Isto - Some of These Days (Shelton Brooks)

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Ben Aaron : YEAH! I love the intense character voice acting. You had me laughing, Chris.

cronts : You make some of the nicest cutest music ive ever seen, i remember binge watching all your videos one night at 2 am. Never stop making these! I’ll keep watching :)

stlivermore : Isto you've come up with a totally new song, I hate the original, this is a wholly different work altogether. What gives man. What 'obtains' here, what musical hanky-panky is this? This is the best version in the cosmos AND YT. Simply love this. Play it again Sam. It's yours, copyright it. Totally blown away, a gem. Thanx for sharing your magic once again.

Erbsesupp : If there's ever gonna be a remake of the Jungle Book again, you should voice Baloo.

rungus24 : There was a verse here where you really channelled your inner Brian Blessed, and that isn't always a good thing in all circumstances, but here it was just right.

Omar Diaz : just great, i wish i could sing and play like you, i love your music!

UkeSteer Andy : Very nice. Request pls.. pls sing "afraid to dream"

Mark : As if I needed an excuse to click on an Isto video, that thumbnail drew my eye right away!

Cortex Engineer : Hackin away at my misery, man your so great!

Nazareth Jones : amazing! oh man

Manpreet Singh : you and my writing are the only two things to make me smile . Keep humming these tunes to me sir isto for i like to smile ,

dlafaver : One of your very best!! Great audio quality

thomas zimmerman : nailed it bro!!...sheldon brooks would approve!

Joe Webb : swanky duds. you goin to a dance?

James Richardson : The guitar sounds beautiful in this one but the vocals have been pushed a bit too much, somewhat abrasive. A great rendition nonetheless!