PRO Skimboarders pull off INSANE rides in PUMPING waves!

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Pro skimboarders Blair Conklin, Austin Keen, Johnny Weber and Jake Stinnet score insane waves/rides at Aliso in early fall 2018. Everyone was ripping this session, hope you enjoy! Check out more SKIM vids - Intro - Realization by Hanu Dixit Song 1 - YACHT by Density & Time Song 2 - Tidal Wave by Silent Partner #skimboarding #professionalskimboarder #shorebreak


Kai Leonard : 5:37 i think that was a shark in the wave

Paranormal Blanket : They must get sand a inch up their crack in them shorys. Nice vid bro love your channel.

gym shorts : I'm an old timer ...these boyz are bad ass !

Trumpenstein : Damn, I know who Im voting for in 2020 Barishnikov!

Malcolm Bartlett : They make it look so easy, these guys are unreal!

Jonathan Rath : Blair is the effen GIOAT

mamy ramer : That dude RIPS!!

vanlife 123s : Swallowtails will never die.☠ ALL STAR BIG DOG footage beefs !🤙

bulkohontis beerbrain : those straight olllies too legit ! keep em comming boy !!!!

Tanner Armstrong 69 : Was this Laguna

Ian Gomez : What’s impressive is the control they have with a board with no skegs. When he’s pumping down the line he has control like a short board. He must rip in surfing too.

Luiz Robertor Carvalhaes Aloi : Sem dúvida um dos esportes, que e fora do comum, cada vez mais kkkk

Ryan Vick : My favorites are 7:15 and 3:36 and 4:57 and 5:56 ---- NOTE: when i click on 7:15 it goes to 7:08 so these time marks are not accurate. idk why.

Andreas Habeck : Damn those floaters

Terry Pawliw : Props, but.......the guy totally snaked the other guy on a wave. Goof move......

Travis Bickle2.0 : Mesmerizing, yet beefy.

Mit Seraffej : 1:50 shows what an ultimate waterman this guy is.

La chofa : 5:11 is that the music of club penguin's surfing game I hear?

Nicole Ebbinghaus : Altas ondas♡

SWEETWILD : This video is one of the best of all the skimboard videos. Today,my skim buddy was raving about Blair in the video. Blair is an amazing skimboarder. I want to crash into the crazy huge waves. Thanks a bunch for this film work

AussieVapez AussieVapez _/\_ : Just when I thought we've seen it all, the surf community comes up with more genious ways to ride beautiful surf.... and entertain. This vid is great, thank you !!

Henry Ezpeleta : "Great stuff" 👍💙

Jodie York : This guy is SO good. Love your vids. Ty guys. 💥💥👊

Jesse Rockwell : 1:28 what is that rope/line in the water???

F0rtysxity : I remember when my friend was able to skimboard along the wet sand, put his hand down on one side and rotate around 360 degrees. He was like the man. Skimboarding has come a long ways.

Jay Smith : just north of creek, Monarch? is in it??? That dude is unreal! love the skim eat it, then body surf.

John Tuttle : 100 belly crawling boogie gheys disliked this video.

alexb618 : i instantly got pregnant when i saw blair running in his pajamas

Margo Anon : As a partially impaired person I just can't believe what these guys are doing with their bodies! So fit and agile - fantastic to watch them blend with the ocean! Thanks for this great video.

jin isida : I have nothing to do with this video, but handsome Robb, were you at the venue of World of X Games in Texas?

esdad71 : I do not see the big deal this is just something you did to have more fun... . In Fl most times modern the only way we can do this is storms with the offshore dredging but I did this for 5 summers in Maderia beach in FL. SO MUCH FUN! Nice rides here...they were few and far between to catch the full rides...

jomie orbino : Balarina...hahahahahahahahahaha

NoBody : Blaird Hamilton. 😆

angeloeastblanco : Pretty dope!

Aladin : OMG Insane skills🤙

edward bedrosian : 1:31 what is that weird line being pulled through the water?

Chance Robinson : Great stuff and wonderful surf music... would love to see those young men tackle Sandy Beach on the island of Oahu... The face of the shorebreak can be 2x to 10x that....

Dick Evans : IM 70 yrs old started skimboarding in 196? , using a piece of 3/8" plywood coated with marine varnish at Zuma Beach, Ca. Things have changed a little

KaneDidIt : Cleannnnn😵😵

Greg Reed : You guys are awesome well done so fluid in those turns . Keep it up

Malcolm McKee : Amazing, just wondering if the tour dates are published in advanced for pro skimboarding. Going to the pipe Masters in Hawaii in December will all then pro skimboarders be there?. How many skimboards are sold each year compared to surfboards? Seems so close to the beach crowds would be crazy!

Pete : Blair is on a fckn different planet when it comes to a skim. My condolences to the pros competing against him.

Phil Graves : Can you imagine this guy showing up to the beach and pulling these stunts off in the mid-60s? Everybody would have freaked out.

Jack Dineen : Have any skimmers landed a 10 foot 360° air and landed straight into a barrel and ridden out?

ars360carlj : best part of my workday... checking the new Beefs T.V. drops!

Vlad Nechai : That dude is a huge 🐕

Sprint 92122 : Thats so rad. Far cry from the round plywood skimboard my dad made me in the 70s

Andrew Ghinea : I didnt know nick kroll was recording!!!!! @ 1:03

Daniel Grozier : Could it get any better Ptssssh...... 👹👹👹