The First Ride | Motorcycle Make Over

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mcmtv2 : Than you for all the comments about the video and music. You can get the song here:

VRcustoms : love it. Nice transformation

Authur Jackson : Needs more black.

FuckingTryMe : Absolutely beautiful to watch :)

Joel Cuce : Wow! Really enjoyed this one! :) Great work Moog!

Darth vader : Wow! much emotions in a video without even saying a word...all that love you put in that bike....this makes me miss my bike so much 😭😭

Ivobe2 : More bike-related stuff please!

Justin Beyer : I have a GZ250

feegonator : Blaaaaaaack!

King Ave Garage : Well done Moog! Something different from the normal content and I like it.  And I'm not even a fan of Motorcycles, but the world needs more resto-mods of all types.

jack Clark : Make mmm a thing. Mighty moto mods

Asad Ali : Woooooah what a experience just mesmerising. 😍

Wobble Dog : Was moog wearing a crop top @5:20?

Midnight Midas : please make more.

xXRoneightyXx : awesome make over,... nice styled motorcycle,...greetings from

Scott G : Beautiful video

Hamish Woollett : Aww that was cute moogz

mrboosts15 : Hey Marty and moog. Have you got a link to where where you got your speedo from? Thanks

Micah Wilson : This was beautiful...

wildwolf131 : one word... Awesome!

Jeff P. : Absolutely GORGEOUS

AdrianTheRed : Needs more Yaris parts.

Frederick Thorne : *freedom <3

Andrew Waters : Now i want one! Grrrr!

awais A : Wow. Just wow.

r3volc : Awesome

IgWannA2 : Why spray it all black tho

William Boston : I haven't rode since my accident that totaled my Dyna, and this video made me go to my garage and get my sportster roadster started again and go for a ride. For that I thank you!

Stuart Chapman : WTH why didn't you just paint the tank while on the bike........... CRAP!

Mike Ernsting : YES MORE BIKES

celticsoldia : That was funking epic.

Fizzicist : More like this guys! mightybikemods!!

Aidan Fay : Absolutely beautiful

Marco Calabrese : Where have you buy the saddle?


Zach Tyer : WOW... A man and his machine. Made me want to get back in the shop. Great job. A man from Texas

Chasing Snails : Yay! Mighty Moto Mods! Love the video Moog. Keep the bike videos coming.

Michael Johnston : Nicely done mate. You've made a good thing out of a boring ol' GN. (only change I would suggest would have been keeping the tank only Yellow, or painting it a heavy flake. otherwise Yes - everything else black)

Drew Bookout : Amazing video and music Moog!! Also, If that doesn't make you want to get into a garage and build something I honestly don't know what will

William Peterson : Since now you know how to rebuild a motorcycle carb, want to put some onto a crap car and do a comparison to cheap efi?

Rc-Nerd : I had this bike thank you. I'm thinking now.

Joe Harris : Love this but I need more info! please tell me there is a write up on this project. I have this bike, I bought it recently to do a cafe racer project I have so many questions, where has the battery been relocated to for one?

Dakota LeBlanc : Amazing! Would love to see more motorcycle related videos!

Smenny : Amazing! This pushed me over the edge, I'm building a cafe racer for next summer..

Kykle : Still prefer the long term build videos. But this was short and sweet. Definitively enjoyed it and definitely interested in more videos like this. Sweet bike man.

7thrx : Gorgeous filming. Kind of sad the bike was modded. It was beautiful the way it was. Still, not my metal. Not my choice.

Led Dennis : probs the best thing ive seen made on mcm

D B : im a petrolhead, I love cars and bikes....This motorbike vid is very refreshing compared to all the car stuff you do....really enjoyed it! and the bike looks stunning!

UnWrecked : Wasn't sure how I felt about this style of video but I actually really loved it! Keep up the good work guys

Hampus sjögren : thats it. I'm getting a bike