Fox News may have just interviewed the smartest man alive.

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Steven Nguyen : "Are you scared about dying to the storm?" "The storm isn't nearby, so there's really no need to worry." Really shows the quality reporting that Fox News offers.

UltraXD64 : I love the fact that he wears his hat backwards

FingersBlazin : I think he interviewed a weatherman by mistake.

charles allen : This guy is awesome!!!

kennapop3 : Thanks, you just interviewed a man with multiple PHD s. who lectures about weather.

El Pie : Typical Fox News viewers must think he's speaking a foreign language lol

RedSaint83 : Why even wear hats if they have to hold them all the time?

Talisman : Do you know how long this man waited for someone to ask him that.

manny mew : Guy is a cardiologist

KAMANCHI KAMANCHI : Wife was like "yep you're out of your league"

Chris Richards : The day a legend came to life 🔥🔥

Ryan Taylor : This guy knows weather

Bruce Schmeiser : "One fifteenth", he said. But 275-270 = 5 degrees is one eighteenth of ninety degrees.

Ronald Turner : "Is he right?"

Ryan Taylor : This guy knows weather

Tommy trump : Ahhh thanks. Gold jerry!Gold!

Chairman7w : LOL That reporter knew he was WAY overmatched and didn't want no part of him!

Hilla P : He didn't fall into the reporter's narrative so the reporter was done talking to him.

Mark Dillman : This guy kinda looks and sounds like Fred Armisen, don't you think?

Hornet Pilot : He owned it!

eduardo solano : Can anyone confirm this


Jo Do : He's not that smart. It's simple Applied Maths.

kornofulgur : What's this title ? The smartest man really ? Just a random educated 60yrs person trying to level the debate up. Guess what Fox News, they're hundreds of milions of them.

InDy87Colts317 : Harrison Ford dropping some geographical knowledge

Jamaa L : Fox learned today.

John Warner : Rock on, Smartest Man Alive! Rock on...!

Bitingontinfoil : Love the guy in the control room at 0:40 ...  " he right??".... LOLOL!

Eazy Zoey : he should just give the mic to him

Veronica Sosa : Awsome

Mααrʈεn : is it just me, or do a lot of americans like to wear caps?

SAPAHOLICS : Lmaoooo who gives a shit about his math, have you seen any videos of the aftermath

Granados Family : Only Albert Einstein can confirm or deny this man comments.

rosie rose : 🤣🤣

ajushi10 : Why use the Marker of 1/15 th Due above due West. 85 degrees below True North would have worked just as well if not Better. ( there 360 Degrees In Full Circle.) Yeah we use degrees in USARMY land Navigation.

John McGarva : Why does it sound like he's inside of a studio when he's talking. You got absolutely no wind sound and its just too clear to be outside in a storm. Look at all the other interviews during the storm. You hear wind and sounds like the person is yelling into the mic.

Adam Ramirez : I need this man to help me with my homework

Felixe Roy : SCHOOLED!

Brandon Alaniz : news dude a real dihk for that quick ty

coco : reporter: i better stop before he starts asking me questions

scott Vincent : I still love watching this video!!!

Marius Bancila : But was he right in the end, or no? Where they hit hard of not?

Nedley Meyers : PWNED!

ZekielZoro : Did anyone ever check on these two to make sure they were still alive?

Vincent Romei : As soon as the backward hat man said he wasn’t worried, the fox interviewer quickly turns away.

fordfiveohh : Geography professor probably

SisAndBroTOYShow : Smart man

BigWhiteGuitar : He may or may not be the smartest man alive, but he is speaking with a Fox News "Reporter" so the bar is set pretty low for a battle of wits.

dave bullough : Hahaha Game set match for Capt. Weather.

jenish kachhadia : found a sailor or navigator