The Princess Bride - a battle of wits scene

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Movie Remixer : Hello watch my debut short film here :)

Ryokkeno : Alternatively, Neither was poisoned, he took a big snort of one of the most lethal poison powders known to man at the beginning.

Brandon Galvan : "Inhale this, but do not touch." "I smell nothing." "What you do not smell is called iocane powder. It is odorless, tasteless, dissolves instantly in liquid, and is among the more deadly poisons known to man. In fact, just inhaling a small amount of the powder is enough to kill a grown man within seconds." That would've been enough to end it. I mean, seriously. Who enters into a battle of wits *_to the death_* and then inhales an unknown substance handed to them by someone they just met that day?

George Lionon : "In that case I challenge you to a battle of wits". "For the princess... to the death?" Westly nods. Viccini: "I accept!" putting away his dagger. Then Westley used that moment to stab him with his sword he still held in hand. "That was not particularly smart. Already you lost the battle of wits to death."

Isaiah Stoy : This is undoubtedly one of the greatest scenes in cinema history.

Tony Stank : NEVER go up against a CICILIAN when DEATH is on the line!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH--'falls over'

Wynonna Carver : I love how he dies mid laugh

Jam Lym : The moral of this scene is that true intelligence is not crazy complicated stuff. The answer is usually pretty simple.

Tom Jackal : Truly you have a dizzying intellect

NTG : There’s one leap of logic he missed: Wesley was carrying the iocaine powder on him. Why would he carry it with him unless he intends to use it quite regularly? But if he uses it quite regularly he would build a reputation for using the poison among his crew, and then eventually among the rest of the area. With that reputation comes the risk that someone might use your own poison against you, and to die by your own poison would be dreadful, so before even considering carrying that poison on him he built up an immunity to iocaine powder, so clearly he cannot choose either cup.

samantha18 : How long did Vizzini have to set up a table cloth? And how was he carrying wine and goblets? And the cheese?

Katherine S : I maintain that the reason they showed so little of Buttercup's face is that she couldn't stop smiling at how ridiculous this conversation was. :)

Greg P. Yates Jr. : As soon as the battle of wits begins, pay close attention to Buttercups hair in between camera cuts. I've now ruined this scene for you forever, you're welcome!

Owen Jones : Anyone else realise that this bob parr's boss in the incredibles? I recognised the voice!

1Bloka : Well, I mean he was right the entire time. He couldn't choose either one.

David Timmer : You're trying to trick me into giving away something. It won't work.

MantisCrawl : 4:40 Omae wa mou shindeiru

LORD Eyehead : The real battle of wits was whether he would accept

Jam Lym : Wallace Shawn's signature role.

cxsmicz sins : science slumber parties

Wilburgur : at least mr. incredibles boss died with a laugh

Jon : I love this scene the most out of the whole movie especially the look on vizzini's face when he switches goblets lol! Never gets old.

Jerry Gu : "Mrs. Underwood, I presume."

Jason Leedham : Judging by the costume, ships swords etc surely this was set at least a couple of hundred years before the Europeans discovered Australia? Oh its a film, I know

Benny Boi : 03:14 He almost had it.

DarthSidious63 : Wallace Shawn is one of the best character actors ever.

cromusic ibra : "You have a dizzying intellect." "Where was I?" Supposedly he has an amazing brain yet can't remember what he was talking about a few seconds ago.

Team Dai Gurren Member : I'm sorry but I don't get how this I a battel of wits if you asked me westly cheated he was immune the whole time.

The Dark One784 : Cary Elwes will always be Robin Of Loxley to me

NoriMori : Once again I'm reminded of the principle that you should never accept a deal someone else proposed if the only way for you to gain is for them to lose (and vice versa). They wouldn't have proposed the deal if they didn't know something you don't that will guarantee they win.

Samuel Glyn : I just adore the sound synching in this film

Pickle Rick : Imagine how this was for the princess. She was blindfolded and could do nothing but hear all the stuff going on in front of her, imagine how wierd that would be?

Matthew Seidl : what in the world can that be!?😂😂

Chad K : This is how you play Texas Holdem xD

7/11 Was A Part Time Job : 10 cicilians disliked the video

Apollo Fell : This is the first time I have understood the joke about the Sicilian and I'm goddamn 25.

CEC Bloomington : Inconceivable!

Irene Jacobs : This is what it feels like talking to incels on Reddit

Nathaniel Mooney : 0:27 You’re wrong, Vizzini. Westley’s trying to rescue his true love.

Darth Primus rae : for a moment 0:54 I thought he said playtoe the kids toy

Gotobar 1313 : i just came for *_"...Morons"_*

Jim Hawking : I remember watching this in school, best sleep I ever had

James Raynor : He... Oh my god. An Earthling from the medieval period just completely destabilized Ferengi economy!!!

Justin Bailey : "never get involved in a land war in Asia." LOL so true.

NoriMori : I think one of the reasons this movie works so well, is that no matter how inane it gets, the actors are so earnest. Not in the sense of "taking the film seriously", but in the sense of "taking the acting seriously".

Look Dad, No Hands : In Belgium (maybe the Netherlands too idk) we have an idiom for this. Hoogmoed komt voor de val. (an increase in pride/confidence usually ends badly)

Kristin Timoteo : best movie ever

Vladimir Putin : When you look away from your drink in a party...

only one Mr X Only one Mr y : Smart move with poisoning both cups..

supernova girl : All I can think of is Rex from toy story lol