Sister Mary Sobieck throws a perfect first pitch

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RedSoxFanSince2004 : She's NUNstoppable! Ok I'll stop

luvvinallmusik 57 : The Catholic Church needed some good news now.

mchristr : I think we're past the trade deadline but they should sign her for next year in right hand hitter situations. She could probably get a knuckleball working and prolong her career.

Stephen Bailin : 50 cent better be watching...

Derek Zurovetz : Mean breaking ball


Chona Anttonen : If that was a priest, make sure the batboy is not around;)

Mark : Best first pitch ever. Way to go sister!

jamin4556 : She has some swagger to her...

Element : That was a good 12-6 right there

heloves23 : Damn that was a sweet break on the curve ball

J Dxvx : She has better stuff than 72% of the current MLB pitchers.. And she's tough enough to hardly ever go on the DL. That's gotta be worth 7 years @ 9.6 million per.

kill em with KINDNESS : Nuns that can throw a good pitch. Vs last week a nun getting caught smuggling cocaine in the heels of her shoes. 😂😂😂 I've seen it all now. 💀💀

FatNigg@_SHLEEP : Chris Taylor wouldve swung and missed at that

Charles Parr : Sling it Sis!!!! Great pitch.

DisappearingBoy : I'm sure the Marlins could use some talent...and a pitcher with some character

gratefuljr : Catholics have a lot of experience playing with small balls

Sheila Hill : *Sign her up*

Mntdewmania : You show em Sister!!

あぺ : amen

Dougie Cee : "Hey triple play" !!!! Idk had to say that even though it wasnt a triple play lmao. Formiddable uncle Charlie sister... shes a die hard White Sox fan but the Dodgers need a closer 😉✌🏾🤘🏾🤙🏾 lets play ball !!!!!

Nate KANG : I hate this new outro!! *"GREG GIBSON THE HOME PLATE UMPIRE MOTIONING TO BOTH PLAYERS"* is better!!!!

Robert Villarreal : The next cy young winner

ThrillPillsCosby : That's her "beating kids" arm, no wonder it was so nice

Raed Abdulrahman : Sign her!

Izzy Parks : 5th comment. You see all of these people like first comment seventh comment but until you are one of the first comments you don’t understand that’s it’s kinds cool.

Swagpacman 64 : When a nun throws at john smoltz level

KaptKan1 : Imagine if you were an inattentive student in one of her classes and she decided to "wake you up" the way teachers did when I was a kid -- by pitching a chunk of chalk at you... *Ouch*

Jose Chey : Sister: I am a Yankees fan and we need a good pitcher. Can you please play and pray for us ? You could easily be the #2 starter and we need you. With your play and pray, we can bit the sox.

Michael Ingram : BaBa Booey, THAT's how you do it!!


鍾會 : nun or sister too crazy😂

Vern Ripley : If she comes up with a change-up, watch out!

shawn mcneill : Awesome!!!!!

Stewie Griffin : *Jesus*

c logue : Great pitch sister! Maybe you should play for the San Diego Padres and get the trophy and the title of the World Series for once! LOL

Christ save souls : That was nice.

Tatsuya Shiba : Framed

Evan Jones : How do they think of a NUN doing this

J. Hunter : Spartan Pride!

Mr334cobra : BALLER

funnytortoise : How many good pitchers does the White Sox have? Nun.

Jon Davis : Everybody is copying that sister Mary jean from college basketball lol

Ethan RW : Better then Ubaldo Jimenez

Charlotte Volpe : My local NBC station: "It was like the Father, the Son, and the Holy Curveball."

이정호 : She has a strong shoulder and her mechanism for pitching the ball is perfect

Dax Plumbing : Bababooey should be emberassed

Jennifer Webb : This is good timing. With all the sexual assaults happening in the church, they send in the clowns...I mean nuns. I meant nuns

itscork : 76 mph?!?! That’s CRAZY! I really wouldn’t expect a nun to lie like that....

Al Costello : Big Al would take her 450 feet down center