Al Pacino on fire - Heat (1995)

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Ross DiamondThief : Apparently Al’s line “cause she’s got a GREAT ASS!!” was not scripted. That explains Hank Azaria’s genuine shocked and confused reaction.

INGSOC : his mistake was he pointed his finger in alpacinos face, when he did, he was done for.

Valentí Rodón Font : Such an extraordinary performance, hilarious... X-D

L Pauling : Al Pacino is God

SgtTravisBickle : I wish they showed Hank's face when he says, "Jesus!"

Fakename70 : Gotta love ad-libs!

young training day : Cut and dry... That is it...

Estela Zalazar : Vincent Hanna craziest police

boehlahz : Cut and dried .... that is IT ...

willy565 : "Cause she's got a.... GREAT ASS!!!"