Learn Salsa in 1 Month || Max's Monthly Challenge

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Nico The Rabbit : What's it called when you try a different brand of salsa? ------------ A change of pace

Achw3l : The girl in the orange skirt, god damnnn

Annie Lynn : Really great! Eagerly waiting for the next one!

rex von rex : I really enjoy watching these challenges. And the quality of your videos are great as well for a starting Youtuber! Hope you keep doing what you're doing! Super excited to see the back flip video, I want to learn it as well

Mathias N : awesome! keep it up, this channel is gonna blow up soon enough. I'm sure of it !!

The Random Duo : These are really good! Can't wait to see the next one!

Mr R : Good show you bloke.

Quizazle : Really great project. What future challenges are you planning?

Air : learn ayo and teo style dancing next please.

Ok Boldy : Very smooth. Where are you getting the ideas to do each of these thing?

Amy Velasquez : Nice video! Can't wait to see more! And as a Mexican/Honduran from Texas, you did pretty good!! During that last dance there was a point where you actually started having fun and not worrying as much, you looked a lot less stiff! Nice.

TheCadillacCat : Respect.

Alexander Rose : Well done Max, great episode!!! Can't wait for the next one!!

Merijn Spiro : Really cool! I was expecting you or someone would comment on your goals and how you did but the video just ended. Otherwise fun video!

addee P : You are a good dancer

Peter Parker : Great vids... But try and improve mic quality on commentary!!

Sogeking : keep em commin!

Val B : This is so awesome! Well done Max. Vamossss!

Ghost Tea : you are amazing mate. keep up the great work, and content.

Zia Lari : I love salsa, am looking forward to learn this :)

DANVASTIC : Congrats max u got a 5k subscriber!!!! Keep it up!!

Canon Wanderlust : Haa nicee

Loeka : Become a poker pro in 1 month

Dom P : Great video! Your videos inspired me to start my own 1 month challenges! (starting out small so I can build that self assurance!) :)

Judo Lover : That is not bad for only a month????!!

》《 : 5:47 *_slayyy_*

Chewang Sherpa : Thanks bro

Kumar Siddharth : What ABout Your iphone X Giveaway Max ? I Participated in all entries :)

Abhishek Reuben : Excellent