Heath Ledger´s inspiration for THE JOKER on Batman THE DARK KNIGHT !! REAL FOOTAGE!!!

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Edward Reyes : you wanna know why I smoke so many cigarettes, my father was a drinker and fiend......

Niko Bellic : Lets just pretend this is the joker after he comes out of prison

João Calhão : How come Tom Waits is still alive? Dude had a cigarette literally every 3 minutes...

Anonieme Youtuber : Then Heath Ledger did a perfect impersonation damn the voice is almost identical!

Alix McCann : I was just waiting for him to say "and I thought my jokes were bad"

khxml : Waiting for Tom to slam the host's head down on a pencil.

Herbert Henery : Bruh close your eyes and i swear its Joker talking

HalloweeNut13 : Damn that's eerie.. the voice, the body language, everything! All he needs is the switchblade, mouth scars and clown paint and Tom Waits would be the Joker!

karishmo : I just keep waiting for him to say "These cops and lawyers wouldn't dare cross you"

Aidan Menham : He dropped that cigarette because some men just want to watch the world burn

Stephen Payne : Im an actor and I can tell you, its obvious that heath ledger was inspired by this guy. Its not uncommon to mimic someone/thing to create a character. Ace Ventura was based on a bird, Hannibal on a reptile, and jack sparrow on Keith Richards.  It doesn't take away form the characters, to know where the inspiration came from. AWESOME!

Sarah SteamDoll : if someone tells me "No, Heath never saw or heard about this guy never ever ever... this is just a coincidence" I wouldn't believe it, not in a thousand years

Broadway JR : Tom Waits was probably hopped up on some pretty potent prescription drugs at the time, which is where a lot of the tics and mannerisms come from. Antipsychotics (which TDK Joker was likely on at some point in the past) in particular will affect you, even long after you stop taking them. I used to have a pretty bad benzo dependency, and I developed some tics as a result that persist several years after I've managed to kick them. He probably did study Tom Waits, likely as a way to get down the mannerisms and tics of someone whose been on a lot of potent shit before (and since the most common theory about The Dark Knight Joker's origin is that he was a former soldier or CIA black ops who's been through some serious shit that broke him, he's probably someone been hopped up on a lot of antipsychotics in the past for PTSD and shit). Very similar to the way that Johnny Depp based Jack Sparrow's mannerisms and way of speech on Keith Richards.

Renato Sousa : 4.05 " I am so high " he says!

Jeremy Sutton : I'm just gonna pretend this is the dark knight joker before he had that one bad day.

Victorian Mars : It's kinda weird hearing that voice comin from someone who isn't a murderous clown.

Kevin Cheneau : Voice was creepily dead on

Azhraeya : I bet a majority of you didn't know that Heath Ledger's final film also starred this very same man right here in this interview: Tom Waits.

Cresencio Medina : Tom Waits everyone! Tom Waits: Goooood evening ladies and gentlemen...

Christian XXX : He sounds like one of Marge's sisters from the Simpson's.

J T : Seriously no one here has heard of Tom Waits before?

kosi MAZAKi : Unfortunatelly we can't ask Heath is his really his inspiration for Joker, but they sound this same!

Wandering Fox : if you close your eyes and listen it sounds just like the joker

ezio auditore : Even if you don't watch it and just listen to his voice you'll hear Joker speaking right there.

Owen22 : He sounds like The Green Goblin too.

jmcieslak0 : "Better than nothin' " I'm going to start saying that when people ask me how I am

14stdeathsqad : Holy shit he sounds exactly like him

David : he whispers I'm so high at 4:05

barcount1 : 3:33 assuming they still are your people

Darling Phenylethylamine : This is so difficult to make sense of while on acid.

AMYAS Seek Truth : R.I.P Heath Ledger. Watching Tom just makes want to watch The Dark Knight. Brilliant interview - amazing upload. Thanks again Renato Sousa!!!

Happy Farmer : so this is a part of the bad day the joker had?

Luke Colin Tieppo : Heath has some resemblance to a young Tom also. Facially speaking. They worked together on his last film. This is a notable Australian interview - I hail from Perth WA where Heath hailed from (I encountered him in a doctor's office once) and I remember seeing snippets of this interview here and there on late night TV some years back because it is such a notably unusual interview. Heath's daughter's name is Matilda. Yes of course Waltzing Matilda is the Australian folk song but Tom Waits sang the Tom Traubert's Blues which needless to say is the nicotine version of Waltzing Matilda. So of course Heath knew about this guy and this interview and copied the voice. In fact I'd go so far as to say that Tom may very well have inspired Heath outside of the Joker character. As I say, there is a resemblance. Even some of the mannerisms. Both very artsy-type guys also. A little uptight about interviews. If Heath had kept going I could have seen him play Tom in a biopic. I myself knew of the similarities between the two before Heath even passed away. I am surprised it was only noticed fairly recently.

codemonkeybrains : If there's any truth to what the title claims, it's kinda freaky, because Tom Waitts played the Devil in Ledger's last film.

Dragonking1984 : the voice is a dead ringer. wounder if this guy has ever seen heaths joker? he would probably think "why does this guy sound like me?"

Mike Manning : you can see the Joker in there.... Crazy

James Nobody : the second I heard his voice..

James Fletcher : 4:06 "I'm so high"

Mythagoras : I love how the times have changed. Lighting a cigarette on a talk show is the last thing anybody would ever do nowadays

BanditTheBandito : Wasnt this the devil in Imaginarium of doctor parnassus, either way I do too wonder if thats where he got some inspiration.

Veronika Martinus : i believe, whatever doesn't kill you, simply makes you stranger!

Underrated Critic : Can you imagine being this dude's wife and hearing that creepy voice everyday?

Nathan Sanders : if you look at heaths interviews, you can clearly hear that heaths voice dips down alot, and that dip just so happens to sound like Tom Waits low pitch voice. Heath Ledgers joker voice was a clown like, wackier version of his own voice.

Jake Shattuck : I wanna know how he got those scars YEAH yeah, I'm leaving...

Eyellgeteven : Young Tom Waits kind of reminds me of Johnny Knoxville a little. Gotta love Tom...that dude is one of a kind for sure!

prosketch OFW : A real life feral ghoul

Dinn Eferet : Am I the only one who just found out he played that Devil guy, Mr. Nick, in the Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus? Guess who also stared in that movie... Heath Ledger.

Kris Grizzard : he sounds like tue joker

Yah Boi : @7:58 "I enjoy uhh..." I thought he was going to say something about dynamite, gunpowder, and gasoline...

mike jones : if you put the joker make up on this guy he would be better than heath even