Stopping at McDonald's in 1989

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Mohammed Alshehri : This is like the oldest Vlog ever.

Dragn_Slyr : Of course he stretches it to the 10 min mark smh... youtubers now a days

Petty Eddy : I was still in my dad's testicles

Dillon Strain : video footage of the last time their ice cream machine worked

smrtz : this man has an extremely good quality mic for its time, his way of vlogging is better than many famous vloggers from our current time... this man is an actual time traveler

FV : He was way ahead of his time bruh 😭

Emma Hollands : Take in that the kids that he filmed are about 40 now

david jackson : Apparently this guy loves Dick

T3ARDROP SHAWDY : idk he seems weird im getting a “gay pedo” vibe but he sure was ahead of his time with the camera vlogging

Rufus : Sad fact: The vlogger (Nelson Sulivan) died in 1989 :'(. That vlog was his last year.

Bond : Anyone else have this in their recommended? 😂

Raul Munoz : Faze Rug when he gets older LMAO!!!!!!!!

ivanm10 : This man is clearly a TIME TRAVELER!!!

JRainH H : Everybody in comments say pioneer of vlogging, BUT just goin to ignore how he talks about the children...... shit gave me the CREEPS!

car kid15 : 4:11 you see the way he shut the door😂😂

Vlog Güero : This dude is literally the OG of vlogging. Increíble

Eddy Maldonado : Legends say he’s still wearing his seatbelt till this day

Nay Giggers : Just to let you guys know, Dick passed away on Sept 14 2018 after a long battle with Leukemia. He is finally together with Nelson Sullivan again.

Malcolm Lang : Imagine trying to explain YouTube to him in 1989 🤔

KevinCS : Hey I work at mcdonalds. It literally looks exactly the same as in this vlog, and still has those beeps and stuff when fries are done, time is up on trays of meat, etc. Funny how it's still more or less the same today. Mine even has that same layout. Hopefully i can quit soon though I just got a job to get a new PC.

Beerdy - Bruce Lee Central : Most youtubers weren't even born when this video was made.

Precious 1One : when life was simple

Insanity : Anyone else see Eric Forman at 5:23?

Elyon Kunda : Those cute children are grown men now.

xxx_Kid Røse_xxx : Better quality than androids bruh

Dryan Eats : This is weird, this is nearly 30 years old and I feel I'm watching the future instead. Black mirrorish...

EliteJamZ : *is it just me or does he remind you of Tbag from prison break?*

MFJesseJames : Dudes a pedo

Obi Wan Kenobi : The children in the McDonald's must be married and went to college by now, lol that is a crazy thought

dadeboy kevo : They definitely some pedophiles

DNALI : Man this guy is so ahead of his time. Vloging like it's 2018 lol

Twenzy Curd : Even in 1989 McDonalds had that annoying beeping sound that they all still have.

Kelly Kells : All these ppl making rude comments about Nelson. Why dont u watch his videos and learn about his life and reason to record ppl before u run ur mouths then u will find out who he really was and what him and his friends were about.

Ladies Code : Sad he didn’t live longer to see his own vlog hit 1 million

Jaydon Deese : His voice makes me cringe

Top 10 Archive : Vlogging before the internet or video platforms were things.. This man is a wizard.

Declan : I'm 14 so you can imagine how weird this is to me.

GoldTheAngel : Better than Jake and Logan Paul.

Annabelle Leili : this whole video is my aesthetic

TigerKurdish : Impressed with the camera from 1989!, On another note the real question is, HOW DA ... DID I GET HERE?? 😂😂

The Church History Channel : This guy seems to like Dick.

RaggedyRacing Garage : The oldest vlog? This is a time capsule

Legal Reasons : Who would of known that in thirty years thousands of people would be watching his footage?

Peter Lyu : This dude vlogging before vlogging was a thing

Arath is Here : The most extra way I've ever seen a person close a door 4:11

im salt : just over 10 minutes, this man predicted the future of biggest internet video sharing website.

Luke 1720 : Is he gay?

Cowboy : This dude looks exactly like that artist/painter from Red Dead Redemption 2.

:Honey_Nut_Cheetos: : I was but a seed in some random mans testicle.

Austin A : "I wanna go make video with the children"😖😂