PRO Skimboarders pull off INSANE rides in PUMPING waves!

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AlicateSkimboard. : WTF CHRIS!!! I didnt want this video ended. Blair and Weber are next level! Thanks isnt enought to tell you about this master piece Raw footage! Best Skimboard Raw video until now! 🤜🤛🙏🌊🌊🇧🇷

thisismov : Yyeeww

bulkohontis beerbrain : those straight olllies too legit ! keep em comming boy !!!!

Malcolm Bartlett : They make it look so easy, these guys are unreal!

tonepoet : I'm starting to think that your videos need XXX rating. Pornboarding, not skimboarding.

Jodie York : This guy is SO good. Love your vids. Ty guys. 💥💥👊

Margo : As a partially impaired person I just can't believe what these guys are doing with their bodies! So fit and agile - fantastic to watch them blend with the ocean! Thanks for this great video.

vanlife 123s : Swallowtails will never die.☠ ALL STAR BIG DOG footage beefs !🤙

drew bee : Hahahahahahahahahaha he's the nuts that's a thumbs up from me lol

Brodi Wheeler : “Blairishnikov” !!! Too funny! 😂 🤸🏼‍♂️🧜🏼‍♂️🕺🏼🏄🏼‍♂️🤙🏼🥩

Jay Smith : just north of creek, Monarch? is in it??? That dude is unreal! love the skim eat it, then body surf.

Greg Reed : You guys are awesome well done so fluid in those turns . Keep it up

VelvetyPrune : Damn I wish I could get blairrelled

Andreas Habeck : Damn those floaters

Phil Graves : Can you imagine this guy showing up to the beach and pulling these stunts off in the mid-60s? Everybody would have freaked out.

Reefahholic : Blair is KING! Watching blair on a damn skim board is better than a hot Texas donut!

F0rtysxity : I remember when my friend was able to skimboard along the wet sand, put his hand down on one side and rotate around 360 degrees. He was like the man. Skimboarding has come a long ways.

Peter Jongsma : Looks like fun.Not to much paddling.

Jerry Destremps : So awesome. I'm old and I might try this shit.

Kristhian Aguilar : You just have to respect that

John Doe : Blair's transition is epic! She's a beautiful dude...shreds for a shim.

christian 843 : These guys are so good how do you even do that

NoBody : Blaird Hamilton. 😆

BALLISTICJELLY : Meh just another sick edit 😂😎

Dick Evans : IM 70 yrs old started skimboarding in 196? , using a piece of 3/8" plywood coated with marine varnish at Zuma Beach, Ca. Things have changed a little

Kai Leonard : 5:37 i think that was a shark in the wave

SWEETWILD : This video is one of the best of all the skimboard videos. Today,my skim buddy was raving about Blair in the video. Blair is an amazing skimboarder. I want to crash into the crazy huge waves. Thanks a bunch for this film work

Henry Ezpeleta : "Great stuff" 👍💙

Finch Anthony : Baryshni-carve

BALLISTICJELLY : He used to be a dolphin in his past life.😃

jin isida : I have nothing to do with this video, but handsome Robb, were you at the venue of World of X Games in Texas?

Mike Sullivan : damn! you guys make it look so easy. hilarious commentary too :-)

Travis Bickle2.0 : Mesmerizing, yet beefy.

9surf9 : 4:04 what is that on the left side of the screen.

daniel Neilson : does anyone else see something in front of him 1:30

Al Ken : Where’s Blair from? I mean like, what planet? This ain’t normal. He’s a beast.

angeloeastblanco : Pretty dope!

Wade Lawson : Broishnikov

Edward Miller : I use to Skim & Destroy at Makaha and Yoks back in the 80's!

Hal Heywood : Very nice brother

Justin Cole : Jesus man the intro clips are always so sick

Legend Entertainment : Aliso Pier. Fuc yeah! You know I'm old school mentioning the word Pier.. Bill Beaker Bryan The Godfather!

James Webster : Are you and thisismov best friends or mortal enemies? Let me know if you ever come to TX. Of course, I'm not sure why you would, the skim conditions are garbage.

Luxuryhomes888 : thats bitchin yo

j Scott Hanes : Don’t know about the ballerina part but “Blairisnikov” is dang sure a “BOSS” on a skim board. Timing your run and glide so you slide into those shore breaks sideways and then crank turns like those is NEXT LEVEL buy anyone’s standard. The boys were indeed “on fire!” Shaka!

Rob Bourland : Loved the video and music and narration nice. I think Blair should be in Hawaii with Ben and Jamie.😎👍👍👍👍🤪

quicksno : He got "Blairelled"!!

Shralpage TV : Blair is sexy no matter what he does

Andrew Ghinea : I didnt know nick kroll was recording!!!!! @ 1:03

Bruce516 : Boys were killing it! When is Joel gonna start skimming?!?!?!