Gardening on Salvia

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GloomyHouse : Very insightful gardening tutorial. Nice Roses!

John Smith : I don't know why this is in my recommended videos 10 years after the upload date. 🍄

mrfoxman21 : This dude whent from 4.0 gpa to autistic in 3 seconds

Kirk Hillier : This shit sent me on the craziest trip. One second, I was sitting in a campin chair with a beer and then I was falling from the sky into the ocean. I landed on the water flat on my back and stayed on top of the surface for a moment. The water had a Jell-O like quality, and I slowly sank into depths and saw amazing creatures. I guess I had seen enough, because then I pulled a Superman pose and flew out of the ocean back into the sky. When I came to, I was sitting on the floor and my clothes were soaking wet. Turns out, while tripping balls, the chair I was sitting in broke and my drink spilled all over me. 13/10 would deep sea dive again.

Codgerism : We are a strange species

Flamma : Allright seems simple enough: 1. Smoke some salvia 2. Pass out from it 3. Put the plant in the ground!

Shay Magleby : **imediately lays down**

Vinyl Disc : my grandma loves gardening, ill make sure to send this to her!

Mr. NotSoCreative : What a productive day. Very educational

Jordan Mead : Who here is from the MisFits podcast bois! 💪

Danny Danko : "...we're just gonna see how that goes, so.." (Collapses) Yup that's salvia

Metal xMulisha : Love how he just tries to go back to explaining even tho his mind is RICKED

Thumbnail Finder : Yup. Pretty much. A little bit after inhaling it, it'll instantaneously turn you from coherent to legally retarded for about 2 1/2 minutes. Gotta say it's pretty fun.

OG 516 : I read it as saliva. I thought he was going to water the plants with his saliva.

TEK Music : 2:23 looks like he found the bottle of water he was looking for. Must’ve been thirsty. Lol

SkiffaPaul : can't believe its been 10 years, keep bouncing Eric, ya boys (_)_):::::::::::::::::D~~~~

JEIL : Thanks for the tips. My curry plants are doin great.

Monica Flores : When I did salvia I saw blue smooth LEGO people and they showed me the simulation of this world, why it was fake but then I came back to where I was (in my friends backyard). Then they climbed the air and opened it somehow and they were inside with only one of them sticking its head out upside down giving me their hand so I am go with them but at that point I snapped back to my friends hugging me shaking me saying it’s gonna be okay. Apparently I started to mindlessly walk around and manage to knock a couple things over. When they hugged me I felt it inside and out like every single one of my atoms was being caressed by hope and joy.

Nick MaGrick : I tried this like ten times, but I never managed to put the plant in the ground. One time I put it the neighbors bird bath, but I couldnt strike land.

Seth Collazo : 1:07 ok i guess he's making some progress 1:14 nvm

marcohoffi : One Guy on Reddit described my 3 Salvia Trips pretty accurate: "When on salvia I usually end up becoming part of the couch/blanket/chair I'm resting on. The feeling is strange, and hard to describe. You know how it feels to peel off a bandaid? The somewhat-painful tearing feeling as the adhesive tugs on your skin? That's how it feels to move any part of my body mid-trip. It's like I've been sewn into the literal fabric of space time, and any movement is akin to tearing myself out of the fabric, as if I'm just a cloth square in a cosmic quilt. While this is occurring, I also lose awareness of my limbs/body, and feel more like I'm just a point of pure awareness that's part of a larger tapestry of existence. In that sense, I "become" whatever object I'm resting on, because the idea of operating/moving independently of it mid-trip seems both painful and illogical." Its a very strange experience and someone who doesn't have done it yet it's impossible to imagine how it is. It was horrifying but still interesting on its own way...

reggie salt : imagine if they made concentrates out of salvia,,,i know they do extracts allready but i mean like taking a dab of 80 percent pure Salvinorin A , i tried salvia once over 10 years ago when i was 16 before i had any true psychedelic experiences, i opted for the 80x and had to travel to wisconsin from chicago to get some, long story short it is the only time in my life i have given away the rest of a drug i had for free, shit made me feel a fear i have yet to re-experience

Adam Badali : Reminds me of when my friend wouldnt respond for 15 mins on salvia

The Campfire : I imagine this is what Martha Stewart does all day.

Tanean Bethay : He talked an mean game...but Salvia had the last word!

k1xy : Why is this in my recommended?

FLUFFMANDUFF : How does Erik look the same after 10 years? Probably all the pills that the cloud people are putting in his food to monitor him has some de-ageing side effects??

ToasterPhobia : bounced on my boys salvia to this for 10 years

Adam Badali : Whos man is dis

Don't Worry About It : How to take a nap on salvia

Cat Cat : get yer plant in the ground™️

Alex B : Why is this recommended to me in 2018??? I like it though

WhatAboutTheProles : HGTV has taken a weird turn in recent years.

490o : Lmao took me a while to realize who he is. Big Money Salvia makes much more sense now.

Ken T : 1:06 He tried to stabilize by grabbing the Miracle Grow!

Jack X28 : Признавайся!!! Ты смотришь это в 2019-2099 году!!!

Eric Taylor : Misfits Podcast

Jesse Rheaume : Omg wtf dude this is Erik from internet comment etiquette!!

Bob McKinley : You need to try salvia inside a volcano. The tricky part is getting in. But once you are in. Reality just melts away. 8]

Lun Hing : Wow my plants have never looked so good after trying this

Tiger Dragon : Holy shit 2008! WTF!? **LMFAO**

THOTH : 1:01 Gardening.exe has stopped working

frizzybob : 11 yrs later ......

David W : LOL I only clicked on the video because it said it was uploaded 10 years ago

Tncx : he became a flower

ItsHorror23 : Thanks Youtube.

shooter4287 : Thanks for the gardening tip.

Andrei Mihai : This is why women live longer

amerocker : 1:05. He starts salviating.

kyle ciarrocchi : 1:05 it hits him like a baseball bat to the face