Last Minutes with ODEN

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Captain Cartman : Dogs are better than most people I know.

Woojong : I cry every single time I watch this.

WIGAN PIER : I had to put my pal to sleep today, I haven't cried so much in ages .. but he'd been ill for a while now, at least he's not in pain no more, though I still feel like I did the wrong thing and maybe he might of gotten better, but that's just me being selfish, wish I had more time with him, I don't like being in my house right now without him not being here  .. miss u Bailey x

Harwinder singh : i also have a pitbull but my brother take her back from where he buy . but i really miss her 😢😢 ..

Fadel Asmar : Try not to cry challenges are not sad but when it comes to animals...its a different story 😭 😭 😭

Fullmetal Maine : I haven't had the misfortune of losing a pet yet... and dread the day I lose my dog...

Ruby Arndt : This video alone is crushing. Scrolling the the comments I just lost it.

Wolfgirl Redwings : We had to put my dog, Hannah, down because of Blood Cancer last June. I should have said a better goodbye

GADGETS SHOW : Same day. today my dog is dead. Pls prayer to god 😢

Ab Sh : This hit me right in the feels. I cried and got really lightheaded. I know the pain you go through putting an animal down. In 2014 my dog, Pippin had to be put down. She was nine years old and she was sick. I've know her since I was smaller than I can remember. So when my dad told me and my sisters to sit in the couch and he told us we had to put her down we cried, he cried. I think that was the first time I saw him cry. We sat in the kitchen and she could barely walk, but, she kept making small circles, moving every minute or so, around the small space on the floor where me and my sisters were. She couldn't even keep water down and when she kept trying to hide we knew she had to go. We said goodbye to her. I could go with because I was younger at the time, and just a like that she was gone. Just like her mother and one of her sisters. The other time was in 2015. My older sister had bought a chinchilla for her confirmation a few years back. Not long before he was put down, he had to get some teeth removed. My mam said that he was in pain and it would just repeat itself until he died. So we drove to a place an hour away because they treated chinchillas there. My older sister wasn't with us at the time. We all held him and let him walk around a bit and then, just like that, he was gone. We wrapped him in a blanket and out him in a clear plastic box. We brought our oldest dog, Jess, my Mam, my older sister, me, my younger sister and my dad to a forest near by. We said goodbye, and, as we burrows him, Jess kept trying to dig him up. Jess and Charlie loved each other like sister and brother so it was sad to see Jess do that. It was near the same months when they were both put down and we have Pippins ashes. I still haven't been to visit Charlie because I miss him and would cry for at least a few days. Now I'm kind of scared Jess might go because she is 14-15 years old and older than me. She knows me better than my younger sister. Knock on wood she'll survive this year. I love Jess with all my heart. Also sometimes we would let Charlie down on the ground near Pippin because she was the calm one. I hope, if tot reading this, that you cherish the time you have with everyone and everything because, you don't know how much you love something until it's gone. R.I.P Pippin I will always love you. R.I.P Charlie I will love you forever.

Elizabeth ONeill : Who is here from Kiingtong or Will?!?!

Tunnel Vision : Dogs are so awesome. I think a dog is the only creature that can love you more than it cares for itself. A dog will literally go through fire for you. RIP Oden. <3

Steven Elias-MacFarlane : Bless ya brother. I know a good heart when i see one.

Löcé Carlisle : That's the best thing about dogs. They're with you through every decision, the good and the bad. They don't scream at you or tell you you're wrong. My buddy Bear was with me through all of my suicide attempts, all of my panic attacks. He was with me even when I lost all of my friends. He didn't judge me. He died just over three weeks ago and now I have nothing but his blanket and a tiny urn containing his ashes. I hold it and try to imagine his paw, but it's so cold. There's no warmth. He's never going to kick my tears away or push me with his paw when I'm being lazy. I miss him so much.

pablo erhard : my 6 year old Pomeranian died about 3 weeks ago he was killed by 2 huskies while he was playing outside, he showed me how to appreciate things since they can suddenly go with out yo expecting it .

dabmaster125 : i have seen this video probably about 10 times and i sob like a baby every time

Audrey Ryan : Watching you cry, made me cry. That's one precious dog. "He'll give you a new leg" no giving him a new leg is like making him a new dog. You can never replace a dog. ☁️☁️☁️☁️☁️☁️☁️ ☁️💙💙☁️💙💙☁️ 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙 ☁️💙💙💙💙💙☁️ ☁️☁️💙💙💙☁️☁️ ☁️☁️☁️💙☁️☁️☁️ ☁️☁️☁️☁️☁️☁️☁️ R.I.P Oden.


Theo : I don't believe in God but when it comes to dogs I hope there is heaven for them

FitzJohnLep Gaming : Everytime I watched a video of somebody's Try Not To Cry Challenge I never cried. This time I watched the original video. I thought this was just another video trying to make drama. I was so cold-blooded. But half way through, tears fell from my eyes. And I found myself in tears when I finished the video. I dare you all to do the Try Not To Cry Challenge with this video.

• Vozirx • : This video makes me hold on to my dog a little tighter now😭😭😱

Gleamingcat ten : my dog got put down yesterday as her spine was twisted. It hurt me to the core and I cried until I felt like I was dead I'm only 11 years old and can't let go. she was called casey and was my best friend. I came home from school and she wasn't here. I broke down and fell to my knees. I can't let her go. age was a pug. she couldn't control her back legs and it hurt me to see. I know I will never see her again. I won't ever let her go.

Caleb Films : I cry every time I watch one of these videos why do I watch them?

Tiffany Leanne : I couldn't finish watching cause I'm crying too hard. I'm struggling with the decision to put our boxer down. He's been battling cancer for a year that's very aggressive and there are no longer any treatment options. I've been watching videos to try and convince myself it's the right thing to do because I know in my heart it is and I'm just delaying the inevitable. Does this ever feel right? Can anyone give me any advice on how you decided? Everyone keeps saying you'll know but every time I think I do he will lick my face or wag his little nub of a tail and I think maybe he will be ok just a few days longer.

Marko Oshchipko : Im not crying, theres just something in my eye

Katie,Ysobel GAMING/RANDOM : My dog got bit and I never got to say goodbye

rodney perry : who's cutting onions at 1:30 in the morning?

emma hand : i have seen this video probably about 10 times and i sob like a baby every time

Kevin Kostyk : This is a video where "Try not to cry [impossible mode]" is actually accurate.

美しい水のボトル悲しい飢えた飢え : I have a puppy, and I really don't know how I'm going to get through this when it's his time.

iiCrispyCracker : my dog died while i was sleeping by heart failure i didnt see her when i went to the door so i thought she was inside but once i woke up in the morning i looked in my backyard and next to the house was a stiff corpse of my dog i miss her we just sent her off to get ceremated

Anotomos : i dont usually watch theses but this reminds me of my dog the had to get put because he was in pain every morning i would look on my bed to see my dog lying there but now hes gone all i can do Is cry😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Giuseppe Luciano : I actually am about to have to put my dog to sleep in 15 minutes and this just made me realize that I'm not the only one who goes through things and has that certain friend (dog) that helps you through it. This made me cry my eyes out twice as bad as I was. God bless you, man. God bless our dogs.

ASnowWolf 12 : I broke down in teers

Anonymous X : I haven't lost my chihuahuas yet,yoda and dolly,I love them,but, yodas gone.he never judged me during my suicide attempts or when my friends went out with a brain tumour, I've lost all my friends and yoda, I miss them so much, Bye earth

ThaCarti : I feel you man... my dog died after being with me for 18 years...

Laura Rodriguez : I'm so sorry for your loss. But I bet you gave him a pretty good life with lots of love.❤

Kes Cholo : All dogs go to heaven

RabuHina : I admire the doctors who have to do this. In the room with an upset owner and they have to maintain the professional outlook while being compassionate and sympathetic to the owner. I could never do this. I'd be much too upset and would have to excuse myself almost immediately afterwards

Jas : I'm patting my dog right now and just appreciating that he's here.

Lewis B : Why do people dislike this it makes me feel sick those people don't deserve YouTube

antony kulik : I've watched 100 of these type of videos and this is the first one that I cried over. More so because of your pain and suffering I think and the loss of a best friend. GOD BLESS

Eva Chris : when he said i love you oden... i couldn't stop crying!😢😭

Roy Pereira : I am 😭 crying .why god gave this dogs small life to leave

TheHotFalafel : The only time I cried was when my dog was euthanized. I dunno what it is. Even the toughest men, break down when it's about dogs.

Lowskie : I watched this 15 minutes before my dog got put down. I'm writing this after and I just can't describe the feeling. I've never lost anyone in my life, I've been extremely lucky and not lost a pet or family member at 15. But losing my dog feels so empty, I don't know how to describe it. Rip Daisy, we love you.

Imyournewpeppep : I love dogs but im so scared to get one after watching this

Opal Equestrian : My dog passed this morning, and what hurts is that he died befor I could say goodbye.

Watermelon Juice : RIP HARAMBE

Jess mari : I can barely breathe between tears. Dammit. Its like losing my beautiful staffie boy all over again... I miss you Baxter. My beautiful baby boy.