Stopping at McDonald's in 1989

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Mohammed Alshehri : This is like the oldest Vlog ever.

FV : He was way ahead of his time bruh 😭

Onnethox : Damn so I’ll just record myself going to any store then post it in 30 years...easy milli views 😉

Serene Jaamac : Anyone notice he was a little flamboyant, bless.

Depression Session : The pioneer of vlogging it seems.

Vlog Güero : This dude is literally the OG of vlogging. Increíble

Kevin Johnson : Why does he remind me of Bruce from Family Guy?

Trevor Lones : “Married and singular” *shuts door with intense sass*

Khenede H : Camera guy: "What do you want to eat?" Other guy: "I wan- .." Camera guy: "i just looove the super highways...."

Ninja Hacking/Glitching : "Our whole meal is $7.22". Now just a Big Mac meal is like $8.00 lol

tH3_MaD_kAck3r : His camera is better than my android camera

charlie miggins : This video screams time traveler!!!!

Smodarolla West CLE : Homeboy was sassssss-sy lol u see how he shut the car door at McDonald’s

Mr. T Mr. T : Is 2018 and people still watch you wierd when you walk and talk to a camera. He is doing it in 1989.LEGENDARY!

Bond : Anyone else have this in their recommended? 😂

prezbige : Did y'all see those wonderful gas prices? Kudos to anybody that remembers seeing gas prices below $1.

Yazied Hafith : Peaceful 80s time everything was simple, friendly people no cellphones. I wonder what type of fisheye camera he was using?

Jasmine Rice : Dude! .75 cents A Gallon ?!

Toxic : Could you imagine if he just started saying lit, fam, and yeet out of nowhere in the middle of the vlog? Lmao

Top 10 Archive : Vlogging before the internet or video platforms were things.. This man is a wizard.

Czech Republic best Republic : Random fact 2 years later the Soviet Union collapses

Bittruth-bitcoin, cryptocurrency, mining, and news : This is weird, this guy knows vlogging before it even existed

Cloudy Blaze : Anyone notice how calm traffic seems compared to now or is it just me?

original lvcifer : 4:42 just think, no one knew he was vlogging for youtube at the time.

Dryan Eats : This is weird, this is nearly 30 years old and I feel I'm watching the future instead. Black mirrorish...

The Hungry Black Panda : This guy probably invented vlogging

Ninja Hacking/Glitching : I feel like I'm watching a gay child molester, or a murders journey. Can't decide.

Charles Orton : 4:46 I NEED A BIG MAC! 😂😂😂

MopeyMo : “I wanna make some videos with the childreeeeeeennnnnn”

64kdwg : He is the inventor of YouTube. Monetized since 1989.

MotorTaker95 : So.. this is interesting, because this is like people from the future (+ 2040) are gonna see the vlogs from 2018 😂

TheWolfsan : ah...back when MacDonalds food was tasty and inexpensive, neither of which is true today

Duh Man of Dark Woods : "Married 'n singular."

Bryant G : This dude sorta reminds of Bruce from Family Guy.

Tunnel Chaser : In 1989 recording yourself like this was unheard of. You would have looked like an oddball. Today no one has a second thought.

- - D X M - - : *C A N ' T W E P L A Y W I T H T H E O T H E R C H I L D R E N*

David : These videos are like crack to me.

DeNiefer : He is 60-70 years today 😂😂😂. The pioneer of vlogging .

junior ochoa : All the dislikes are probably for him acting a little flamboyant.. smh. I loved this video. I wasnt alive at this time and seeing how beautiful life was, was definitely great. Thank you 🙏

Beerdy - Bruce Lee Central : Most youtubers weren't even born when this video was made.

JAKY : Back in 89 they knew how YouTube algorithm works?

Crystylon : I get so sad watching this video knowing that we will never know what it was like to live in this era. This is an era.

Mirage Uchiha : Before Vlogging was a thing... Vlogging was a thing.

D money : This back when things were simpler and cheaper I was 9 back then I miss the good old days

Maddy's Comic art : "hello children" Lmao in 2018 he would be arrested for that

junior ochoa : High tech..... if only he knew what the future awaited for him at that time. Dang.

Christopher Archer : Imagine if youtube was created in the 80's

dan k : Sounds like a character from family guy

Jaydin Soto : This is actually so fascinating omg

Michael Jay - Value Investing : This man has been vlogging since before I was born.