CGI 3D Animated Short: "Decaf" - by The Animation School

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Alex Leigh : what dogs do to get love loyalty and friendship is amazing

Tallacus : Caffeine is one hell of a drug

Wolfy Furry : Word of Advice Don't Give Coffee To Animals

Antoine Davis : 2:03 Oh my god.

hani hanani : Dang this is dark 😂 but its very well done 👏

KIRA S S : 2:03 I watch horror movie alone 🇧🇷

Yash Veer : damn that cat is scary

B.F.M.G. : At least give me credit when you make a short film about me. :D

Sushi Blackcat : That aint no kitten no more. thats a demon haha 3:07

Unicorn BaconFarts : 2:14 me

ArnoldVeeman : but where is the plot!? The story started out really nice and promising, but the ending is way to suddenly. Got the feeling that it just kicked in... oh wait . . . I didn't had my daily dose of . . . aaah... that's it! ;-)

Nekaga Kitty : The kitty was the best part

wizbangIWD : Next best thing to cat nip lol

TheElectricMrPJ : That was cute!

MovieMation : Haha great!

Roughanimator : Você kkkkkkkkk 😂😂😂😂😲

Markcavion English : clever dog using ucaliptis leave or gum tree leaves to calm hem down

Dreamcastle100 : This cat reminds me what happens to owls, when they should live according to skylark graphics...

Loops 47 : when you play call of duty with your friends 1:28

xXGacha_PawsXx Lover : Aww MORE of those!!

Jo Kidd : Too cute not to watch

Aum D.Y Nisarat Totob : สนุกจังค่ะ

Eren Elias : It's a monster!

MultiVerz : Not cool, cat aren't really like that x)

Mark Dobell : Hey CGBROS!!! Thankyou For Decaf And All Of Your Amazing Hard Work To Bring Him Alive To Us...What An Amazing Creature He is, adorable, then Truly Phsycho On Coffeee Overdose!!! We Could Sense The Dogs Fear Of Decaf At Night...Poor Little Poochini!!! Lol Keep Up All The Great Artworks And We love And Appreciate All Of Your Creations And Intricate Details And Very Clever Story Lines!!! Excellent!!!

TheSassMonster : Gotta admit I really enjoyed this one.

Avaura Grainger-McKnight : Amazing! Your An Awesome Artest!! I Hope I Can Get As Good As You!😕😕😃

dayane luciana : Crêm Deus pai kkkk

Raw and Uncensored : 3:06 I WAS going to go to bed just now. but forget it. i am laughing my ass OFF.

UnknownStanger 21 : Poor dog I saw him with a cross some times coffee can help me but I did not know it can do that wow

Pamela Rojas : Dame un corazón tus videos me encantan ❤️❤️😘🇲🇽🇲🇽

Abigail Love : :;10 creepy

Reaper Is coming : Crack but with cats

FriedEgg Gamer : Jesus Christ what was in that cake I just had....i thought I just saw a cat high on caffeine....wait....that was real?........oh..........

Tallow Fuzz : He need some milk

ابراهيم عبيد ١٠٠١٣٥٤٢١٣ ٢٨٥١١٢ : تمويل سامبا..⛔🚔🎿

The AtomicDoctor : WTF Don’t give a mouse a cookie more like don’t give a cat coffee.

Luke Lee : this concludes that eucalyptus cures caffeine

A_spacelalakdjsljs _dud : This is about a cat that gets caffeine and addicted, yet the animation is called DECAF the type of coffee or energy drink, that has no caffeine

Mid Mid : Just saying don't give your pets caffine it can cause serious harm to them.....

a potato : this is terrifing\

_* Alex*_ The worst person in the world : Прикольно))))) очень мило)

DR. Cornchip : That cat is creppy

Joely Cortez : I love this animation it's beautiful

MCҒLURRΨ : W h a t i n t a r n a t i o n

• So lem • : My mom wouldn’t’ evened me get decaf coffee..

Phạm Đặng Thanh Vinh : :< poor cat 😿

Diamond Stroke : 2:36 Man, I just wanted some soda

Mambodog 532 : This is how you get me to be friends with you. Just give me a pot of coffee and a Playstation controller.

Darkness the dragon : Me wen I have school