Pumped Up America

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Justin Y. : This the FBI, open up.

Fressh : This is what we call a god tier meme, kids.

Zuzu : Just some daily dose of dark humor

c : okay here's the 411 folks: say some, gangstaah is dissin ya fly girl; just hit em with one of theez

Cplee : You deserve some type of reward for this master piece

Micoola : YES You followed through with my request to make this it's own thing from This Is A Mashup!!! I love you man!!

Keith Clough : This should be played to signal the switching of periods in school.

azalago : It's like.... double the horrible social issues in one video.

itsBillie : Vice: Respect Childish Gambino’s video and this should be a lesson learned. Acrylo: *I T H I N K T H E F U C K N A W T*

SharkieDraws : This isn't lowkey fire. This IS FIRE.

Cyranek : that man on horse though

Parallax : Acrylo I always liked your memes, so don't come to the school tomorrow.

RangerHunter : This is America's Pumped Up Anthem.

Beneath Remains : People on facebook: "Guys, don't meme This is America, you're taking away the meaning of the song." What do you think is gonna happen when you say that?

Eli Dominguez : NICE MEME MASHUP!!! creepy concept, tho..

Biggie Cheese : Best part of the video at 1:15

Nope : Should have dropped the choir vocals down a semitone

SaluTv : Synced perfectly

Juan S : Can we take the time to appreciate the thumbnail art.

c : yo Acrylo if you taking requests please mix this with Earth Wind and Fire next

khadiii : Is this the last thing you hear before you enter heaven?

Dachefkerry Wit the pot : This is depressing and happy at the same time................. acylo finna start a new wave

BLG Studios : Once you notice the horse you can’t unnotice it

WuzWutz : Little did you know.... This is relevant now

Jayden Blais : 0:18 he couldn't run faster than his bullet

AK-47 AR-15 : The ak’s safety lever is on the wrong side in the thumbnail.

UnfoundedChance : Arcylo is honestly the best for this cause he listen to a request

MSTV : Should have added the gunshots would have sounded a lot better

Angry Skeleton : Vice: Please for the love of god don't meme this is america. Arcylo: I T H I N K T H E F U C K N O T

atzales : Isn't this kinda of ironic

Chimeng Thao : When your school shooter is a racist patriot.

Filthy Casual : I never thought I needed this until you made this.

Crash Bandicoot : Acrylo outs the anthem for edgy, 13 year old, sjws and I love it

Jack Graham : This music is kinda catchy

Robert Shiffman : The School Shooter Mating Call

Banjo Billy : He actually dances to the beat woah

Nobody : May the kids in the Santa Fe school shooting rest in peace!

HeroTheHero : Thank GOD this exists, had to clean my ears from Nicole arbur's shit rendition of this is America.

rach jumpe : *sync and quality*

Glittery wishes : Someone make a meme of childish gambino killing the globgoglabgalab

27 : this is actually mad nice

Zion Brooks : This is a banger

Kinky Joe : Now this is a mashup

young grinch : Pumped up lando

Charley Cabrera : A gunshot noise would have been so dope just like in the This Is a Mashup video

Antti : Okay now you are literally the best Youtube channel ever. Yesterday we requested this mashup and a day later we got it :D

Moose : great God I love AMERICA

SickDuckGaming : I don't want this... I need the FF7 Full Version please <3

UnfoundedChance : Hey can you put this on SoundCloud or Spotify please

Tamati Iafeta : I'm sharing this on all my social media