CHRIS EVANS sings JOURNEY as Skippy From Tech Support
Before being Captain America lets not forget that Chris Evans was Skippy from Tech Support a lethal killing machine

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Renee Yeung : when girls say they like nerds, it means this

Taz Boone : I still can't believe Chris Evans has social anxiety when he's able to do roles like this... Wish I was that resilient.

Madison Clark : I can see Steve doing this and Bucky being the sniper

Shoeting Star : I've been watching to much Captain America folks. I totally expected him to jump out the window or bust down a door....Skippy gives me life...

joy x : chris evans will forever look sexy in white t-shirt

Grace K : It was a secret government experiment... They did stuff to me... and I turned into Captain America

crunchb3rry : If this was a short film, I'd give it an Oscar.


TChops 2019 : 1:04 the dude was already a dorito before he was an official dorito

Nadine Khoury : 3:10 foreshadowing captian america much ? but its a great scene !!!

magicgirliy : A secret government experiment. Turned into a telepath... See what they did there :D

DragonBat362 : (0:50): "Before we get started, does anyone want to get (it) out?"

jonathan Gonzalez : Chris Evans was perfect as Human torch, as Detective Paul Diskant, as Colin Shea and is perfect as Steve Rogers...he can play anything!

Meggo Weggo : you liking the angle of the dangle

Luna : I hope JARVIS saved the footage...

Kerry Smith : Cap's day off

HailG3 : I'm used to Captain America by now, but I swear this brought me back to Johnny Storm

Ari : liking the angle of the dangle? dead!

Koinu : is this some kind of audition for deadpool?

pink : Lol 2:17 He clearly wants to be black widow

srayj : This is probably the best scene from the best character in that movie. Granted I also love the Jensen scenes with the Petunias and "she's got a gun pointed at my d*ck." Chris Evans was just awesome in this movie. I also love how he claims to be a government experiment (like Captain America) and a telekinetic (like his character in Push).

Jenny Jessup : "Don't start none, don't be none."

everfaraway1 : Omg... Proof Steve is a SHIELD agent. And when the first cop went down, I was like: "Clint?"

laceymisawa : How have I not seen this movie? the elevator scene omg! lol

Upasana Ghosh : Secret government experiment.....spooky stuff Okay I see where this is heading

wctrqn : This movie is worth watching just for Chris Evans. He stole every scene he was in. Jensen is so funny and cool. I could watch this scene over and over again.

Eva Kereru : Thats why you always take the stairs hahaha

George East : 2:23 LANGUAGE!!! 😂😂😂

7thTreasure : Watched this movie before The Avengers and I have to keep showing this scene to my friends just to get them to watch this awesome badass movie. Skippy and Cougar were the best parts of this film.

Hiddles4Ever -For The Love Of Tom Hiddleston : Damn Chris...Nice T shirt..~Patty~

Howls11 : Almost a cap reference xd

Alyssa Fuentebella : "likin the angle of the dangle" ohmygod

mythical : That foreshadowing thoooo

Chris Evans : The guy at the end was so hot.

MAttePGH : Omg that white shirt was like heaven. so tight and fit nice on him

B0SSNINE : OH DANG THAT WAS CHRIS EVANS! *HOW* did I not realize this after Captain America and The Avengers??

katka : when you have to be lame at 3 pm and Steve Rogers at 3:05

Bella Cullen : Chris Evans is so sexy.

S03 E28 - Requiem : 2:57 Cap is creating an exit which he'll use four years later... As well as reveal his Captain America origin story to security.

Jovalin : This was just an undercover Shield mission for Steve Rogers. Convince me otherwise.

Zofia Francisco : "liking the angle of the dangle" I CAN DIE HAPPILY NOW YAAAASS

asyanur keklikci : Omfg I watched this movie just for this part!

Allison Backes : the aNGLE OF THE DANGLE


thfpt : I like how everything he says to any woman is completely dorky and then he realizes it a second after. Iirc, he does this c throughout the entire movie

Maurion M. : This is another side of Cap that I've always wanted to see but never knew existed!! I'm SO watching this movie because of this scene!! I love Skippy already!!

Vam The Anomaly : Next time I am headed to an elevator with people nearby, Im gonna have the ipod and earbuds and do the sequence he did until the elevator door closed. lol

tran chi : Evans always steals the shows

yamipablo : This movie was so underrated. is really enjoyable-