how is prangent formed

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Travis Plush Productions : *PREGANANANT?!*

appatak : *C A N Y O U B U R N A L U I G I B O A R D*


Quinn Audette : I so sincerely hope that none of these people are... 'pergnat'

Zach : S T A R C H M A S K S

WolfLink : Category: Education *Priceless.*

Rob L. : PREGANTE Sounds like a mexican drama Edit: Thanks For The Likes 👌

Priyatham Uppalapati : 0:26 This question is under Astronomy and Space......... *ASTRONOMY AND SPACE*

ThatGuyMichael : Why is everybody putting a question mark after a period.?

FlipFlopper : Mom? I'm pregnant. _You're a boy, darling._

Granny : *Will! Im pregananant!*

NightWolfxo ` : Ohhhh preganté *cue the opera music*

Miranda69er : if a women has starch marks on he-wait~IF A WOMAN HAS STARCH.MASKS. ON HER BODY... XD

IloveLUMINE : *can you burn a Luigi board?*

Taylor Verrall : *D A N G E R O P S*

JazzyStar 399 : "PREGANANANT"!?

Greninja Watch youtube : I CANT BREATHE MAYBE IM *PREGANANAT* Well actually I can't breathe because I was laughing to death

Mr. Bird : Replace those misspelled pregnant with "RETARD"

Pistachio : Have never been fragment, but can confirm that fragrant women have it better during phyromancy.

TheDanger 2468 : Pregananananannaannanananananannannnananananannanananananannnanannananananananananananannanananan read more

MITCHELL WIGGS : Pasta Pregante is one of my favorite dishes at Olive Garden

Filip Trajhan : I almost forgot to watch this video today

Arabic : The misspellings: Pergert & Pregnart sound sooo gross!!! 😂🤢

DanT : Can u get P R E G A N T E!

PhyniqueX : after watching this video, my mind mysteriously forget how to spell that word

Kitty Pop : can guys be prongat ?

Aisyah Aqila : I think my cat is prevenat.

EmmaPlayz : Can u get.... *Preganté*

Julia Koeman : but srsly, how do i know if im porganant

Cece None : Gregnant? Rose in Steven Universe 😂

Lonely hearts club : kylie jenners search history

The Heartless Hero 2077 : Stay in school ladies....... for your sake and for the sake of an IQ higher than a that of a house fly......... just stay in school.......

Kitty Meow : Can u get pregante BEST PART. THE ACCENT. IM HOLLERING

That boi : 1:40 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Crazy Hyena Devil : If a women has starch masks on her body does that mean she has been pargnet before.? (LMFAO😭😂😂😭)

AndrewIsCool : Can u get... Pregante???? (Edit: 1,200 likes??? What?) (Edit 2: 1,600 likes?????????????)

Jokull Qw : I hereby declare 'pregnant' the hardest word to spell in the dictionary.

lemonster : The "Can u get pregante...?" with that sexy voice cracked me up bad 😂

Sloft-70 : Help! I'm preganondorf XDDD

Xx_Kaleb2litt_xX : pgrenant! 1:19

I haven't taken shower for 7 weeks, but : 1:51 wait... 14th child.. What are you? A rabbit??

TheBuzz : excuseses MEe?./ CanN i BeCoMe PREGANANANT.?!

Jonny's and Rico's Adventures : Oh my, my boyfriend told me he didn't pull out and now I think there's a darn tootin pomegranate in my belly. Y'all think I could be pregernateing?


DLC_PR016 : Inspiration of Terrible Grammar on ROBLOX?

Rhino 'n Chips : _Pregananant, do doo d-do do, pregananant, do do d-do..._

Broken_Time : You see, we switch out 14th child, with 3000th child, and it makes more sense.

Kye : is no one going to comment on the fourtEEN CHILDREN

SERENITY BALLOU : *Ahhahh* *falls out of chair* *dang it I was PREGANANANT*

James Miller : 1:37 ¶®@&@%%@℅@℅| pregananant