Ice Cream Tester

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r1nr : GRAVY

ferry hendriks : All thanks to Mr Clean

Jeff Lee : delia brought me here

John Goodwin : well now I know where the last part of Mr. clean came from

a2 - : I've got a son on the verge of puberty. Can't wait for this conversation Why's the door locked son? No reason dad uuuuhm....just need to concentrate....I'm in here testing ice cream! *Shlupshlupshlupshlupshlupshlup*

mustacheinacan : Mr. CLEAN

Paulo Guzman : Chris Delia brought me here. 😂😂

Kory Hubbell : Chris D'Elia brought me here.

Matthew Acosta : Chris D'Elia thank you sir

Matthew Avalos : He's weird 😆😆😆😆

Text-To-Speech ASMR : Mr Clean Yung Gravy anyone?

Steverino322 : This is how a real gentleman treats his lady.

Jack Kaminsky : *covers all 9000 tastebuds* *NANI?!*

SirGecko : His voice satisfies me

Tom Long : Mlem mlem mlem mlem mlem

Evelyn Pono : I'm actually watching ice cream while watching this😹😹😹😹😹

Jack Hogg : y33t

Whitney Allen : I was disappointed the video didn’t end with a punch in the mouth.

Brendon Shewchuk : Gravy why your flow so mean

awesomeMario 64 : This meme is so satisfying and nostalgic

idk idk : that moment that the veiws on a video is more than 1000x the subscribers of the uploader...

dont forget to eat your veggies : Thanks john..

Bullz Playz : Why do watch this so much


Harry Barnett : whos here from mr clean

Kristen's One And Only : Ya know, watching it now, having somewhat gotten past all the ridiculous mouth movents, it really just seems like this guy is bending over backwards with verbiage just to prove that his job isn't a waste of his employer's money

John Lavin : Vegeta what can you say about its taste buds level?

Shaway : Asmr anyone....jk XD

MurderofBirds : He covered all 9000 taste buds when no one else would!

mike hutchison : asmr

EDDY GOLDER : cover all 9000 taste buds aerate it warm it up graving up that top note that cream pure Vanilla sweetness mmm thats a ten

Adolf Hitler : He looks like Robert de niro.THATS TEN!

ooO Iluvpancakes Ooo : That noise is so VILE!!!!!!!

jonaisfun FIFA : It's sad that this is the original post and it only has 638k views while the new one that was posted two years later as 3.8 million views

Terri Roberson : Creep factor, yep that's a 10       O.o

Cuttle : This is oddly satisfying to watch

Gumball Watterson : *t h a t topdope*

Aceman : Yung gravy

bloodykb : *ThAtS a TeN*

Young Rippa : asmr

Stanley Uris : not my proudest fap

Primal Power : The taste-buds.... THEY'RE EXACTLY *NINE THOUSAND*!

AJ Vlogs : Who else gets a asmr feel from this



onemidnightgone : I think about this video a lot.

panda : *lip smacking* That's a ten

Life Tourist : He needs to find something else to do with his life

wilbert melvern : Admiral bulldog brought me here

PrincessZeldaWhoLovesDiapers : That looks original but not funny to me