Ozzy Man Reviews: Brazilian TV

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MisterMAKiste OOHeaven : This video made my balls' day.

PM Salvo : "Winning is for losers." LOL! 😁

Guilherme Lorenzoni : im brazilian and thats my favorite show hahahaha

Olaf Weinzer : These girls can heal a gay man.

Rickson Jacob : Seus gringo punhetero

Alpha Mike : Man tht ass 😍😍😍

Jose Guzman : The Barcelona girl is WOW

Glenn Quagmire : Bruh. 2:06 the guy in the middle has been caught in a everlasting trance of hotness but atleast he got out of it.

Emerson rodriguez : Brazilian girls are the best

Luiz Ricardo De Olivrira Andre : Hei Ozzi, the brazilian womens are the best of the world

Javelin : Was anyone even listening to what Ozzy Man was saying?

Viih K-Jikook?? : Panico na band.... O clássico

Mo : uuh, that was great

Dany Phantom : 2:30 is a keeper. Not a smash but a keeps

Miss Alyss : Bronze bums

Widow Koolk : Who else is from KSI

Gostavo Cheiroso : HU3 HU3 HU3 HUE HU3 HUE HUE BR BR BR ! ! ! ! !

joe p : 0:47 I'll eat that all day err day

LIL Esquizofrenico : Esses Gringos deve bater uma punheta

Davi Tesch Lobao : the name of the TV show is "Pânico na Band" I am Brazilian, I watch it every day

MrAJEO : Name of the tv show?

Olaf Weinzer : Brazilian and colombian are sexiest of the world

J. Alencar : Kkkkkk BR é BR

Kyle Simpson : Is this actually a thing or did he get it off pornhub?

Hirohito TheJapanese : Ok i fapped

ramalamalamakadingadadingadong : 0:02 "where the AHHWAWW"

divan osoba : This was the hottest shit i ever saw, girls look like from another planet.

THEY TEERK ERRR JERBS! Udh : Does anybody know there names I need it for my research

vini YouTube : É verdade isso chama pânico na tv

Gustavo Viergutz : BR é foda pqp, 😂😂😂😂😂

Diego Augusto : 0:47

Carlos Nuñez : Que culos hermosos

Stevie Wonder : Let's see how a man goe- yup not bad back onto the women 😂

DinnerBone_ DinnerBone : O cara pegando conteudo do panico

Mark Gardner : eff the nfl. this is what i want to watch!

GT ONE TS020 : I believe that barça girl is the best

Larissa Gomes : Kkkk só o Brasil msm

Marcel Henrique : Panico na band is tugjob garanted

MunchkinRatt55 : That’s hot but leave the sports too Americans! Such a weird none sense game even if I loved all the hot ass!!

EM. REY. : Dude how can I be a judge there!!?

Pu55y i8 : I could actually jerk to this . Work can wait


Jesica Jerry : hahaha

Sunny Leone : Come on

Rafael Souza : Aja coração kkkkkk

clem44XD : wsh on voi ps lnain pousse rouje

J. DOWEL : The grass is very green!

Lil Pump BR : Babem Para As Minas Brasileiras kkk

Levan : That is some quality *TV*

Ηλιας Θυρας : Xaxabuka buxuka malacuka istrotcukla personare kavliare Brazilians kolars