Stopping at McDonald's in 1989
I give to you the proto vlog Stopping at McDonalds in 1989

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Nelson Sullivan was on a road trip from Atlanta to his hometown of Kershaw, South Carolina, when he stopped at this McDonald's in Washington, Georgia, for some lunch. The stop after that was to see his Aunt Nancy at the Presbyterian Home. Video by Nelson Sullivan


Ace Spacey : Worker at Macdonalds: Why is this man filming himself in this strange way, Nobody does this. 2019: *laughs in vlogs*

SlayRoxParty : This dude was kinda vlogging before vlogging was a thing ... Damn Edit : 1.2k likes !!! I don't know what I did to deserve all these likes !!! Thank u guys !!

Soccer Highlights : Everything looks so peaceful and basic back then

Vichouz : Who else wasn't alive in 1989🙃

Leo ailva : Crazy how some of us can see the world before we even existed.

Bobby Kings : He was ahead of his time. He would’ve killed it on YouTube.

OPEN MINDED : *Facts:* His name is Nelson Sullivan. He was an American videographer. He was ubiquitous on the New York City downtown art and club scene during the 1980s. He died July 4, 1989 in New York of a heart attack aged 41. *Rest in Peace, Nelson Sullivan - the true OG of vlogging.*

Raymond Mendez : Bless this man for giving us an insider to the normal way of life back in the 80s.

IceGamer 4579 : Yo this guy sounds like the gay guy from family guy😂

Saucy J : Welcome to another episode of: why is this in my recommended

Pizzaest : how is this better quality than some videos online today lol.

Lya D : Tony Stark in 1989 visiting McDonald’s without his iron man suit.

Hayden : looks like such a simpler time :(

Nygga-Yoshi : *this guy was classy gay* 😂😂😂

•Everything Alyssa• : my guy made a vlog in 1989, and just over 10 minutes, too....

Evita Jayne Monroe : He had me laughing when the automatic doors opened and he was like “Oh my God, it’s just so Hi-Tech!” 😂❤️

Porky Studios : The internet: Mr. Bean is the first vlogger Nelson Sullivan: Hold my McDonalds

Pancho Verde : I just researched him and found that he died that year in 1989 from a heart attack, RIP legend 🤘🏻

Mike Dent : Iced tea, coke, coffee, water, milk shake wtf!? These guys be thirsty.

Layerz : Damn the ice cream machines were broken even back in 1989

Brittany Thompson : “Of course I’m married. Married and singular” 😂

Travis Downs : 1989: Big Mac, Quarter Pounder, 2 Large Fries, Vanilla Shake, Ice Tea, Water, Coffee ☕️ Total 7.22 2019 Total: 86.99

All Hail Pot : This guy in 1989 has better video quality than PewDiePie 😂😂😂

iChase : Dude was vlogging over 30 years ago.

Vladdy : People were stretching their vids to ten minutes even in 1989 smh 🤦‍♂️

julia : McDonald's workers wearing ties lmao

Get his stupid Ass : “Aren’t those children cute” FBI years later: “Ladies and gentlemen, we got him”

Blorox Cleach : Well in 1989 the icecream machine worked. Never say that climate change isn’t a thing 😤😤

Sabah Kenway : “ I wanna go make videos with the children” “Well you can’t because of the 𝒍𝒂𝒘”

trellflyer : Dude literally time travels to upload vids. What am I doing with my life.🤦‍♂️😂

Robby Ovalle : “I wanna make a video with the children” no that is a law”

i dont care anymore : "Can't we play with the other children?" *_certified bruh moment processing_*

Elianna Suarez : This guy seems so nice, and humble, idk I like him!😁

BIG smoke : You now its 1989 when he calls it 'McDonald's food'

Gothboii : Everytime When his friend wanna start talking he starts talking :D

Yasmin M : Wow for a second I forgot I was in 2019, i was kinda gutted when I realised

Bond : Anyone else have this in their recommended? 😂

alexughh meteora : "i'm married in singular" love that

DFVkamillo : He recorded a vlog before it started to be popular hehe

Miss Meliss : This is amazing. I wish we could go back to this simpler time. Prices, good manners, and the peacefulness along with new technology that actually blows us away. Thanks for sharing this!

Luis Ramos : Anyone going to make a video going to McDonald’s 2019, So 30 years from now people react to it like we are?

Kiersto0906 : My mans was ahead of his time, 10 minute video in 1989

Hannibal Freak : Man, the 80's was a different time.....

SophiaPetrillosBuddy : The $0.75 gas adjusted for inflation would be about $1.54 per gallon today. Can't even get it for less than $3 in some states nowadays.

Noah McCellon : It was so much simpler back then. Wish i lived in the 80’s

Grand Theft Gaming77 : This guy obviously has a time machine!

sparki maldonado : Nobody: Not a single soul: Girl in the back at 4:46

We’re all fucked : Ok,,,I’ll say it....gaydar activated 🗣📡

Burnt Chicken Nugget : I keep coming back to this video. It humbles me.