Tom Waits Press Conference

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37Dionysos : "My father was an exhaust manifold, and my mother was a tree...."

bernanas : That ending was a Tom Waits song in and of itself.

D r Jezz : Totally did not see that coming ... Tom, you have never ceased to amaze me ... in a very good way.

Alicia Friedman : I have a Hydra tattoo as a result of this video.

37Dionysos : Reminds me of my own career as a writer. Nobody's there, but the laughter is.

Fennel Brisquet : the whole world should hug him while he's still breathing

Amcsi Bozgor : Always a media circus around Waits.

Gordon M. : I recently won a prize in a raffle to be Tom Waits for 72 hours. I become Tom on November 22nd. I'm shitting bricks...

Eros the Space Soldier : the smartest, most talented and coolest man in any art form today!

wertelsoriginal : Tom Waits would be a perfect Joker.

Alicia Friedman : FSM1138 -- it is. "Another Sucker on the Vine" off Swordfishtrombones.

Muppio : God damnit, Tom.

Jason Alcatraz : I love this guy.

Rogério Xavier : O MAIOR !!!

sidDkid87 : 0:54 "I mean - how did the magi find the Christ child in the manger? How indeed . . ." 

joshin : I cant help but think of Harry from 3rd rock from the sun when he speaks. I love Tom waits but I see it everytime lol

Stinky Old Goat : no matter how many times I view this... "How is your mother?"

sclogse1 : Dropping by in 2018 just to hear him again. Goodbye hair dye, too. Just like me. Funny how now it looks twice as thick. Wish somebody woulda told me.....

Isa Ross : every thought you have is a constellation in the universes. it rises from the deepest of oceans and flys with angels like you to the stars

Stanza Vosskiss : Brilliant! 👏

Victor Modjeski : He had me

Johnny Collini : I wish I could put into words what I think of Tom but I simply can't. Having said that, I love the guy.

zuiderzee1973 : The greatest press conference ever.

Rosette Al Shaer : 😧 magic .

ChapelDulcinea : Heh, heh, heh.

Nikos. F : the best.

Jasiel Calixto : fantastic!

Mark Wright : He is identical to Penti Linkola.

Stu Miller : so hilarious, every time

sidDkid87 : 3:14 "Are you coming?"

ZeeDDD65 : Bizarre endings like this to videos with such simple concepts as a press conference remind me why I love Tom Waits so much. 

Logan Stroganoff : Tom waits is a homofag

freewheelinQ : This video just made my day!!! I truly admire this man!!!

efrainthegreat : Wait wut...

anyád : i'm sorry but no. i was watching it with studio reference audio monitors plugged in. u can hear the difference instantly on a good audio system. on my laptop i would have believed it at first, though. : )

knottyrich : friggin' hilarious! damn it i just dig ol' tom even more

b grella : Just Another Sucker on the Vine

RockBoBsteR ! : Sry white, but I bet your not 100% white like the rest of America. This land is all immigrants. Actually the only place that isn't immigrants is Ethiopia. And the term genocide means one group kills another group. I don't think people are coming here and killing all whites.

RockBoBsteR ! : What's the ending song? My g/f has all his cd's but i don't feel like clicking next over a hundred times and she is out of town or i would have asked her. I've always liked that one.

strokesfan1107 : come on man, I'm sure the first time you saw this, you thought there were people in the room.

marash : A nice pescajamba at you all.

Anti1989Creative : It's a troll playing the race card. Been on a few of Tom's pages. For some reason people keep feeding it.

greendayfan518 : RUDY NEWTON

Robert White : No one is flooding Africa with Non Africans and telling them... "there are no races there is no genocide" ...we are going to create a blended humanity in ONLY Africa. No one is flooding Asia with non-Asians and telling them... "there are no races there is no genocide " ...we are going to create a blended humanity in ONLY Asia. Only White countries are doing this, only anti-Whites are pushing it. They want White GENOCIDE.

Ashley Sayed : should'nt it be CHUMBAWAMBA?

Tristan Kobayashi : genius.

BAULJATOR : Funny!!! So, Mr. Waits?! When can we expect to see your preformance in Israel??? Don't let the masses wait in vain!!!

xwexarexbulletsx : WHAT-

Lisa O. Davis : I think HE truly is the most interesting man on Earth!

geopny : Just Another Sucker on the Vine by Tom Waits :)