Last Minutes with ODEN
Last Minutes with Oden A man reflects on the dog that saved his life as he prepares to say goodbye

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Thank You Jason Wood for allowing us this moment. Oden's struggle with cancer finally came to an end. May he rest in peace and his memory be eternal. Canon 7D Directed/Edited: Eliot Rausch Director of Photography: Luke Korver, Matt Taylor Song: Big Red Machine / Justin Vernon + Aaron Dessner Documentary Release 2010


The Good Note : I cry every single time I watch this.

Hungrey Doggo : Reply if you cried also :(

Theo : I don't believe in God but when it comes to dogs I hope there is heaven for them

Fullmetal Maine : I haven't had the misfortune of losing a pet yet... and dread the day I lose my dog...

Slevin : To the people who believe euthanasia is wrong or maybe you're not sure if it's the right thing to do, learn from my mistake so you don't have to suffer through it yourself. We were going to put down our Border Collie who had cancer rapidly spreading throughout his body. Vet said 1 week but he'd be in a lot of pain by then so we agreed to go after two days. We wanted to give him two more days with us and the family. It was the worst decision ever. He was now vomiting blood every 2 hours, so we said we would go tomorrow afternoon. I slept on the floor with him. In the morning I woke up to a loud yelp then blood came rushing out of his nose and mouth. We jumped in the car to go to the vet, I sat in the backseat holding him... he was shaking then he went limp. He died in my arms choking on his own blood. No matter how much time has passed I'll regret that decision for the rest of my life. My earliest memory I can recall from my childhood was the day we went to pick him up at a farm. I remembered it because I was so happy, I'd be getting a brother for Christmas. He lived right up until I was in my senior year at high school. My entire childhood and teenage years revolved him. I never felt alone because I had him. If you care that much about your dog as I do, you do not want to ever see them die as violently as he did. Trust me.

Gleamingcat ten : my dog got put down yesterday as her spine was twisted. It hurt me to the core and I cried until I felt like I was dead I'm only 11 years old and can't let go. she was called casey and was my best friend. I came home from school and she wasn't here. I broke down and fell to my knees. I can't let her go. age was a pug. she couldn't control her back legs and it hurt me to see. I know I will never see her again. I won't ever let her go.

Wolfgirl Redwings : We had to put my dog, Hannah, down because of Blood Cancer last June. I should have said a better goodbye

Ruby Arndt : This video alone is crushing. Scrolling the the comments I just lost it.

Moveeyy : My 13 year old Rottweiler was with me trough my entire life, her name was Dina. She became a part of my family, when I came home from school I always expected her to greet me with a funny smile showing her teeth jumping around and being happy all over the place. She always slept in my bed with me, she even slept in my bed when I was gone. I remember the day my mother told me that Dina was really sick, it felt like my heart was in-paled with a stick. Around 5 months later, she got so sick that she couldn't even stand. So I carried her up to my bedroom and layed her down in my bed and watched her pass away... This was 3 years ago and I still cry about it, the look she gave me when I held her paw the final minutes we had together was the most beautiful thing and the most heart breaking moment of my life. The reason why we didn't put her down is because she didn't feel any pain, if mom didn't bring her to the vet we would've never noticed that she was sick. She was always happy and caring, wish I could hug you one last time before letting go... I will probably never be able to let go

pablo erhard : my 6 year old Pomeranian died about 3 weeks ago he was killed by 2 huskies while he was playing outside, he showed me how to appreciate things since they can suddenly go with out yo expecting it .

Marek : The one of the saddest moments in the life is that your friend who gave you so many memories become one of a memories.....shocking.....

R C : ‘Remember I was always true Remember that I always tried Remember I loved only you Remember me and smile... For it’s better to forget, than to remember me and cry...’ (Treasure - The Cure)

antony kulik : I've watched 100 of these type of videos and this is the first one that I cried over. More so because of your pain and suffering I think and the loss of a best friend. GOD BLESS

Tiffany Leanne : I couldn't finish watching cause I'm crying too hard. I'm struggling with the decision to put our boxer down. He's been battling cancer for a year that's very aggressive and there are no longer any treatment options. I've been watching videos to try and convince myself it's the right thing to do because I know in my heart it is and I'm just delaying the inevitable. Does this ever feel right? Can anyone give me any advice on how you decided? Everyone keeps saying you'll know but every time I think I do he will lick my face or wag his little nub of a tail and I think maybe he will be ok just a few days longer.

Noriety : This video makes me hold on to my dog a little tighter now😭😭😱

Steven MacFarlane : Bless ya brother. I know a good heart when i see one.

Luna Shadow : The men said "Tell Jesus we r coming, we will see you soon" 😭😭😭😭😭😭 may u be in heaven playing

WIGAN PIER : I had to put my pal to sleep today, I haven't cried so much in ages .. but he'd been ill for a while now, at least he's not in pain no more, though I still feel like I did the wrong thing and maybe he might of gotten better, but that's just me being selfish, wish I had more time with him, I don't like being in my house right now without him not being here  .. miss u Bailey x

Tunnel Vision : Dogs are so awesome. I think a dog is the only creature that can love you more than it cares for itself. A dog will literally go through fire for you. RIP Oden. <3

Codman523 : I watched this 15 minutes before my dog got put down. I'm writing this after and I just can't describe the feeling. I've never lost anyone in my life, I've been extremely lucky and not lost a pet or family member at 15. But losing my dog feels so empty, I don't know how to describe it. Rip Daisy, we love you.

RabuHina : I admire the doctors who have to do this. In the room with an upset owner and they have to maintain the professional outlook while being compassionate and sympathetic to the owner. I could never do this. I'd be much too upset and would have to excuse myself almost immediately afterwards

Lalo Hernandez : I wonder how this guy is doing now since he hasn’t posted a video in like 10 years

Fadel Asmar : Try not to cry challenges are not sad but when it comes to animals...its a different story 😭 😭 😭

Princess Muriam : My dog died yesterday I miss her so much I wish I was with her when she died I just imagine myself when I'm going outside in my garden to feed my other dog to see her in the garden sitting down giving me that sweet look... But she's gone she has really gone. It's so hard to believe, I don't want to believe it because if I believe it it means it's real and that can't be possible because I love her too much to not see her again My heart has been torn for the second time, it's the second dog I have had who has died of old age 💔 I miss my dogs so much they both died at times of the day I couldn't spend with them.... whoever has had a dog that died knows the pain and hurt u feel... I love u Ben and Bella with all my heart I just want 1 more day with them, but I know I never will, and that's what hurts the most... *the pain is f*cking unreal*

Teddy Hart : powerful video. dogs will always be mans best friend

Ayyy Craver : I watch this video time to time, so beautiful.

Roy Pereira : I am 😭 crying .why god gave this dogs small life to leave

Caleb Films : I cry every time I watch one of these videos why do I watch them?

Marko Oshchipko : Im not crying, theres just something in my eye

unknown unknown : I lost my best friend, my brother yesterday

Marximus22 : I said goodbye to my little man Jack on Tuesday (08th November 2016) and my heart is broken, he was 2 weeks off his 17th birthday and we'd been together since he was 8 weeks old. I feel privileged to have had him in my life, we've been through so much together (I was 26 when I got him and now I'm 42!). Unconditional love is impossible to find in non-family humans but when you find YOUR dog it's there without question, I held him while he went and I've asked for a solo cremation so I can keep his ashes and I've told my wife to put him in with me when it's my time to go and then he can come with me, I feel your pain my friend

Kevin Kostyk : This is a video where "Try not to cry [impossible mode]" is actually accurate.

Cosmonaut G1 : This is physically painful to watch. Like I can feel the stinging pain in my chest.

Laura Rodriguez : I'm so sorry for your loss. But I bet you gave him a pretty good life with lots of love.❤

Doe Eyes : This was beautifully done! No one could ever doubt how much he will always mean to you....and he loved you!! You could see it when you came to her door to get him...he was soo happy to see you. The animals in our life give everything unconditionally and always to the fullest extent. I think they are an example of how GOD wants us to be... All accepting, forever forgiving and always loving. I think this is the lesson that you talked about. I just put my (2 months shy of turning 19 years old!!!) beautiful Sheltie "Beau" down five weeks ago because he slipped on my flooring and it broke his back leg. I've had him since he was 8 weeks old....Beau was everything I need to be more of and he bettered my life and me ! ! i was blessed to have this beautiful spirit with me, loving and caring for me for so long!!!! Everyone that spent any amount of time begged me to breed him because he was soooo smart. There wasn't a trick or command that he couldn't do. He made Lassie look dumb ( I loved Lassie too). Have you ever seen a dog whisper??? My Beau did!! My vet asked me who I took him to for his training....I thought he was mistaken!! Beau never had any training, just me working with him an the trick...having him repeat it a few times....average five minutes he had it down!! Beau loved me soooo much....followed me everywhere up till he broke his leg. He will always be the love of my life, like my child. When you let an animal into your heart it's the most rewarding thing in the world! But with that comes a duty to care for them and give them the best you can because they always give you their best! So when it's time to keep them from suffering, it's our responsibility to love them unconditionally by allowing then a pain free or a pain free as possible, ending!! It's cruel to make a pet (that gave you everything) die naturally with you watching them suffer!! These type of people should never own a pet!!! GOD Bless you and your sweet'll see him again!!!

Will Palmer : R.I.P Oden you will be greatly missed Thank you

GADGETS SHOW : Same day. today my dog is dead. Pls prayer to god 😢

Löcé Carlisle : That's the best thing about dogs. They're with you through every decision, the good and the bad. They don't scream at you or tell you you're wrong. My buddy Bear was with me through all of my suicide attempts, all of my panic attacks. He was with me even when I lost all of my friends. He didn't judge me. He died just over three weeks ago and now I have nothing but his blanket and a tiny urn containing his ashes. I hold it and try to imagine his paw, but it's so cold. There's no warmth. He's never going to kick my tears away or push me with his paw when I'm being lazy. I miss him so much.

Lewis B : Why do people dislike this it makes me feel sick those people don't deserve YouTube

Family YouTube : 1 like = one prayer 😓😭😰😢😥

Franz Marquez : Up today still one of the saddest videos on youtube. :(

Vully Vul : This video has always effected me. I always end up watching it from time time. A lot of strong, pure emotions here

Daniel Campman : “No other dog will ever wear this collar. They’re not good enough to wear this collar.” I don’t know why that was the line that broke me, but it was.

Aila Galano : i love that video very much its so sad

Hip-Hop Highlights : Watched this 9 years ago and it made me cry. It has brought me to tears once again. This video has inspired me more than you can ever imagine.

supersierra : last year my dog passed away and I couldn't see her last minute :( I wish I was more nicer to you tinky

BeyerT1 : Anyone who had to do this knows it's one of the 3 hardest things a human being goes trough life. The death of their parents, death of their family members, and death of a pet. All of them change you forever.

QP Wolf : I broke down in teers

TheGunDealer 7 : My dog Murphy has been with me since I was born, and he is dying in three days. This is the hardest thing that's happened to me and I can't stop crying