Ozzy Man Reviews: Brazilian TV

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jrg10332 : The commentator was made for this.

GUILHERMENERYRJ : tv show name's pânico na band

No Boddy : Oh dear God!!!

AmericaNWO : WHY open legs?.

Alvaro Perez : Meanwhile in Australia😂😂😂

jack bone : Clearly, no one cares about the goose

Edward Escobedo : 0:13, 0:46, 1:36, 2:13, and 2:31 EXTRA THICC!!!! 0:13 is my favorite.

Old Devildog : 2:30 he said well rounded tv show. I mean are we serious right now. Seriously can someone please respond to my comment and explain what the fuck is going on right now.

Ivan Castillo : Got to love Brazilian TV!! They absolutely got their shit together! Dat Ass!!!

gcuz405 : what a great channel only if we had this in tha us

robert donaldson : Fair dinkum.

Knowledge Clark Jr : Holy crap-ass... I wanna kiss those girls' buttholes

V IE : And I’m depressed over my breakup with my slutty fat ex! Instant life changer, there is someone out there for me! Who doesn’t want an American visa?!

DaBossGamer : Who is gerl in vid? do fava and tel ne plees. <\3

Vital Chance : Well that is one country i would actually watch more tv in.

Rocky Pruden : Well I'm hard now time to watch porn!😂

Oklahoma City Bass Fishing : The one in the blue 💙💙

Chris Hall : Nobody copped the tampon string on the chick in blue?

Chris Dondero : Great game!

Jose Rodriguez : Pause at 0.47 😈

mgtow is true : Fuck YES

MrCdub88 : The blonde in the orange, the girl right after her and the last one with the poka dots.... omg fuck

Alla Was Transsexual An Sucks Pig Cock : way can't we get TV shows like that in belfast

Asel Beltrão : Panicoooooo na band s2

Nathan Armenio : Omg amazing ass

Aphichat Sabai : Booty and more booty. Now i really need to find that show. Can anyone tell me, what is that shows name. I need to research for my buddy's, i need to cheer him up. Name of the show please, am to lazy to find it my self.

Br doido : Kkkk Afogando o ganso,um quadro bastante educativo

simsek751 : lol


spiked415 : wish u were still able to monetize these videos

Bowen Liu : Instant sub

ivan shelest : Lol love that commentaTor

Stewie Griffin : I can jerk off to those cheeks and enjoy listening to your voice at the same time!

Cassive Brewster : Girl in the red and blue was too much, OMG

juanlambda27 : This is actually better than porn.

The Abusive Sgt : Hey Ozzy Man found this bloke and one of your videos on the Tube? think he's trying to get in on your action, check out the link he's got your video up on as his? pretty sure its plagiarism.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N0sfKlZK93I

Natural High : Very sexy broads but whata fuck is the point for this bullshit bedside getting a fuckin Boner...?

Marcos Gonzalez : What’s the girl on blue name. Asking for a friend lol. I’m lying.

koshiguruma561 : something about a womans ass makes me wanna fuck her like an animal

BATMANontheM00N : how to solve the world's problems 😍😍😍

Thor isme : Well damn that game was so interesting I'm just gonna look up that channel. You are doing Gods work Ozzy Man!

Corso Boileau : I got a question, do you know what channel this is on Brazilian TV or the TV show name?

Harun Arbil : i can't masturbate while the sound is on

Mcycious : Hold on to the cock (literally)

Markus Preissegger : not a video you wanna watch during nofap

Luis Diaz : What the actual fuck. Get me to Brazil asap

Lucho Portuano : Name of show???

Anthony.R. Chalifoux : Hahahaha

Timoleon Gervais : i think all of theese girls need a good rooting

Per Normann : I could live in brazil.. 🤔