Norm Macdonald Live - Norm's shocking reaction to the Origin of the date 420

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Michael McGervey : everything about this is hilarious, even the tiny details like him saying "my laptops a dell" and it cuts to him on a mac. perfect.

Chad Clifford : lolololol when says "......hold the fort............he hated jews" and then he stares at him. lololololol

Stuart Otis : "a fella went by the name of Adolph Hitler". Norm is my all time favorite comic

Jesper : "I didn't even know he was sick" "He wasn't sick, well....." Made me cry

Scott : Norm is an advanced being attempting to amuse itself with humans.

Tad McCalister : You know, the more I learn about Hitler, the more I don't care for him.

Mark Skywalker : Possibly the only time Adolf Hitler has been referred to as "a fella".

Michael Black : I mean this guy was a real jerk.

cheeriomartinez : let's go suicide and kill em'

Jeff B : 'I didn't even know he was sick' LOL that line always works:)

Klaps : it takes some great effort not to laugh at Norms remarks. props for the sidekick, that is hard

ImAnderZEL : Norm is obviously taking a piss out of his "co anchor" cos he did not include him in the information before hand very good cringe :D


Sam Pendleton : The editor should have made this video 11 seconds longer.

Gabe Petersen : lmao "his eyes are almost completely black"

somuchfortalent : Dave sounds like best friend material.

Breakfast Boy : "I didn't even know he was sick"

qbagwell : "I didn't even know he was sick".

Joe F : "Mine's a Dell. [Visible Apple Logo] I like Adele." It's hard to fathom the level of genius on display in that three seconds.

Mrius86 : Hold the fort, he hated juice

ChesaFreak Boys Fishing : "mines a dell...i love adele" and "hold the fort!" had me straiiiighhht rollllllin!

XanWasting : The way Norm keeps making these pauses after each jab waiting for reaction, and the face of the other guy, discretly saying "why are you doing this to me?"... This is golden

1113 Cntrl : Is it the delivery that makes the ignorance of hitler so funny or just the idea someone doesn't know what it was? I can't fully tell but I'm dying laughing

DaSolo363 : did he just break a computer? cringe lol

Weldon Mix : This was the greatest show ever so naturally it had a short shelf life.

GeniusGT : Why do pothead celebrate Hitler's birthday?

walter monroy : mines a DELL Lol Norm is great.

DebtSlave : he says he has a dell and he has a huge apple on the lid

SNUFF : Norm is so weirdly hilarious

Lew Cipher : "Mine's a DELL."

viviandarkbloom100 : I'm surprised Adam doesn't try to bring up Stalin yet again.

John Crichton : Norm being redpilled live by the gaze of Hitler.

joe bob : God why do I watch this so much. Its like the 10th time lol

Chimplydiblets. : This is definitely one of my favorite Norm clips. It uses a few of his go-to jokes while talking about a fittingly controversial figure, which is straight up his alley.

AvgPdxconservative : "Mine's a Dell" as they both have Mac books

Ben : hahaha that ending.

happening watch : Ending was to edgy but whatever rest was funny.

ElectricAfroMan : I didn't even know he was sick...

6laderunner : Norm has a grasp on subtle and pitch-perfect delivery that is unmatched by any comedian working today, especially someone doing material as original as his. His throwaway jokes are funnier than 95% of comedy.

TheGDOTPRODUCTIONS : Lol! "..a fella who went by the name Adolf Hitler." At this point, I feel like Norm would've genuinely enjoyed meeting Hitler after all these bits.

Adrien SpaceAge : Very compelling eyes.... Lmao

Sgt. Squid : Vinesauce Vinny sent me here lol

PIZZAMAN : Should have made this video 11 seconds longer

Dope Sweater : I feel like everything Norm does, even something as small as a smile, is all part of a joke

Merry : Norm is a genius

krmaguire : This is one of the funniest bits I've ever seen.

mayormc : I love Norm. This guy is FUNNY!!! His Hitler jokes are priceless.

Eduardo Corrochio : the guy was a real jerk

THINKY MAN : this is the only time i would have been happy with a 12 second intro just to make the video 4:20

Charlie Tries : "Hold the fort!"