"SMITHSTON" - The Elegant Gentleman's Guide to Knife Fighting | JungleTV

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JumpTheShark : I watched this while high and I saw it as a psychological drama

MrDmitryC : Seems like something Chechov would write.

Jaasau : It's kind of like a bizarre twist on the The Black Cat by Poe, or even the Tell Tale Heart.  Very funny.

Airwipe : Crap now I can't stop saying Smithston

Melkiyad : Original as fck :D

Channel+Crossing : These are hard times for Dewey Crowe.

Carno Grind : hilarious!

Scott Pilgrim vs Za Warudo : This reminds me of the chrysalids Seriously, what kind of name is Strorm?

Andrew Semenkovich : What a play

Nicamon : Of all the episodes of this film I've seen until now this is the only one that actually made me smile.

Josh King : He dosnt even care that his son died he just wants to say smithston

Choen Lee : Brilliant!!!

Georgia Mae : so good.

Mike : Nah it's Damon Herriman

Mike : absolutely brilliant

DanteProNexus : BIZZARE.

Games : I like the part where he Smith... Smith...Smith...Smith... Smithstoned

rayshon : "I'm terribly sorry about all this Mr.Smithston" "GAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH" LOL

Cam H : pious prius driver pt 1 is one of the funniest things i have ever experienced

Uber Megustador : omg! loughed so bad!!!

Washington Irwing : You people have the strangest sense of humor on earth... ;)

Emanuel Avila : Pretty good!

Josh Ladgrove : I'm sorry if you don't appreciate subtle, textured humour. Horses for courses though. This humour is not necssarily typical of 'Australian' humour, it's a slow burn sketch, but that's what makes it great in my opinion.

InFaDeLiTy : Im sorry if this is the best you guys get

manynukes11 : Probably not mate

Josh Ladgrove : This is the best Australian TV sketch of the past 20 years.

radjad93 : oh, is that john safran???

Longers26 : funniest sketch I've seen on aussie TV in years :)

Emii.B Dragon : and he writes 'smitsdon' on he board

Emii.B Dragon : This was so fucking hilarious

Madeline : Fucking hilarious

Mr Mr : Yeah, the name is annoying :-D