Stopping at McDonald's in 1989

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Bond : Anyone else have this in their recommended? 😂

WatfordMan : 5:12 Even McDonald's today still make the same "beeping" noise. That's cool as hell man

Shane Michael Drums : Yo this is the og vlog! 😂😂

Arcane Wisdom TV : This guy seems to like Dick.

bb tee : that quality is amazing considering it is from 1989

Eyema Duhmass : The OG Vlogger. These "vloggers" nowadays ain't got shit on this dude. AND he's still getting money today. Legend.

Daniel Sadjadian : Back when people were normal.

Shahzad Saleem : All you kids from late 90's and early 2000's must know that back then there weren't cell phones or things like that and having a camera was a really big dea!!! Mot everyone had a camera . If someone did have one it was probably very big and heavy because they had VHS cassettes as it's source of memory, so you guys should really consider this fact too and not just say this recording is old etc etc. This guy is a legend 💪

Justice : Still better then my camera.

Extra Bass : atlest he didn't start the vlog with 'whats up guys'

NATHAN[ONCE] : Stopping at McDonald's in 1989 (GONE WRONG!) (SOMEONE CHASE US!) (100% REAL FOOTAGE)

scottieray : "Our whole meal was $7.22". That is ONE meal now.

Lemi Kadriaj : This is way more entertaining than Jake Pauls’ videos.

Mohsin Asif : This guy is a time traveler. He lived in 2018 way before many of us were born and learned about vlogging and then went back to 1989 and filmed this.

Dons Lemon : If you saw someone filming themselves in 1989 it was surreal, Today every douche bag with a cell phone is a internet star

Mohammed Alshehri : This is like the oldest Vlog ever.

EliteJamZ : *He reminds me of T-Bag from Prison Break*

Cian Galvin : "I wanna go play with the children" 😂

Dimas Affan : You have a good camera in 1989 ? You must be rich at the time.

szebek : i think that he is time traveler and recorded vlog in nowadays style....... its just impossible...... he recorded just like today but in 1989 - thats 29 years ago he keeps asking where he is how much is that seems to be suprised about many things

KeeperOfProphecies : I always feel alone in liking old fast-food restaurant interiors. Maybe it's nostalgia.

Logan Nichols : This is so 1980s.

TheWeekendGeek : I wasn't even a twinkle in the milk mans eye in 1989

elm1230 : For the confused, this mans name is Nelson Sullivan. He was known in the New York club scene for taking his camera around and making - pretty much what you see here, vlog style videos before vlogging was a thing. There are some pretty fascinating videos on the club scene in the late 80s on this channel. Even some appearances from Andy Warhol I see! He was clearly a maverick, and though who knows his real intent of shooting the videos, they are certainly important bits of history. According to Wikipedia he logged over 1900 hours of film over the course of 7 years.

Dons Lemon : 3:41 Racetrac gas .75 cents a gallon lol

64kdwg : He is the inventor of YouTube. Monetized since 1989.

Sayko : The video is 10 minutes long

Severian Wintermute : I want to go back.

Biggreasyhotdog : As gaaaaay as the day is long! Positively FLAMING!

OldSchool HipHop FanBoy : This man just predicted the future

Tunnel Chaser : In 1989 recording yourself like this was unheard of. You would have looked like an oddball. Today no one has a second thought.

SuccessfullShoeShop : Time Traveling Vlogger

Matt Fish : Can someone please do a parody of this?

Fjordstrøm Travel & Tech Reviews : Vlogger with a GoPro in 1989 xD

ViniZan San : He speaks like Cleveland from Family Guy. : Basically, what 50% of people do on *Instagram live videos :-)*

Sara Haile : He's a little creepy with the children

William Breen : What kind of weirdo bullcrap is this!

Oli 3000 : Much simpler times...

ThomasTankCollectables : Rain man?

ancient child : filmed with gopro 0.1 and selfmade selfie stick.. this guy was ahead of his time..

Ryan Dees : pedo vibes

brad rogers : Does he remind anyone else of the queer character from Family Guy?

2Wheel Bros : Robert Downey jr look or is it just me?

Jesus Mejia : Am i the only one who thought that vertical stripe on his long sleeve was his belt lol.

hope : 6:35 hello children

Bob Donovan : Wow. He died of a heart attack not long after this video.

Matt Fish : What kind of camera did this guy have in 1989 that allowed him to record such good quality video and still be portable? Crazy.

NEBULA : My God that guy is entertaining. No doubt he'd be making big buck on You Tube today. He was so in the wrong time in history, nobody was doing this back then. Too bad he had nowhere to post back then. He might be the original vlogger.

985 Slimm : Did any catch the gas for 75 vents sign at 6:41 ? Wow