Two Vortex Rings Colliding in SLOW MOTION - Smarter Every Day 195

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SmarterEveryDay : If you'd like to help, it would be great to get some captions for this video in your native language. At this point, there's no English. Help would be appreciated!

Ferrariman601 : “All you gotta do is refill the tank and give it another shot.” You just won the internet, Destin.

How To Make Sushi : it's what I imagine 2 stars colliding would look like

Zioshi : It would be interasting to make the same in a physics engine on a pc and see what happens. sry for my english.

Edo : *The story of a classic family.* I really can’t say any more. It’s absolutely beautiful.

BizMarkie91 : So you spend years trying to recreate this beautifully, and we all get to sit here and watch the result for free without doing any work towards it at all? Awesome. Thanks for sharing this with everyone. Amazing.

My Mate Nate : "All you gotta do is fill the tank back up and give it another shot" - best quote ever and soo inspirational! Keep up the amazing work.

Ben John Walt : Sick vape tricks...

Sam Sam : what if this is how our universe was created and expanded and the little rings are galaxies lol

Einzbern26 : First few secondsss i tot vape

Jim : So what if we weakened hurricanes with this same idea using upper atmosphere explosions?

Rare Earth : I love how your mind works. You are the best thing on YouTube by leagues. Your patience is genuinely inspirational.

WILKU97 : That was so freaking beautiful <3

Nimo Kali : Wow, that is stunning!

ピザポテ愛好家 : I am Japanese high school student. I think this experience is very interesting.

ONE PIECE : これ、機械を使う意味はあるのか? 人間が、両手に注射器で、練習すれば済む事じゃなかったのか?

Bobby Duke Arts : Dude, that was incredibly beautiful

Ivanildo Cafu : Nassim Haramein loved it! 😄

Michael Tan : 0:03 The talking is causing soundwaves that shake the water

Andrew Marcum : I didn’t realize how bad I needed this video when I clicked the link! Great video! Have a like and a subscription.

CD Snider : Great video! Why didn't you just locate the original inventor of the machine?

Practical Engineering : This is so awesome. Congratulations on getting it to work. What a video!


JaneGraeSmithy : Is the 90° turn maybe cause by gyroscopic precession?

DeVi0uS : machines have beaten us in vaping

WinArmy : much cheaper than particle accelerator, those extra rings are antimatter

BV3D : I came for the cool vortices, and got a bonus inspirational message. Thanks!

Galaxy Bomb : So in 3 years you used enough water to give everyone In africa a sip.

Kenneth Dokus : The rig in the beginning is not the same one as they were getting the good results from at the 530 mark

Lipe Ramos : humildão

Coy : Now we can calculate how many galactic clusters appeared after the big bang!!!

Space Course : This is incredible Destin. Not giving up really paid off to be something beautiful.

2B2T Banker : The Vortex Coalition is an elite group of players dedicated to making 2b2t a better place

Dion Kloppie : Wow

Lou Peru : Useless, bb. Good luck.

Danny The Spider : 2:55 He looks like an older version of iDubbbz

SmarterEveryDay : We used a computer controlled cylinder to pump fluid behind a rubber membrane to fire toroidal vortices out of the vortex cannons. We fixed one of the vortex cannon in a stationary position, and used a multi-axis microscope stage to align a second cannon to it… which sounds incredibly easy, until you realize that DYE density was an experiment all on its own. If the density of the dye mix was lighter than water, the vortex would go up. If the dye was more dense than water the vortex would fall. We had to overcome SO MANY VARIABLES and we basically spent about 4 hours figuring each variable. Water/dye temperature differential Water turbulence Water turbidity (cloudiness or haziness of a fluid) How to reset the aquarium Cannon Spacing Cannon Nozzle Cannon Shape Dye homogeneity in the vortex itself The piston displacement volume The piston stroke speed Rubber diaphragm tension, would make one side fire faster than the other. Water or air to drive diaphram? Firing speed (too slow and they drift, too fast and turbulence tears apart secondaries) We did a complete redesign of the cannon 3 different times. The Dye loading method was changed several times At times We tried to maintain negative pressure on the cannon chamber… we also tried to put shutters on the front of the muzzle. Ultimately I decided it was ok to live with dye dripping out of the front. We had to premix the dyes and eventually we got there. It got to the point where we didn’t even really know what success looked like and always thought we were there.

Louie J : Did they just recreate the "Big Bang"?

蜜村ぷう : これはなんの役に立つ発見なのでしょうか?

Sudhanshu Chaurasia : interference of two waves might be explanation of this. constructive interference occurs there where the outer ring are formed and destructive interference where its void.

Javier GarniK : Dislike por el desperdicio de agua

Sobat HAPE : I just want to say thanks.

UraniummasterX76 L : Purple ring

Joey Suggs : spare us the preaching. I have a priest for that, and he's better at it.

Burak Zengin : kim yaptı bunun türkçe çevirisini :))

Tiago Lopes : Ja tentou fazer isso numa Câmara de vácuo? Have you tried to do this in a vacuum chamber?

AuthenTech - Ben Schmanke : RIP the poor editor on this project, lol :) YEARS of footage chopped down to a succinct 8 min

Yoyo its your boy : the skill i want to learn is hacking into the grid and collapsing the world economy and bringing all the nations to their knees and ending civilization as you know it. I mean do betting in math at school ?

Gordon Jenkins : Vortex Canon to Vortex Canon? Space Plasma Collisions? Face to Face Galaxy Collisions? Applications for pulse jet engines, internal combustion chamber modeling? Integrated Circuit Manufavturing (Inductively coupled plasma) Weather Forecasting/modeling, Shipp propeller/propulsion design?

Slarty : "The problem here was that it was filmed with a potato"