Ice Cream Tester
Ice Cream Tester

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Do you have what it takes to be an ice cream tester?


RuthlessDutchman : You know *myam myam myam myam* there's something *myam myam myam myam* that's really *myam myam myam myam* distracting about *myam myam myam myam* the way that he *myam myam myam myam* myam myam myam myams *myam myam myam myam* all the time.

Sini Star : Do you think ice cream stops tasting good when it's your job to eat it?

Yuilen : That man has a golden spoon. A GOLDEN SPOON. Fancy.

Riley Phillips : Never in my life have I witnessed something so beautiful.

A. Mark : I haven't laughed so hard in ages LMAO

onemidnightgone : I think about this video a lot.

Memester : thats a 10

MISSION PASSED : This is officially THE best video ever posted anywhere!

Esteban Camacho : Oh yeah because, you know, sweetness, cream and vanilla aren't flavors you would find in vanilla ice cream. Takes a taster to find that one out.

Ron Burgundy : I've been doing it all wrong!  People must have thought I was crazy eating ice cream in silence!


RedWolf : 0:19 until 0:21 warming up myam maym that taco

AHK ANIM : cpcpcpcp cover all nine cover taste bud cpcpcpcp.....

Mojojojo Jojomojo : He acts like a fish

BronyLyricsOnScreen : I actually met this guy

Vince C : wish I had a million dollar tongue, and got to eat ice cream all day, now that's the life.

Nat Vernem : i dont evne know why, but I have watched this for aprox 45 minutes now

Marcus Nordstrand : this wasnt funny, just really satisfying. I want vanilla ice now

Thomas Meehan : C.R.E.A.M.

Brandon Thompson : Mmm... That's a ten!

Peter Huffman : Bugs Bunny, anyone?

idk idk : that moment that the veiws on a video is more than 1000x the subscribers of the uploader...

onykayer : speed at 1.25 enjoy

dj shitrape 283 : cover all 9000 tastebud thpthpthpthpthpthpthpthpthpthp

Mr Wolfe : Dat GOLD SPOON

FilmGeek Studios : He reminds me of Stone Cold Steve Austin. "Drive it up" WHAT? "That top note" WHAT? "That cream" WHAT? "Pure vanilla" WHAT? "Now that's a ten"

Cat With The Gat : 11/10 with rice.


Koellnermichael : I've desided what I want to be when I grow up

Larry Organs : "Ice cream tester" shouldn't be a job... he's had more ice cream than any one person should have and gone mad with power

Text-To-Speech max : Mr Clean Yung Gravy anyone?

EDDY GOLDER : cover all 9000 taste buds aerate it warm it up graving up that top note that cream pure Vanilla sweetness mmm thats a ten

jkevo16 : This video is so calming and addicting

DarklingGolem50 : I did the "THPTHPTHP" in our school then everyone got annoyed

KorvasNation : i have 9,001 tastebuds

Kristen's One And Only : Ya know, watching it now, having somewhat gotten past all the ridiculous mouth movents, it really just seems like this guy is bending over backwards with verbiage just to prove that his job isn't a waste of his employer's money

Topmage : i rek u akross da map m8 1v1 irl scrub i swer on me mum i rek u 420 


NerdyAdri ;3 : 2019?? Dont wanna be lonely :<

Nash Rarig : Dat cream

SimplyRisa : Smack smack smack

CloddyBrainz1o1 : I'll have what he's having ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Paulo Guzman : Chris Delia brought me here. 😂😂

Evelyn Pono : I'm actually watching ice cream while watching this😹😹😹😹😹

OperationSauce : *covers all 9000 tastebuds* *NANI?!*

Tony C : He's obviously a shape shifting alien

TheEpicLuigi9 : His name is John

Antoine Kendrick : That was satisfying, not funny I fell asleep the 50th time I watched this video

Josh Davidson : Why is this so satisfying to watch????