Norm Macdonald Live - Norm's shocking reaction to the Origin of the date 420

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Michael McGervey : everything about this is hilarious, even the tiny details like him saying "my laptops a dell" and it cuts to him on a mac. perfect.

Albert Einstein : How did he just spill on the computer and just brush that shit off like nothing happened??? LOL what the fuck turn it off ASAP

Raoul Duke : Odd looking duck

Chad Clifford : lolololol when says "......hold the fort............he hated jews" and then he stares at him. lololololol

N1GHTPAUL : norm is a fucking genius! just the way he talks brings me to tears.

John Denver : this is fucking gold.. "he seems like an odd duck" lmao

Jesper : "I didn't even know he was sick" "He wasn't sick, well....." Made me cry

chippety pop : This was the greatest show ever so naturally it had a short shelf life.

cheeriomartinez : let's go suicide and kill em'

Jeff B : 'I didn't even know he was sick' LOL that line always works:)


Wang Fish : I heard from Gilbert Godfried that Adam Egen licked out the corpse of Hitlers asshole

Sergeant Squid : Vinesauce Vinny sent me here lol

DionysusAlS : "Odd-looking duck"

Tad McCalister : You know, the more I learn about Hitler, the more I don't care for him.

Sam Pendleton : The editor should have made this video 11 seconds longer.

somuchfortalent : Dave sounds like best friend material.

ImAnderZEL : Norm is obviously taking a piss out of his "co anchor" cos he did not include him in the information before hand very good cringe :D

DebtSlave : he says he has a dell and he has a huge apple on the lid

Goobernational : 1:02 What the fuck is wrong with this guy?

emperorIng360 : "Hitler wasn't sick" More hateful rhetoric from the Holocaust-denying douchebag, Adam Egret.

Mark Skywalker : Possibly the only time Adolf Hitler has been referred to as "a fella".

walter monroy : mines a DELL Lol Norm is great.

Hamm & Beef : odd lookin' DUCK

AugustusPugin : I mean this guy was a real jerk.

ChesaFreak Boys Fishing : "mines a dell...i love adele" and "hold the fort!" had me straiiiighhht rollllllin!

Earl Hickey : "I didn't even know he was sick"

GeniusGT : Why do pothead celebrate Hitler's birthday?

PistolPat : Best timing in the biz. Other guy is dipshit for spilling that water.

DaSolo363 : did he just break a computer? cringe lol

Klaps : it takes some great effort not to laugh at Norms remarks. props for the sidekick, that is hard

fishncapt26 : That Adolph Hitler, he really had a face like a flower...... Yeah... A cauliflower …

Name Namerson : norm is a comedic titan, jesus fucking christ

Zorja : Fella goes by the name Adolf Hitler

Joe F : "Mine's a Dell. [Visible Apple Logo] I like Adele." It's hard to fathom the level of genius on display in that three seconds.

JackFate76 : Odd looking duck!

PlayaPozition : Adolf Hitler. I mean, he was a real jerk.

Lew Cipher : "Mine's a DELL."

Doomer Kkid : "Hold the fort......he hates Jews"

Ben : hahaha that ending.

Merry : Norm is a genius

Rich H : "I use a Dell"...kinda hard to mask that fib with the giant Apple logo on there. LOL

qbagwell : "I didn't even know he was sick".

warc8us : Will somebody think of the computers?!

Z W : Is it the delivery that makes the ignorance of hitler so funny or just the idea someone doesn't know what it was? I can't fully tell but I'm dying laughing

Doomreb : "hooold the fort....this guy hates jews"

Scott A : Norm is an advanced being attempting to amuse itself with humans.

TheGDOTPRODUCTIONS : Lol! "..a fella who went by the name Adolf Hitler." At this point, I feel like Norm would've genuinely enjoyed meeting Hitler after all these bits.

Mike Lachance : I ABSOLUTELY CANNOT STOP LAUGHING!!!! Holy shit!!! Hahaha!!!!

Michael Buonaiuto : you spilled on his computer?! of course Norm knows about 4/20, he's a huge stoner.