Fox News may have just interviewed the smartest man alive.

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Steven Nguyen : "Are you scared about dying to the storm?" "The storm isn't nearby, so there's really no need to worry." Really shows the quality reporting that Fox News offers.

UltraXD64 : I love the fact that he wears his hat backwards

charles allen : This guy is awesome!!!

kennapop3 : Thanks, you just interviewed a man with multiple PHD s. who lectures about weather.

FingersBlazin : I think he interviewed a weatherman by mistake.

El Pie : Typical Fox News viewers must think he's speaking a foreign language lol

RedSaint83 : Why even wear hats if they have to hold them all the time?

manny mew : Guy is a cardiologist

David Nadeau : People are in the comments correcting this man's math and they would have come up with some dumb ass answer for this reporter... "UHH, IDK ERRM LIKE NOT SCARD OF DIS STORM, MURICA', GOD CUM GET SUM." would be the general consensus.. This man came up with an intelligent answer which just baffles me how baffling this is to people...

Talisman : Do you know how long this man waited for someone to ask him that.

Bruce Schmeiser : "One fifteenth", he said. But 275-270 = 5 degrees is one eighteenth of ninety degrees.

KAMANCHI KAMANCHI : Wife was like "yep you're out of your league"

Ryan Taylor : This guy knows weather

Chris Richards : The day a legend came to life 🔥🔥

Ronald Turner : "Is he right?"

Ryan Taylor : This guy knows weather

UNbeaten Gamer : Duck Florida. Duck Bush and duck TRUMP and if you like America duck u too. North Korea duck u too. Duck all you motherfuckers.

Chairman7w : LOL That reporter knew he was WAY overmatched and didn't want no part of him!

Tommy trump : Ahhh thanks. Gold jerry!Gold!

Mααrʈεn : is it just me, or do a lot of americans like to wear caps?

Niko Priest : To everyone working out the PRECISE maths....give it a rest

Mark Dillman : This guy kinda looks and sounds like Fred Armisen, don't you think?

Hornet Pilot : He owned it!

eduardo solano : Can anyone confirm this

Aditi Raulia : So basically f(a) + f '(a)(x -a) + f ''(a)(x-a)2/2! + f (3)(a)(x-a)3/3! + f (4)(a)(x-a)4/4! + ... + f (n)(a)(x-a)n/n


Jo Do : He's not that smart. It's simple Applied Maths.

kornofulgur : What's this title ? The smartest man really ? Just a random educated 60yrs person trying to level the debate up. Guess what Fox News, they're hundreds of milions of them.

aphotdog95 : Harrison Ford dropping some geographical knowledge

Jamaa L : Fox learned today.

John Warner : Rock on, Smartest Man Alive! Rock on...!

BigWhiteGuitar : He may or may not be the smartest man alive, but he is speaking with a Fox News "Reporter" so the bar is set pretty low for a battle of wits.

BigWhiteGuitar : Fear-mongering "reporter" quickly shut down! I immediately thought of the reporter speaking to Klaatu in the 1951 film "The Day The Earth Stood Still". This guy's reaction was pretty much identical!

Bitingontinfoil : Love the guy in the control room at 0:40 ...  " he right??".... LOLOL!

fordfiveohh : Geography professor probably

SAPAHOLICS : Lmaoooo who gives a shit about his math, have you seen any videos of the aftermath

blazetieftw : Fox News nearly hired him as their weather man that day, but he wasn't a dumb blond 20 year old with big tits so he didn't qualify.

er tucch. : Translation "no Fox I will not support your fear mongering, here's the facts, fuck off"

William Thompson : Wife looking at reporter like "you know you done fucked up now"

ajushi10 : Why use the Marker of 1/15 th Due above due West. 85 degrees below True North would have worked just as well if not Better. ( there 360 Degrees In Full Circle.) Yeah we use degrees in USARMY land Navigation.

Marius Bancila : But was he right in the end, or no? Where they hit hard of not?

Hilla P : He didn't fall into the reporter's narrative so the reporter was done talking to him.

Adam Ramirez : I need this man to help me with my homework

Douglas Mckay : "I don't expect it will get worse than this , the thing we have to worry about is them niggers due north looting Jordans but leaving the workboots untouched

Rocco Rodriguez : Harrison Ford lives in Florida?

Mohammad Umair Ansari : The guy in the studio asking "is he right"? @0:44 is funny.

Eazy Zoey : he should just give the mic to him

dave bullough : Hahaha Game set match for Capt. Weather.

Felixe Roy : SCHOOLED!

John McGarva : Why does it sound like he's inside of a studio when he's talking. You got absolutely no wind sound and its just too clear to be outside in a storm. Look at all the other interviews during the storm. You hear wind and sounds like the person is yelling into the mic.