Ozzy Man Reviews: Brazilian TV

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The GroundHopper : she actually tries to win the game... who does that? winning is for losers dead 😭😂

marco polo : If a show like this was in America, people would go ape shit. No one will watch for the game obviously...... Is there an uncensored version?

ASAD ULLAH MAAN : Moving to Brazil. Adios fckers

WastedYears : I produced cream

Rekken 200 : Time for my nightly round of research.

Alexis : Need link for research purposes

Simone Zenobi : man the girl with blu and red painting.....

Monkey gamer6 : Age restricted = quality content

Jzone Ozone : "Let's see how a man goes yup not bad next" 😅😅

TheXplosifBrosif : just glad it wasn't clickbait

Martin Martinez : 0:47

Vep : Didn’t know Twitch staff made a game show?

LeBeautiful : what channel is this Brazilian tv

TheBlackPeal : I was gay 3:04 minutes ago Not anymore i guess

PM Salvo : "Winning is for losers." LOL! 😁

ChickenEmpire : I have to say it... DAT ASS

Legal High : LOOK AT THOSE THICCCCC ASSEES MMMMM, MMMM. I’m just very honest and says whats on my head

Liberty Justice : I appreciate the amount of backstory in Brazilian TV.

Piotr Pan : I'm a simple Man.I see Asses, i press Like.

Breno DePaula : this is the Brazillian art of sacanagem

Lou Deville : And here I thought this was gonna be another click bait😥.... boy I'm glad I was wrong!

Flavio Marchi : Well I would watch that on pornhub

Farrdawg Joker : The second girl has a tampon string hanging out of her if you look at 0.46 seconds you will see that string hanging out.

Whatgrinds mygears? : Why is there's 8.5k thumbs down tho? Who clicks on this and not likes it?! You hoping for clickbait?? 😂

Mo : uuh, that was great

living life : I'm going to brazil

RedEyeJedi : I think were all looking at the wrong goose

lula molusco vida loka : Esta é uma vantagem de ser brasileiro kkkkkk seus gringos azarados

Bercik87 : 2:30 well hello there, future mother of my children.

ForSquirel : There was a goose?

Legendary AF : Why this is on my recommendation

cabeça de rola doida : Até o pessoal do exterior reconhece que a TV brasileira é uma piada, e os brasileiros não. Realmente, a gente perde muito tempo qualificando os que não venceram, o que importa é as tetas.

Tony Hamilton : Youtube, now put these kinds of videos in my recommended list

Sado Plays : always seeing something that gives boner. thanks youtube for recommendations...

Matheus Souza : Aq é Brasil porra

Sanctus Umbra : Nosso país é uma desgraça!

dontknow : Pause at 0:47 just doing my good deed for the day 🤚

SharkByte : Damn, what do they feed the wamens over there?!?

tonybrooms : "Whatca doing hon?" "Watching a documentary about flying Brazilian Geese" "It is Asstounding"

Leonardo Silva : Eu não acho elas assim tão gostosas, tem umas ruivas e loiras magrinhas que eu considero muito mais lindas do que essas encorpadas ai.

Charli3_ Boii : The groaning as he does the commentary lmfao

aceofspades02 : Just for further information here. This TV show is very controversial here, and mostly they have a surreal sense of humor. And in this weird competition, the reason they are trying to hit the bowl with the goose, is a pun of a popular expression we have here. "to drown the goose" is a slang for "having sex", just like "to get laid" or "to wet the biscuit".

braulio alanix : This is....

Julio Godinez : Let see how a man does, not baaad *switch*

Israel D : Yay! This wasn't click bait :D

Nasser Feed : I re-watched this in slow motion

trent williams : Aaaaaaw yes... Best video ever

horknew : Brasil e muito legal...

Raul ,Fifa and More : I found the messi girl , her name is Alessandra Prado. You are wellcome .

xSoulEateer : I need a Brazilian girl 👀