Super Smash Bros. Ultimate | 5 Things Pros DO that You DON’T

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*LINK TO "Why You Should Main Series"* : (If you have a specific character you want to check out, I highly recommend checking that series out!) Today im talking about 5 Things Pros Do that you Don't in #SuperSmashBros.Ultimate for Nintendo Switch. This is a tutorial and guide on how to get better at Smash Ultimate from the very beginning after its release date. To help you understand your character and some tips on how to get good at Smash Ultimate quickly by doing so. Now I need to say that we keep hearing #SmashUltimate changes and new things in the game but honestly we just need to wait and see with these different changes. If you got any more guides you want me to make for Smash Switch or tips that you want me to hand out comment it below. This is all just my main ideas for Super Smash Bros Ultimate so far though and some may change by the time the game releases. Then again, this type of talk is kinda timeless so I hope it will help you all a long time from now in Evo 2019 or something. -------------------- More discussion or tip videos on this playlist : Dont click this:

Comments from Youtube

James Bryant : 1. Making Wendy videos

Sozott Sand : this dood really out here BLINKING

Logical asian : You don’t need a secondary when you have Pokémon trainer

froschkoenig4 : 2:20 "They're mainly playing their main." JoeK explaining the concept of a main, 2019

RandomAwsome Guy : Could you do a video on labbing exclusively? Everyone is always talking about labbing out combos and everything, but it also seems like they refer to more than just combos. It seems to be such an extensive thing that no one goes fully in depth on. I dunno, I think it would help me at least.

Shawn Malone : Homie move the camera back like a foot

HalozillaEX : Anyone ever tell you that you blink like 100 times a minute? Cuz you do, lol.

Kevin Rivera : One thing I do that pros don't... Pick Ganondorf

❌🔥[General Thot-Patrol]🔥❌ : *I have three mains, Mewtwo, Bayonetta and King Dedede, but my true main is Mewtwo. Anyone want to challenge me? I've been maining Mewtwo since the 3DS version.*

Roberto S�nchez Zuriaga : My main is meta knight and my secondary main is mr. G and W

Splatypus : Another tip is to go to practice mode with your mains to learn kill percentages. I sat in practice mode for about 4 hours checking diffrent kill% for all kinds of attacks from diffrent parts of the map, and it has helped me a LOT.

Low-Rated Duelists : Unless you get paid to play this game. You should NOT be spending a quarter to a third of your day playing it lol

yeet yeet potato skeet : My main is dark samus, secondary is regular samus

Grim Reaper : My main is Wolf but I have two secondaries just in case and those are Cloud and Lucina. I think is a good team

Penguinator44 : Well I've 100% completed World of Light, got every spirit other than the Partner Pikachu one and completed the challenge board so I guess it's time to git gud. Ended up playing Palutena and Bowser which is super weird for me since they weren't on my radar at all leading into Ultimate.

Nick Woodman : Id change controls if you haven't. For instance i recommend not having jump stick on, tweak your sensitivity to your liking, and try out tilt stick. Keep it up on the way to 15K

Diego Rodriguez : I’m actually really good with Mii swordfighter like if you too

Bennal : Lets get sta

HdogSSBU : 5:25 yeet my boy Artmagic on the bottom

Spencer Kim : What kind of types of characters are there and how do they interact/what type tends to beat who?

Denal _Lives : Did you mean an Inkling spamming side b not toon link

Nintendo gamer 222 : 4:42 Optomizing combos *_O P T O M I Z I N G_*

FrozenFacade : I play Chrom and Inkling, but my True main is Gannondorf, I play him in matchups where the other two don't work, so I never play Gannondorf Kappa. (jk, Zelda/Robin main)

Charis Triantafillidis : It's like hes having a stroke every time he starts a new sentence xD

Justus O'Connor : Excellent video joe! how do i find those smash discords ?

LordZoth6292 : Gannon, Shiek, and Villager are my mains.

Galager Croc : Ice climbers main. FIGHT ME

hpvegan : the first couple tips were more concrete. that's what I be needing

Branden Jarvie : Look like someone's misting your face with a spray bottle when u talk

Sleagerx : I just got the game this Christmas I need more experience on my main lol

Trevor Ramey : It’s not letting me join the SmashCord Discord.

iHeadHunterz : Main one and practice with other characters that may be worse. It'll help you be better with one "good" character. Cause if you can win with crappier characters then using better characters is going to feel easier. It helped me get better

Sher : I main marth but have captain falcon, Roy, and falco as a secondary.

mark valenzo : For me its 1. Block 2. Throw 3. Dont suck

Samford Magnus : I main Link and my others are Bowser and Isabelle.

Viva LaS Vlogas : You didn’t mention just go to locals lol good video I enjoyed it.

James Bryant : playing Miis shouldn’t be seen as bad, weird, or broken

DrewAPatterson123 : Peach King K and Yoshi are my mains but I wanna learn Mew 2

Captain Putzbeard : #1; put in A LOT more time to git gud.

RakiYT : My main is P trainer and my secondary is inkling.

Skukkix23 : 3 commercials in a 12 minute video.

killme : What if i wanna be the best to ever play

phantom thief : I'll help start this list: Succeed

Antoine Wilson : secondary for mario?

Nick Mcguirk : I've been playing since smash 64 and I've played every game since but I know I'm not the best but I completely pwn children and at a con I got third place in a match ....doesnt help that I never play online lolol

Somnus : Main is Shulk. Secondaries are Cloud and Young Link. Sword boyos.

Mr Bubble : Oh, I know! They do years of research.

Jake Watkins : Good secondary as an Incineroar main? I play a few other characters but not sure who to mainly play as secondary.

TwistyCircuit : The Pokemon XY soundtrack👌👌👌