Gardening on Salvia

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letsGOtoCLASS : oh shit when did i make this?

PetercAW : Wait, isn't this the guy from that Gardening on Salvia video?

shooter4287 : Thanks for the gardening tip.

Abraham Martinez : De-Optimized!!!!

Thegamecheats : u should do gardening on DMT

qwertywtflol : This is that internet comment etiquette guy

GeschiedenisMaster 007 : I really wonder how that plant's doing... Update vid?

Dudes : The most creative way of smoking salvia I've seen so far. Thanks for the laughs and greetings from a fellow gardener.

Anthony Joe : welcome to big money salvia on salvia. This is gardening, your host.

Thou Xan : Driving on salvia seems a lot safer.....

Alex Ferraro : Oh my god, it's little baby Erik

Maxs Corna : LOL does it rly make u a turtle like that

Jackie Treehorn : Today we are going to practice touch and goes in a Cessna 421 on Salvia... as You taxi, raise your rpm to 1300, get ready to pull back on the yoke ( but first let's smoke our salvia)...

Boop : Why are the subtitles in Russian

WhatAboutTheProles : HGTV has taken a weird turn in recent years.

MrSpeedweasel : All these years, who knew gardening rocked?

dtrmp4 : @tetyner A buddy of mine talked to Gnome people in the world inside his closet. I remember feeling like I was being pulled. Turned out to be an alphabet train passing through my friend's couch.

Dominik R : thats why i stick to meth

David Waters : now this is comedy

L. Cascella : Erik your getting re-famous from these videos. hope all is well for you. -louie

Mike Wilkes : when gardening gets too real

Breebles : WOAH WOAH WOAH, I never knew this was Erik! My friends and I loved these "on Salvia" videos in middle school, and constantly praised the "Salvia Man". I never even realized that this was Erik-who is now one of my favorite Youtubers. Wow, that's crazy.

Ms Ikonge : best line ever: "Hold that in until your vision begins to vibrate!" can we smoke together??

Robert Blasingame : Im like 90 percent sure this guy had a small part in Its always sunny in Philadelphia?

elfederal01 : he sounded smart and like he knew what he was doing until he did the salvia then nothing got done LOL

Monter8888888 : This doesn't look that fun.

Bambi's BoredRoom : 1:08..."we're gonna................x_x till and ummmmm"  AAAAAAAAhahahahaha! I laughed so hard. I love this guy. 

Chuck maul : Looks like good gardening to me .........when is he going to dig a hole? Next video???

SamuraixJack : 1:34 He knew he wasnt going to get any gardening done.

Bastien Gibeau : That's a terrible idea. I love it.

TheSpacecraftX : H3 Podcast?

jmsmorley : This is quite possibly the funniest shit I've ever seen. I'm crying laughing so hard. So uh, you plant it in the ground!

Real Dumbass. : I read it as saliva. I thought he was going to water the plants with his saliva.

The Lord's Kitchen : 10 YEARS AGO TODAY BOYS

letsGOtoCLASS : everyone give this comment a thumbs up

Dank Ant Lorry : Bounced on my bois neutron until I reached Proxima B while perfectly reciting the lyrics to the Magical Mystery Tour in 30 seconds

Joseph Guerra : I feel like the look in the distance I he gave as he took off the hat at the end was the "what am I doing with my life" look

Anthony Mayn : Viceland brought me here

Devon Johnson : I am still waiting for step 2

Joe Donahoo : I'm glad cooking shows aren't like this

Aaron Finn : Not your content

Lybio : Flakka Is A Hell Of A Drug

brad koelewyn : 10 years on. Still a classic

Jetset Willy : In the end ...Hats of to Salvia

Nick Rose : Watched Brazil my first time and I thought the entire movie was a dream, when it ended I snapped back

Marisol079 : Wish they wud explain what they went thru and seen when they come back, they always cut the video when they come back and it's like we are all waiting for a story we are anticipating on hearing bout there experience and thats when they cut video, come on people the video is entertaining but damn the best part is when u tell us what u experienced!!! Damn !!!boooo!! Lol

suh dude : Little money salvia <3

silver blotter : damn, that plant never made it into the ground!

Viento Enpopa : I´ve said to myself why not to try with Stevia too. It must be a sweet experience, if being smoked. Stevia Dellourium. 

Tor Net : big money baby!!!!!!!!