Tom Waits Press Conference

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37Dionysos : "My father was an exhaust manifold, and my mother was a tree...."

bernanas : That ending was a Tom Waits song in and of itself.

D r Jezz : Totally did not see that coming ... Tom, you have never ceased to amaze me ... in a very good way.

37Dionysos : Reminds me of my own career as a writer. Nobody's there, but the laughter is.

Alicia Friedman : I have a Hydra tattoo as a result of this video.

Fennel Brisquet : the whole world should hug him while he's still breathing

Amcsi Bozgor : Always a media circus around Waits.

Eros the Space Soldier : the smartest, most talented and coolest man in any art form today!

wertelsoriginal : Tom Waits would be a perfect Joker.

Gordon M. : I recently won a prize in a raffle to be Tom Waits for 72 hours. I become Tom on November 22nd. I'm shitting bricks...

Alicia Friedman : FSM1138 -- it is. "Another Sucker on the Vine" off Swordfishtrombones.

Muppio : God damnit, Tom.

Jason Alcatraz : I love this guy.

Rogério Xavier : O MAIOR !!!

sidDkid87 : 0:54 "I mean - how did the magi find the Christ child in the manger? How indeed . . ." 

Isa Ross : every thought you have is a constellation in the universes. it rises from the deepest of oceans and flys with angels like you to the stars

Stanza Vosskiss : Brilliant! 👏

Victor Modjeski : He had me

Jasiel Calixto : fantastic!

Johnny Collini : I wish I could put into words what I think of Tom but I simply can't. Having said that, I love the guy.

Rosette Al Shaer : 😧 magic .

Mark Wright : He is identical to Penti Linkola.

zuiderzee1973 : The greatest press conference ever.

Stu Miller : so hilarious, every time

ChapelDulcinea : Heh, heh, heh.

Nikos. F : the best.

sidDkid87 : 3:14 "Are you coming?"

ZeeDDD65 : Bizarre endings like this to videos with such simple concepts as a press conference remind me why I love Tom Waits so much. 

Logan Stroganoff : Tom waits is a homofag

freewheelinQ : This video just made my day!!! I truly admire this man!!!

efrainthegreat : Wait wut...

anyád : i'm sorry but no. i was watching it with studio reference audio monitors plugged in. u can hear the difference instantly on a good audio system. on my laptop i would have believed it at first, though. : )

strokesfan1107 : come on man, I'm sure the first time you saw this, you thought there were people in the room.

knottyrich : friggin' hilarious! damn it i just dig ol' tom even more

b grella : Just Another Sucker on the Vine

RockBoBsteR ! : Sry white, but I bet your not 100% white like the rest of America. This land is all immigrants. Actually the only place that isn't immigrants is Ethiopia. And the term genocide means one group kills another group. I don't think people are coming here and killing all whites.

RockBoBsteR ! : What's the ending song? My g/f has all his cd's but i don't feel like clicking next over a hundred times and she is out of town or i would have asked her. I've always liked that one.

Lisa O. Davis : I think HE truly is the most interesting man on Earth!

marash : A nice pescajamba at you all.

Anti1989Creative : It's a troll playing the race card. Been on a few of Tom's pages. For some reason people keep feeding it.

greendayfan518 : RUDY NEWTON

Robert White : No one is flooding Africa with Non Africans and telling them... "there are no races there is no genocide" ...we are going to create a blended humanity in ONLY Africa. No one is flooding Asia with non-Asians and telling them... "there are no races there is no genocide " ...we are going to create a blended humanity in ONLY Asia. Only White countries are doing this, only anti-Whites are pushing it. They want White GENOCIDE.

Ashley Sayed : should'nt it be CHUMBAWAMBA?

Tristan Kobayashi : genius.

BAULJATOR : Funny!!! So, Mr. Waits?! When can we expect to see your preformance in Israel??? Don't let the masses wait in vain!!!

xwexarexbulletsx : WHAT-

geopny : Just Another Sucker on the Vine by Tom Waits :)

george Arnold : What's the song at the end?

anyád : i think its not supposed to be a twist ending.. you can clearly hear and see that there is no real press in the room - i dont think he thinks you'll actually believe the act..its just an act, its a story, a feeling, its theater. its not something that you have to measure in the fields of reality.

tron012 : Damn. This man has class.