How to Stop Overthinking Everything | The QUICKEST Way!

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KUMAR FALGUNI : Over thinking is just like a slow poison. It will destroy all your hard work.and life.

Begüm Yetişkin : I found myself not concantrating on the video because i started to overthink... Damn.

leslie : the tiniest thing can happen and my anxiety starts to get 10× worse just because the scenarios i make up in my head

Kath Cohn : I feel like I am overthinking the future. I am afraid of fear. I am afraid of being afraid.

revurts : I overthink on how I talk with people, more specifically how they will react and what they will say. I have social anxiety :(

Air Elegant : Filtering mind thought is the hardest. Let the thought flow without getting emotion.

Mezzy : I overthink about how my future will be. I overthink about what people think of me and who i trust. I overthink what girls think of me. I overthink about my appearance. I overthink about how my school life is super bad and how behind I am. I overthink about being lazy which makes me more lazy.

Dario Cavallari : if i had a dollar for everytime i overthinked i wouldnt be overthinking anymore

MaximilianMus : Start thinking less and start living more You will thank me

MUHAMMAD WITJAKSONO : I overthinking about my future and my past. It makes me become anxious everyday.

Laura Rizo : Every time I post something on social media, than I overthink about it, and sometimes I have to delete them. I just don't want to invade anyone's space. Sometimes I feel a strong connection to someone's post and I write from my heart something nice always but than I feel like, just because in my mind I feel a strong connection to someone or someone's post doesn't mean that in real life exists a real connection. I probably should just quit posting all together, and that way I don't have to think about it anymore.

NikkieH14 : If you watched this by anxiety Then. You are perfect...and I know it's hard.....but it's your life, so stop thinking about everything and everyone else and their reactions and emotions.....Think about yourself for once❤️ I know not everyone has it like this...but I do and needed to get it out❤️

Hey It’s Charlie : i hope this works for me, I can't sleep at night, I can't focus on anything, I can't even listen to music or watch movies, because my mind interrupts me! I'm tired of it, but no more, I'm going to be in control of my thoughts! (:

Via Nia : overthinking ruined me. i can't live happily and JUST relax for today, i'm always thinking about the future and all my thoughts are the negatives

MUTE : I legit worry about everything and it makes me so so so scared 😭 I'm only 12 and I'm just scared and overthinking about everything... I hope this vid will help but hopefully u can reply back, thanks.

Mtg Csual : i overthink of what i have done wrong, eventhough I know there is nothing bad that i have done

tenn 3 : I over think about my love life!!!! I constantly worry about the unknown!!! I guess my past experiences caused this.....😔😒

david single : I think about the fact I haven't found the love of my life, and times running out.

Kacey flowers : I over think my life way too much and I stress about everything..

Ashith Poroli : I always thinks about my mistakes in my life and ex lover

Lampa : My im 15 and my hands gets really sweaty sometimes when i think about them and when i touch them i dont know what to do about it my dad also got this thing.

Eshan Saraogi : i am a student of class 12th preparing for jee advanced . one of the toughest exams in india . i feel like i am constantly thinking of outcomes of study , my weak topics , and always take stress . even i feel shy when i talk to hardworking students, (like i dont deserve to talk to them ) .

Latvian Productions : Thank you so much i have been suffering from depression for 2 years because i kept overthinking about death and the advice you gave in this video really helped me be a healthier person.

Mr. Blunt : They always say meditate but never how to meditate...I knowwww you can Google it but it would be nice to include a brief explanation in the video.

Liloi : when i overthink it's mostly not about the typical stuff it's always about my health :( any other tips?

BimRai : Overthink future, my flaws, and my life... Anxiety?

Raymond Josh : Well..I have depression

Sinchan Dasgupta : over thinking is killing me.. i can't focus :"|

Jay Slays : Ik this is really weird but I always overthink if I have a crush on someone or not like even ppl I hate lmao I think "but what if I secretly have a crush on them wouldn't that be really insane?" Then I start overthinking like "maybe I do omg what if I do am I crazy" lmao trust me it's really weird. Idk why I do it, lmao like I am sure I do not like the person. But yea maybe my mind just thinks too much abt crushes & maybe it's anxiety too.

ANTONELA : I think way to much about like everything,want to remember something but also so much other things and I cant stop, I try to write it down but its making me tired so bad I could write for 2hrs If I wanted too, I watch yt videos and I see so many things I want to do/start doing and I try to remember and I just feel Ill forget it and then 1000 things come to my mind that I want to do also not like activity but just like things

Ana Díaz : Thank you. It's always good to know that other people go through overthinking too. Awesome video💚

Praveen Kumar : I overthink on my lover losing interest in me because she said once that she finds long-distance relationship not-so-good.

Eduardo Gonzalez : I overthink about the future

xxxtentacion _ : I still have problems :(

Kjaw : I have been In a relationship for 5 months, I’d always overthink about my girlfriends actions which would always make me sad/depressed. I started to distrust my girlfriend despite my undying love for her. A couple of days ago I had to make a decision for my health. I had to end my relationship because of my Anxiety and Depression. I was constantly getting myself down with negative thoughts, I had isolated myself from everyone and everything that made me happy. I stayed focused on my girlfriend and forgot about myself. The best advice I can give to people is stay close to the ones that make you laugh and cherish those moments. If something is getting you down make a decision. Pain is always going to be there because that’s how life is but, we can choose if we want to suffer. Keep yourself happy and do what makes you you. When I overcome everything I will be going to my girlfriends house and apologising to her. I will then try to get her back and I will have my self awareness. Keep telling yourself “I AM IN CONTROL”. Good luck everyone and thank you for the video, I needed help controlling my thoughts. God Bless (:

Marc Celo : I overthink about how the girl I really love feel towards me. Sometimes I that she still loves me and sometimes I don't.. There are times that she wants to talk with me and sometimes she doesn't. I know she's moody but I my mind keeps overthinking. Sometimes I think to just end my life that maybe she'll care about me. I love her so much and I don't want to lose her.

Daniella Dobos : I overthink all the time. I have social anxiety which makes me overthink everything whenever I'm not alone. So I choose to be alone. So I have only internet friends, only one to be more precise. Whatever he sais or does, doesn't say or doesn't do, I overthink it. He talked to me at an unexpected time? I bet it's only because he doesn't want me to feel sad, he doesn't even want to talk. He laughed at something? It wasn1t because of me, it's because of someone he likes much more therefore I'm wasting his time which he will realise, he will disappear, I will suffer again. Just anything that happens. I can't trust anyone. All these videos...these things never help. I tried so many things and as a result I just learnt how to act prerfectly, pretending everything is shiny and okay. I hope it helped others. I'm either incapable of doing them or they just don't help.

GAMER LIFE : I have fear of future

John Patricio : I overthink everything like someone starring at me and I created NEGATIVE THOUGHTS in my mind. OVERTHINKING is killing me :( I can't take it anymore . i am so depressed and helpless everything that surrounds me causes me a problem that leads to overthinking :( :(

Perla y Banda : Overthinking is making my life so hard i have anxiety depression and DP iam always thinking bad stuff like iam daying and that making me have a panic attack almost everyday end up in ER and sent home becouse iam ok :(

mani kandan : i overthink about how i am going to pass my exam..

Sehr Jabbar : I overthink on how to be calm?

Sultan Mirza : Sir, How did you come out of depression and anxiety? I'm really finding it to be difficult to understand what's going in in my head. I cant control my thoughts..someone please help me.

Navratan Gupta : I will teach... How can I go to Paris.... Ha hasi ban gye... I am not feeling sleepy... (background music in brain)... what if I create energy... what created space... lets make budget... is she awake... yaar stop thinking... stop stop... (silence in brain for few seconds)... Running on street... am I going to be successful... how is string theory... what if some terrorist attacks... (background music always plays)... what to do... how to sleep... why am I not able to sleep... repetitive voices in brain... Its cold... No its hot... lets switch ON fan... No its cold I will switch off... Or let me slow down its speed.. No better switch it off... This blanket is not good... (checks out time)... shit nind hi nai aa rhi... (Movies dialogue)... (random voices, random images from the day to day life)... what will I do if I won't sleep... should I see a doctor... Fighting ppl... past moments... I haven't ate that.. I will ask mommy to cook for me when I go home........

I have no idea : I over think on what I do. I always think I'm doing something wrong, or I could have done better. Like after I hang out with friends, I just think about everything I thought I did wrong, and I should have done better. And it now I'm just constantly thinking negitivly about myself.

maemae bee : I can’t do this. I can’t stop overthinking that I don’t even know what I’m thinking and it’s so confusing and hard. Like I don’t think clearly and I’m only 13 and I feel like my future is doomed and nobody can help me.😭 I literally am analyzing everything and I can’t stop. I’m so scared

Yasin : I overthink on my exams and my board exams , if i will pass or fail. And Cry alot because I’m scared that I’m gonna fail my board exam...and I feel like crying every time I think about it that I’m not gonna pass it.

The 6th child : I overthink when I think my GF is cheating but she's not I overthink pretty much everything

T I : Your accent/way of talking is kind of annoying.

Nithya Sravanam : I overthink almost every single day of everything around me too much and get depressed and always on a negative mode...I don't understand how to overcome it. I don't even have minimal concentration to follow the things you have shown it in this video please help me out to kill the fear in me