Heath Ledger´s inspiration for THE JOKER on Batman THE DARK KNIGHT !! REAL FOOTAGE!!!

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Anonieme Youtuber : Then Heath Ledger did a perfect impersonation damn the voice is almost identical!

Edward Reyes : you wanna know why I smoke so many cigarettes, my father was a drinker and fiend......

Kevin Cheneau : Voice was creepily dead on

AMYAS Seek Truth : R.I.P Heath Ledger. Watching Tom just makes want to watch The Dark Knight. Brilliant interview - amazing upload. Thanks again Renato Sousa!!!

Alix McCann : I was just waiting for him to say "and I thought my jokes were bad"

David : he whispers I'm so high at 4:05

jmcieslak0 : "Better than nothin' " I'm going to start saying that when people ask me how I am

Happy Farmer : so this is a part of the bad day the joker had?

Niko Bellic : Lets just pretend this is the joker after he comes out of prison

Sarah SteamDoll : if someone tells me "No, Heath never saw or heard about this guy never ever ever... this is just a coincidence" I wouldn't believe it, not in a thousand years

prosketch OFW : A real life feral ghoul

Wandering Fox : if you close your eyes and listen it sounds just like the joker

James Fletcher : 4:06 "I'm so high"

João Calhão : How come Tom Waits is still alive? Dude had a cigarette literally every 3 minutes...

karishmo : I just keep waiting for him to say "These cops and lawyers wouldn't dare cross you"

Herbert Henery : Bruh close your eyes and i swear its Joker talking

Azhraeya : I bet a majority of you didn't know that Heath Ledger's final film also starred this very same man right here in this interview: Tom Waits.

AMYAS Seek Truth : +Renato Sousa   THANKS!!!!!!! I LOVE THIS CLIP!!!! obsessed with Heath/Joker and now this guy ''the original''

barcount1 : 3:33 assuming they still are your people

Underrated Critic : Can you imagine being this dude's wife and hearing that creepy voice everyday?

heat4yoass : Jack Nicholson still played the best joker imo

Stephen Payne : Im an actor and I can tell you, its obvious that heath ledger was inspired by this guy. Its not uncommon to mimic someone/thing to create a character. Ace Ventura was based on a bird, Hannibal on a reptile, and jack sparrow on Keith Richards.  It doesn't take away form the characters, to know where the inspiration came from. AWESOME!

Darling Phenylethylamine : This is so difficult to make sense of while on acid.

Jeremy Sutton : I'm just gonna pretend this is the dark knight joker before he had that one bad day.

Cresencio Medina : Tom Waits everyone! Tom Waits: Goooood evening ladies and gentlemen...

pieter lion : thats the most annoying interviewer i've ever seen...

khxml : Waiting for Tom to slam the host's head down on a pencil.

codemonkeybrains : If there's any truth to what the title claims, it's kinda freaky, because Tom Waitts played the Devil in Ledger's last film.

Ghastly Strange : It's kinda weird hearing that voice comin from someone who isn't a murderous clown.

HalloweeNut13 : Damn that's eerie.. the voice, the body language, everything! All he needs is the switchblade, mouth scars and clown paint and Tom Waits would be the Joker!

James Nobody : the second I heard his voice..

Junior Pivaral : like in the Dark Knight Returns joker is "all better" and asks for an interview but kills everyone on set with joker gas.. but it was batman returning that triggered him to be the Joker once again... this could've been a continuation after joker was locked away in the nolan trilogy

Shanananananan Dlan'E : Shit....tgats fuckin creepy

Katia : Heath did his last movie with Tom in the cast. The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus.

Harry Smith : Tom Waits is a legend, fantastic musician

Abeboy : Fun Fact: Tom Waits use to bust tables for a pizza place in National City, California . My hometown lol

ezio auditore : Even if you don't watch it and just listen to his voice you'll hear Joker speaking right there.

neptune360 : And I thought my jokes were bad..

Mike Manning : you can see the Joker in there.... Crazy

Josiah Silas Michael : I don't think you need to invoke Heath Ledger to attract votes of a Tom Waits video. You can just call it a Tom Waits video.

Steven Escolar : heath is aussy... this interview is in australia ... chances of heath seeing this are pretty likely and it stuck

SÆRT MEN SANDT : that twat interviewer is ridiculous... basically making fun if Tom....

5carecrow94 : Could the title be any more clickbaity?

BanditTheBandito : Wasnt this the devil in Imaginarium of doctor parnassus, either way I do too wonder if thats where he got some inspiration.

kosi MAZAKi : Unfortunatelly we can't ask Heath is his really his inspiration for Joker, but they sound this same!

Faiz Sabir : Dang! That voice

Cam L : Tottally high on heroin

Sammy Belskus : 1:35 woah who remembers from Lost? Make Your Own Kind of Music!

Richard TestaFlit : I want Heath Ledger´s auditions tapes. Unless he didnt have to do them.

Owen22 : He sounds like The Green Goblin too.