Siri Piano song

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tstos : Hahhaah too cute

Arun Kumar : Ur smile is as sweet as your music !!!


Bhargava Ram G : OMG.... Kid u r just awesome

Steven Morehouse : That was awesome kid. Good job.

Giovanni Degrazia : This kid is going places!

nirmal kumar : The kid has an amazing smile too. :)

KALYANA RAJASEKHAR BABU : the song which so different it is same notataions ....good

ZWLP : SAMYY KLASS brought me here

NivedhaMadhavan : You are so awesome and I am speechless

karthick raja : Omg...great and best use of Siri... ultimate..

Om Ahire : V.good Bro... Liked it😊😊

sujan .T : Can u send me the notes?

Siva Subramani : Wonderful!!! Grt Creativity!!! I think this is a brilliant way to make practice more fun!!!!!

woop owo : this is amazing!

Venkatesan Rangasamy : can you please give the keyboard notes for this song

Yuvaraj M : தெயவம்யா நீ வாழ்க நீடுழீ

Melanie Loves art : Excellent

Saravanan Chidambaram : awesome lydian, I become ur fan now, and all credit goes to ur parents .....

play it loud : Which song is this sir??

Domybox 14 : ecco una cosa che non tollero il piano non e roba per indiani

ஆditயn. தெ. : excellent!

D P : Wonderful Lydian, you are gifted like Mozart , Ilaiyaraja.I am sure your parents will do all what they can , to get you international acclaim and fame, as born in TN they will not recognize, as it happened to Raja sir. We all want you achieve greater heights. Our Blessings to you.

shan ks : God bless

Allen fiano san : Supr Thambi.......

Mmukul Khedekar : You are truly amazing

Jagan Nathan : wow

sam jebasing : awesome chellam!!! 😍😘

Branesh R : brilliant...

Prabu B : Product of AR Rahman's music school

Its me :

Prabu B : Is that AR Rahman standing beside this child & laughing?

Gy Sharma : Enna Pattu idu

Enrique Castro Amador : That was funy

TheSwissDog : Tutorial please

yamandú gonzález : Hi Lydian, your are such a huge talented artist !!!!! I want to ask you to do an effort and try to contact this artist and try to do something together with them: Anouar Brahem, Joubran Trio, Hadouk trio, Taksim trio. We love your music.... greetings from URUGUAY

Emaya : Best was that laughter at the end

Game Over : Wat a talent

Gowtham J : Super

VIP Tech : Great ma

Ranjith N : I want learn piano from your teach...Plz let me know Ur address?

Deva Raul : Superb..... 😘

shayam benittan : Oh God bless him

VinothChillax : Wowwwwweeeee

NotJas : tbh looks transgender

Narendra Kumandan : which song is this?

Austin McMillan : Cool song 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄