The First Ride | Motorcycle Make Over

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mcmtv2 : Than you for all the comments about the video and music. You can get the song here:

HeroRR : This was beautiful! I would love to see more motorcycle-related content if you have it!

kyle kelley : I died a little when he painted over that beautiful orange paint. i loved the way the bike was turning out until that point. Still a nice bike, but the orange tank would have made it a head turner.

Cory Leach : I never comment but this is the best video hands down this year. Throw a few bike projects in the mix for us all around gearheads

DCV Films : Mighty Bikes Mods !

SkiTard93 : this made me want to go outside and give my bike a hug...

Albon : I love, love, love, loveee this format. Shooting on quality primes, getting creative with framing, and attention-holding pacing with fantastic original music; this thing really hit a home run with me. I know you guys can do some fantastic filmmaking and would love to see you guys stretch your cine-legs like this more often.

OldRed91 : Where did the battery go? Go easy if this is a dumb question. I don't know much about motorcycles

do u knoe da wae? : im 16 n theres an old motorbike in our shed that i wanna restore but im afraid my parents will say no

boarderboi7 : MCM: this video reminded me of why I started working on motorbikes and cars in the first place. Can't wait to start wrenching this weekend. Thanks for the inspiration ✌️

OMGWTFBBQSHEEP : Holy shit Moog, great camera-work and editing!!

Velocity Labs : That was awesome.   Love the smiles!

Vyllain Da Rogue : Should of gotten the Yaris instead.

Rollin Freon : Moog AKA motorcycle yoda or is it motorcycle whisperer?

RANGER592 : God that music is amazing. I want that song ugh that was incredible!

Grenzle 24 : Something other than EDM, how refreshing.

EDnaut : I would have left the fuel tank orange and just painted the suzuki badge black, but other than that...very nice, almost as satisfying as a good fank.

nickgandy3 : Nice one moog!! Always great to see a fellow biker build his own bike, I built a 89 honda cbr 600 into a street fighter using the arse end of a suzuki sv650. The front was all made by hand. Ride safe brother =) and remember loud pipes save life's!

Joe Harris : Love this but I need more info! please tell me there is a write up on this project. I have this bike, I bought it recently to do a cafe racer project I have so many questions, where has the battery been relocated to for one?

Suhail S : Beautiful

ts9596 : Excellent video. Love the other video format but this was a refreshing change. Beautiful song also

Vegaspsycho : Wow, MCM can make a 6 minute video without a word being spoken that is better then 98% of the other automotive content available. Thank you, Moog and Marty for all the amazing stuff!

smooth : that smile is priceless...i know the feelin... good job on the diy

dubb : 6:14 what it's all about. That smile! Thanks for making this!


Willy Hunt : Awesome little video. Ive been in love with the cafe racer styling for so long now. Im about to be gainfully employed after studying and can not wait to build my own Cafe Racer! would be keen to see more motorcycle content by MCM

Jeremy Tod : Obviously it's a question of personal preference but I really liked the look of the bike when he had everything black but the tank still orange.

emguyqn : All I have to say is, thank you. Thank you so much for inspiring me.

stephen deben : Riding a motorcycle that you have worked on gives you emotions that are hard to describe. It's a feeling that you can only get when you put hours of effort, work, and love into your own bike. It's almost like there's a special bond between you and the machine, and it is the best feeling in the world.

Bambi Citizen : more of these will be just a dream come true

Mr. E : When you have no creativity or knack for aesthetics, just paint it black... like every other shitty cafe job out there. snore. At least the bike he started with wasn't a looker anyway. It's crime against humanity when they take elegant bikes and do this generic crap.

Gave Sbbile : holy crap... AMAZING

Gazerz Garage : Moog how do you make these videos so beautiful man? Everything about your videos just puts me in the mood that you want me to be in. That one video where you and Marty drove off through the woods and the camera elevated up and panned away honestly made me choke up, this one makes me feel like I'm watching my dad tinker on his bike back in the day, and you never even say a word. I hope you never grow too old to love what you do, the music is beyond me, I listen to as much of your music as I can find and I love it all. Much love from Arizona ✌🏻 you're inspiring me to be better with every video


Anas Ali : MightyBikeMods

Jaye O'Farrell-Stevens : I loved it but I wish you'd left the tank orange!

Harrison Baker : Wow

Nicholas Ryan : You guys always deliver, but this was something special. This left me with the genuine shit-eating grin on my face. Thanks!

Luke Reinikka : MightyBikeMods coming soon

Lucas Mendonça : nice

futanari keekee : OMG please do more motorcycle vids you guys are awesome

GCT Rider : That was truly amazing and inspiring! Love it.

David Osborne : Thank you, I know this ones been posted for a bit but I find myself watching it a few times a week. I can only hope we see more motorcycles from time to time.

MorganFromNewZealand : Please do a follow up to this! I just bought a GN250 and I would love to see yours. Also did you put a flasher relay in for the indicators? Or were the indicators not LED?

aye bro : I wanna do this but I don’t know shit about motorcycles:(

GutterRash Automotive : This is so beautiful - I'm speechless. This video was work of art - main channel worthy!

Anthony Long : Why bother wearing a jacket if you don't zip it up...

Afshin Farahbakhsh : I've watched this so many times. So good.

peter Marr : Awesome ! the smile on your dial says it all !

Da A : Grabbed a T500 for next to nothing for the same reason, just something about UJM and the cobra in particular I find interesting (stealing speed). It needs a lot of love and it's perpetually on my project back burner, but one day I'll restore it to showroom condition like it deserves.