Stopping at McDonald's in 1989

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Mohammed Alshehri : This is like the oldest Vlog ever.

Lukazz : he was so ahead of his time that he even made it over 10 minutes to get that extra ad revenue

Julio Cesar Alberto : Sounds like he loved Dick.

YUNG Zuzu : I wonder if the ice cream machine was working back then

Classy IX : 6:35 1989-oh what a nice man 2019- OH MY GOSH A CHILD PREDATOR

ChubbyDino : This guy was ahead of time...we vlog now he was doing it 30 years ago

Chakshul Pandya : This man(Nelson Sullivan) died in 1989. He would be the oldest vlogger, if he was alive in 2019. Atleast he did something because of which people remember him! :)

Rushing Ryan : This dude is the gay guy from Family guy. Bruceeee!!!!

Mattsprou64 Raps : 6:35 how to get arrested in 2019

NachoNitro : Still has a better camera than android

Vlog Güero : This dude is literally the OG of vlogging. Increíble

ItsyaboiiBrayan : Are we gonna ignore the fact that gasoline was 75 cents back in the day

Greatest Moments of EDP445 and ELPRESADOR : Life was so much simpler back in the 80s-Early 2000s everyone seems so chill, you didn’t have to worry about “offending” people and no one was on edge. The second those planes hit the towers is when society went downhill.

Selk Stores : I can’t tell if he’s gay or it’s just his voice

0xVENx0 : Hello children.. they sure are cute, aren't those children cute? *FBI OPEN UP*

FV : He was way ahead of his time bruh 😭

Alex أليكس : This video is older than majority of viewers.

Lil SwitchBlade : Lmao they made the McDonalds from this vlog into a real thing

Lexi Nicole : Okay but this is so interesting like i honestly am obsessed I want more

Timmy T. Turner : This dude sure does like children 3:35 3:44 6:35

Beerdy - Bruce Lee Central : Most youtubers weren't even born when this video was made.

Cyber Cyborg : The most important thing is that they were vlogging in 1989.

Cam-I-am : 9:10 "it's so high tec" that's the bare standard nowadays

Fernandquez : Is that Faze Rug?

UzumakiTentacion : He sounds like that one guy from family guy

Bond : Anyone else have this in their recommended? 😂

Talijah Hijazi : $7.22 for all that geezzz, I want to teleport

LuckieDonuts : People were so patient with Nelson. They just let him go off and record them without any complaints. Now a day everybody is constantly yelling "Turn the camera off" or they are covering their face, or acting shy. The 1980's seem like relaxed but then again, a video cannot fully show how life REALLY was back then

Ruth Uyammi : My mom was 12 when this was recorded. And im now 12 yrs old 😂 soon to be 13 :)

Ranessa Velazquez : This is insane. & also this man is so dang sassy lol

Tunnel Chaser : In 1989 recording yourself like this was unheard of. You would have looked like an oddball. Today no one has a second thought.

Mijan Rahman : Somewhere out there during that time Pablo Escobar was alive.

Lavalambtron : You can feel his spirit is still here, in an alternate reality.

Broken spoken : 6:34 it’s kinda funny knowing that they are like 35 now 😂

Dalton oof harvey : Did everyone talk like that in 1989?

Dryan Eats : This is weird, this is nearly 30 years old and I feel I'm watching the future instead. Black mirrorish...

Ronnie Cleveland : At least the food was Real

Fuhqin : Episode 72 of *”Why Is This In My Recommended”*

Dan R : in 1989 they would persecute him more for being gay than for the children comment. In 2019 they would persecute him more for the children comment than for being gay.

Cassie Taylor ASMR : His accent is great lol

Madlyn Ziemer : "hello children" Lmao in 2018 he would be arrested for that

HelloInternet Jumparoo : Only 80's people would remember this guy

Lick Lick : There YouTube I finally watched it.

Bluerushking : For $7.22 you can only buy one thing at McDonald’s I think that’s crazy

nameless Manuel : *Still better than most of the Vloggers of today*

๖ۣۜǤнσsτly ๖ۣۜDesigns༻ : How stable is that camera? Like DAMN!

Kermit : recommended AGAIN..?

Ryan Cadiz : “Peter Griffins got a new moustache, No way, Wayyyyy”

Andre Spaz : 3:23 75 cents for a gallon of gas? Damn son

Video Games HDx : What if this guy was a real time traveler haha