CGI 3D Animated Short: 'Decaf' - by The Animation School

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Tallacus : Caffeine is one hell of a drug

Wolfy Furry : Word of Advice Don't Give Coffee To Animals

Dave Leigh : what dogs do to get love loyalty and friendship is amazing

Antoine Davis : 2:03 Oh my god.

hani hanani : Dang this is dark 😂 but its very well done 👏

Nando s s : 2:03 I watch horror movie alone 🇧🇷

Yash Veer : damn that cat is scary

B.F.M.G. : At least give me credit when you make a short film about me. :D

Nekaga Kitty : The kitty was the best part

Unicorn BaconFarts : 2:14 me

AceKiller : Not cool, cat aren't really like that x)

MovieMation : Haha great!

TheElectricMrPJ : That was cute!

Andreas Johansson : Aww MORE of those!!

#Roughanimator : Você kkkkkkkkk 😂😂😂😂😲

wizbangIWD : Next best thing to cat nip lol

ArnoldVeeman : but where is the plot!? The story started out really nice and promising, but the ending is way to suddenly. Got the feeling that it just kicked in... oh wait . . . I didn't had my daily dose of . . . aaah... that's it! ;-)

Nisarat Totob : สนุกจังค่ะ

Eren Elias : It's a monster!

Mark Dobell : Hey CGBROS!!! Thankyou For Decaf And All Of Your Amazing Hard Work To Bring Him Alive To Us...What An Amazing Creature He is, adorable, then Truly Phsycho On Coffeee Overdose!!! We Could Sense The Dogs Fear Of Decaf At Night...Poor Little Poochini!!! Lol Keep Up All The Great Artworks And We love And Appreciate All Of Your Creations And Intricate Details And Very Clever Story Lines!!! Excellent!!!

Johanna Kidd : Too cute not to watch

TheSassMonster : Gotta admit I really enjoyed this one.

Slime Lab : This made me laugh so hard😂

Astronomic Gaming78 : This is about a cat that gets caffeine and addicted, yet the animation is called DECAF the type of coffee or energy drink, that has no caffeine

Ritu Tina : Super dude.

Tröte Ungetüm : It's the cutest video I have seen in months! One little remark: Around 0 min 20 sec you change the focus from the foreground with the cat to the puppy in the background. I felt a little bump in the flow of the video at this sight. Maybe you could just zoom in a bit according to the focus change to solve this inconvinience?

Piano Cat : If he too short to reach the friken couch.... HOW IS HE ABLE TO TOUCH THE COFEE MACHINE???!!!

_* Alex*_ The worst person in the world : Прикольно))))) очень мило)


Joely Cortez : I love this animation it's beautiful

TravellingStoryteller : Cat be crazy with too much coffee and not enough sleep

Diamond Stroke : 2:36 Man, I just wanted some soda

Pamela Rojas : Dame un corazón tus videos me encantan ❤️❤️😘🇲🇽🇲🇽

Linnea Mellbin : Omg when the dog Held the cross fkn killed me hahahhha

Julia Weimer : Lol, cute, until it wasn't

Viola Heart : lol thts funny

Sharon Barry : love it.

Bat_ 844 : when you play call of duty with your friends 1:28

Noha Hawary : watched twice so cool

Phạm Đặng Thanh Vinh : :< poor cat 😿

Sushi Blackcat : That aint no kitten no more. thats a demon haha 3:07

ANTIC602 : Awesome 👍👍

Ciara Hilton : Lmao that cat is like me when I don't have my morning coffee 😂

blu 4 : It could use more shading and stuff ;o but it's pretty good


SAY10 Pug : notifications blessed me with this animation of a kitten and a pug

dayane luciana : Crêm Deus pai kkkk

Robert Carroll : Too f***ing cute, this.

Fandejeux MLCD : Nice!!😎😎 kawaii

Jose Vinicius : Sooo Cute and funny