Mitchell and Webb: Does God Exist?

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Tom Bainbridge : I'd watch big talk if it was a real program

David Axelord : If only someone could cut into a piece of fruit and answer this question once and for all...

Luke Alexander : —Well, there is no yes-or-no answer. —What! I can think of two yes-or-no answers, just off the top of my head! This is brilliant!

Kasey Escape : last line is brilliant

B. Hagedash : Are agnostics spineless fence sitters? I couldn't say.

Bennings : This perfectly sums up religious debates on the internet

Stephen Wright : pretty hilarious that people are actually arguing does god exist underneath this comedy sketch video...

Joseph Desch : Brilliant sketch. Too bad those in the comment section didn't quite get the point.

Josh O'Brien : "OH MAKE THE TEA!" Correct response to agnostics.

Chrisfs : I was about to comment, but then realized the comments thread are an amazing extension of the sketch itself. Mitchell and Webb and not simply awesome, they are META-AWESOME!

M : You can't prove a god exists or that none exist so the answer would be "we don't know for sure but there's no evidence that one exists so probably not"

Tim Lake : I love using that response to "There is no yes or no answer". Good one to break out in meetings, along with "Oh make the tea!" when someone just sits on the fence.

fishyc150 : It certainly is a yes/no answer. It's that people don't know the answer.

Sabrina Evans : God does  exist he lives in a church down the road.. So just go knock on the door any time of day or night and he will answer it. Lets see how many angry vicars we can create by late night door knocking.

vonteflon : 1:08 Johnson!

Lookoutitsdomke : It would surely be much simpler to say that there is not a single piece of evidence to suggest that there is a god and it is just easiest to assume there isn't. Much like how we do with unicorns, fairies, and midgets.

Adrian Peace : Donald Trump loves Big Talk

andrehitsoy : I actively believe that there isn't a yellow car parked outside my house right now (not looking out the window). I acknowledge the fact that there MIGHT be, as well as cars of any colour, but I've never seen a yellow car there, and statistically there's more of a chance of the spaces being filled with silver, white and black cars, so I choose to firmly place my bets on there NOT being a yellow car there. Atheist.

Zachs Mind : There may or may not be a god. If you believe in a god that you can't prove, then your god does not exist. There may be a god of some sort out there that vaguely fits your idea of a god, but at best, you won the lottery. That's coincidence, and not prophetic clairvoyance. Based on what we currently know, any god imagined by mankind thus far is highly unlikely. So there is no reason to believe in a god.

David Eberhardt : Love Robert Webb, but this part should have gone to Chris Morris.

troglodyto : for the morons out there, this is a satire on televised panels

Ian G : Captain Rik Mayall Flashard ?

Chris Morris : Raymond could have easily cast deciding vote but I guess that would be less fun ;) xD

DemstarAus : Agnostic means not knowing. If your position is that you are unsure of the exsistence of god, you are not convinced that it exists, and you are an atheist.

Bainbow : Agnosticism for the win!

Necrobadger : When tasked with a question based on something it's impossible to prove, you have to go with the most likely answer, regardless of anyone's feelings or ideals. So no, there is not a god, that is the absolute answer until new information becomes available. Easy.

partyvegetarian : "I can think of two yes or no answers of the top of my head!" ... that line has stuck with me for years. Waiting for the perfect moment to deploy it...

Joachim Schoder : Yes/No-question #1: Are you mental?

Adam Mangler : ... one minute and 27 seconds - that's longer than anyone should spend on the question :0)

MrShepperson : Nicky Campbell take note...

wishingwell12345 : Oh make the tea!

Big chungus : "I can think of two yes or no answers just off the top of my head!" I've got to use that sometime

Brandon Martin-Moore : This is perfect.

Mantis Toboggan : this question was answered by a melon in another sketch of theirs.

UberOcelot : Well, one of the yes or no answers is yes. But what's the other one?

ResoundGuy : FAKE NEWS

Knightfall8 : just checking on whether we've gotten this sorted yet

8Rincewind : That point about "There is no Yes or No answer is perfect."

reelle Zahl : +BlitzTankTV Errrm, David Mitchell IS an agnostic. He's against the angry atheist and distances himself from them. The point of this sketch ist to point out how ridiculous unenlightened (= post Kritik der reinen Vernunft, Kant) black-and-white thinking, typical of the last few instant-this-that-and-the-other generations, is.

Jason : No

arc450 : Absolutely hilarious. Robert Webb is brilliant in this.

James Lawson Animates : IT'S IM-POR-TANT!

coolbanana165 : Probably not. :)

oilymutt : Beautiful skit about pompous TV presenters goading guests into an argument....not unlike the Yootoob comments section.

indiciaobscure : Is this based off an actual British host?

FunkySeeFunkyDo : Johnson!

BillHicks420 : They are wrong about what agnosticism means.

bluewave 2018/2020 : answer is no. if yes, step up and claim your prize...

Christy O'Faghan : there's plenty of evidence that God exists and anyone who disagrees is being unscientific

Matthew Singh-Dosanjh : "Civility is overrated"- Christopher Hitchens.