High Fiven White Guys Go Sight Seeing!

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Cyan's World : omg lol XD

MrOttopants : They call that building- "Basetti's Last Erection".

nowookiee : When ever I hear this song on the radio I always think of the high fivin white guys, there so coooool!!!! Loved this show and am glad they still air it to this day, somethimes I even remember 20+ year old bits lol. 

Akino Hitaroshi : What the hell is everybody wearing......

Landry Summers : Oh Bill Nye. Those were some good Seattle early 90's Sketch comedy times...right?

Ash makes cash : Bill nye the high fiven white guy. Doesnt have the same ring to it.

Andy Raymond : Me and my friends used to mimic this sketch as we walked around downtown. I think other people thought we were odd.....

Savvy26 : My cousin is the blonde girl next to the red spikey haired girl. Sofia Goff! Probably Sofia Johnson at the time!

MattWillPost : @mssu12 Nice lol

Takeaways : I dig the Huey Lewis music!

acrobatsutr : Bill Nye cracks me up....

Moncalieri : George I remember this story. I also seem to remember a story about an elderly gentleman who had a daughter that worked at the Needle seeing this and having a heart attack. Can you confirm this?

DJM442 : i miss this show. they stopped doing it right when i turned 18 and could actually get in for the tapings. some of my other favorites are the "billy quan" skits and "the lame list" with all the then famous grunge rockers. ahhh memories of the late 80's to the late 90's ! ! !

carlykaiser : Bill Nye! I wish I was around when this was a common occurrence. THey crack me up

nomadcowatbk : Do you have DJ Priest or DJ Surgeon?

Christine Gray : Bill Nye used to live right next door to my childhood friend's parents. I got to meet him once.

Alexandra Shepiro : Oh god, this takes Be Back! Do you have the Prank that AL did about the Space Needle Falling Down, and Crashing into Queen Anne??