Stopping at McDonald's in 1989

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Mohammed Alshehri : This is like the oldest Vlog ever.

rizkunisnator : He never takes off his seat belt wow

Kevin Johnson : Why does he remind me of Bruce from Family Guy?

Dragn_Slyr : Of course he stretches it to the 10 min mark smh... youtubers now a days

DeNiefer : He is 60-70 years today 😂😂😂. The pioneer of vlogging .

Bond : Anyone else have this in their recommended? 😂

Petty Eddy : I was still in my dad's testicles

CJ Pr : Too bad the camera was turned off during eating... It would have the world's 1st McDonalds review

MopeyMo : “I wanna make some videos with the childreeeeeeennnnnn”

Emma Hollands : Take in that the kids that he filmed are about 40 now

Tunnel Chaser : In 1989 recording yourself like this was unheard of. You would have looked like an oddball. Today no one has a second thought.

Rufus : Sad fact: The vlogger (Nelson Sulivan) died in 1989 :'(. That vlog was his last year.

MY MAN! : 8.50 to fill a tank of gas!?

Raul Munoz : Faze Rug when he gets older LMAO!!!!!!!!

Dillon Strain : video footage of the last time their ice cream machine worked

Beerdy - Bruce Lee Central : Most youtubers weren't even born when this video was made.

Rod Williams : You can tell he a good dude. Back in the 80s and he calling little black kids cute

MotorTaker95 : So.. this is interesting, because this is like people from the future (+ 2040) are gonna see the vlogs from 2018 😂

T3ARDROP SHAWDY : idk he seems weird im getting a “gay pedo” vibe but he sure was ahead of his time with the camera vlogging

car kid15 : 4:11 you see the way he shut the door😂😂

Vlog Güero : This dude is literally the OG of vlogging. Increíble

TheWolfsan : ah...back when MacDonalds food was tasty and inexpensive, neither of which is true today

Christopher Archer : Imagine if youtube was created in the 80's

dan k : Sounds like a character from family guy

kenneth brown : 6:23..enough napkins?..can we ''use the back door" it open back there...are you cumming???..hello children......

Top 10 Archive : Vlogging before the internet or video platforms were things.. This man is a wizard.

ivanm10 : This man is clearly a TIME TRAVELER!!!

JAKY : Back in 89 they knew how YouTube algorithm works?

KevinCS : Hey I work at mcdonalds. It literally looks exactly the same as in this vlog, and still has those beeps and stuff when fries are done, time is up on trays of meat, etc. Funny how it's still more or less the same today. Mine even has that same layout. Hopefully i can quit soon though I just got a job to get a new PC.

Charles Orton : 4:46 I NEED A BIG MAC! 😂😂😂

Madlyn Ziemer : "hello children" Lmao in 2018 he would be arrested for that

Yxngdc74 : Legend says he's still in 1989.

smrtz : this man has an extremely good quality mic for its time, his way of vlogging is better than many famous vloggers from our current time... this man is an actual time traveler

Insanity : Anyone else see Eric Forman at 5:23?

david jackson : Apparently this guy loves Dick

Dryan Eats : This is weird, this is nearly 30 years old and I feel I'm watching the future instead. Black mirrorish...

MFJesseJames : Dudes a pedo

C May Black : 7.22 for all that food!!! Damn my dad was cheap for always complaining it was expensive 😆

Malcolm Lang : Imagine trying to explain YouTube to him in 1989 🤔

Twenzy Curd : Even in 1989 McDonalds had that annoying beeping sound that they all still have.

FV : He was way ahead of his time bruh 😭

Eddy Maldonado : Legends say he’s still wearing his seatbelt till this day

Cowboy : This dude looks exactly like that artist/painter from Red Dead Redemption 2.

Jaydon Deese : His voice makes me cringe

P : This is the 1st video I have watched from Nelson's collection and I have seen tons since.... I just love watching this. I cannot believe what I have found out during the discovery of the world of Nelson Sullivan. Many more revelations and discoveries have shocked me. I love watching Nelson. R.I.P Nelson Sullivan

DNALI : Man this guy is so ahead of his time. Vloging like it's 2018 lol

ғᴜᴄᴋ : I feel old watching this like it’s a morning vlog or someone just posted a hour ago but it’s 29 years old, correct me if my math was wrong

Xion Tesfaye : Looking like a homeless version of FaZe rug

I have to wait 90 days to change my name : When a guy from 1989 has a better camera than you

TigerKurdish : Impressed with the camera from 1989!, On another note the real question is, HOW DA ... DID I GET HERE?? 😂😂