Learn Salsa in 1 Month || Max's Monthly Challenge

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Mathias N : awesome! keep it up, this channel is gonna blow up soon enough. I'm sure of it !!

Nico The Rabbit : What's it called when you try a different brand of salsa? ------------ A change of pace

Achw3l : The girl in the orange skirt, god damnnn

rex von rex : I really enjoy watching these challenges. And the quality of your videos are great as well for a starting Youtuber! Hope you keep doing what you're doing! Super excited to see the back flip video, I want to learn it as well

Val B : This is so awesome! Well done Max. Vamossss!

GZMauricio : Some little tips, you almost never step on your feet flat while dancing, and the shoulders kind of move by themselves once you start to move your hips as well

TheCadillacCat : Respect.

MrUnEvenGamer : Amazing work max You inspire alot of us We would also like to di these challenges but we dont know how to setup for challenges Can you please make a video showing how to do monthly challenges It would be very helpful

Stuart M : 4:10 Did my man just try and style out a burp?

Air : learn ayo and teo style dancing next please.

Annie Lynn : Really great! Eagerly waiting for the next one!

Merijn Spiro : Really cool! I was expecting you or someone would comment on your goals and how you did but the video just ended. Otherwise fun video!

addee P : You are a good dancer

Amy Velasquez : Nice video! Can't wait to see more! And as a Mexican/Honduran from Texas, you did pretty good!! During that last dance there was a point where you actually started having fun and not worrying as much, you looked a lot less stiff! Nice.

The Random Duo : These are really good! Can't wait to see the next one!

Mr R : Good show you bloke.

darkwoman0 : Max you did amazing !!

Ok Boldy : Very smooth. Where are you getting the ideas to do each of these thing?

Alexander Rose : Well done Max, great episode!!! Can't wait for the next one!!

Aabbish Duaa : I loved this! Absolutely loved this!

Dom P : Great video! Your videos inspired me to start my own 1 month challenges! (starting out small so I can build that self assurance!) :)

Jesus Connects to God : good work man

Judo Lover : That is not bad for only a month????!!

DANVASTIC : Congrats max u got a 5k subscriber!!!! Keep it up!!

Loeka : Become a poker pro in 1 month

Sub To PewDiePie : 5:47 *_slayyy_*

Abhishek Reuben : Excellent

Canon Wanderlust : Haa nicee

xer xer : How tall are you??

Kumar Siddharth : What ABout Your iphone X Giveaway Max ? I Participated in all entries :)

Chewang Sherpa : Thanks bro

Ghost Tea : you are amazing mate. keep up the great work, and content.

Zia Lari : I love salsa, am looking forward to learn this :)

Sogeking : keep em commin!

Quizazle : Really great project. What future challenges are you planning?

Peter Parker : Great vids... But try and improve mic quality on commentary!!