanghi

Nikhil Puri : Did u eat 40 yrs old dog meat?😁

zei nab : And finallyyyy 1/3 is here and now I'm waiting for Seoul and Tokyo ones.. 😍💗

Alex The Axolotl : Do you prefer clownfish or regal/blue tangs?

Sankar boro : Every place you visit, it feels like you haven't visited at all. Maximum of them knows you. And I don't find any challenge there. Come to India, and you will find an another perspective of life.

Matthew Novak : What's the background music playing?

Wendy Nguyen : She looks extra tall compared to everyone else

Thatdude2709 X : Theo blond hair fitsss sooo wellllll 😍

Niclas Plays FPS : mustafa abdul

RockAndRollOne : China is abjectly communist and the communists have owned imported propatainment media for a very long time now. You cannot do anything within China that Kloss lists for this video and candid pics are out of the question. Kloss can't seem to shake the autocratic government affiliations of that modeling career and it's all falling back on the point of origin of that stunted occupation.

canara imin : I wish she knew what was happening in XINJIANG with thd government....🙁

Aslı S : 143 Likes 0 Disslike

stell la : Are these adidas videos sponsored? Transparency is a plus people.

Aslı S : When you will reply?? Do u have any plans to come to Turkey? 🇹🇷

barack putin : Love you so much. You are such a down to earth human being and I love you very much.

Sirui Gu : I'm expecting you will visit Shenzhen someday ! It's very close to HK, and GDP is richer than HK. Poor hk :(

Angelina Chen : I'm in China too! wish I saw you

KaitlinKarate : You should make your videos longer! I love your videos so much they go by so fast

Jocker Sniper : wo ai ni!!! I LOVE YOU!!!

Big Lobster Prick : this channel has no real value. just a marketing play

Jordan Sullivan : I love Din Tai Fung! :D

katherine wu : 欢迎来到我大魔都!

ThroughALense : Love you! I live near Pasedena where there is a Ding Tai Fung there. There were sooooo many people

sha Sa : Yay new video!!!!!!!( ´ ▽ ` )

Priya Mohan : Things to do......and see.....annnnnd eat....annnnddd..... cannot speak a sensible, thoughtful sentence. she walks around claiming to be a Tech Girl ?? Bitch Please!

Debbie Lim : Hi Karlie! I love your content. Just a suggestion... I'm sure many others are like me and would like to know what you eat in 24 hours. I believe it will be quite interesting

Mia : Platinum looks great on you! ❤

Olivia Jules : I love how you say "meeting my friends" because to you we aren't just fans, we are your friends

Brittany Chow : When you say dumplings I didn't expect to see a box of steamed buns. LMAO