Super Smash Bros. Ultimate | 5 Things Pros DO that You DON’T

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JoeK : *More discussions like this one here!* :

RandomAwsome Guy : Could you do a video on labbing exclusively? Everyone is always talking about labbing out combos and everything, but it also seems like they refer to more than just combos. It seems to be such an extensive thing that no one goes fully in depth on. I dunno, I think it would help me at least.

James Bryant : 1. Making Wendy videos

HalozillaEX : Anyone ever tell you that you blink like 100 times a minute? Cuz you do, lol.

Sozott Sand : this dood really out here BLINKING

Logical asian : You don’t need a secondary when you have Pokémon trainer

froschkoenig4 : 2:20 "They're mainly playing their main." JoeK explaining the concept of a main, 2019

Kevin Rivera : One thing I do that pros don't... Pick Ganondorf

Shawn Malone : Homie move the camera back like a foot

Nick Woodman : Id change controls if you haven't. For instance i recommend not having jump stick on, tweak your sensitivity to your liking, and try out tilt stick. Keep it up on the way to 15K

❌🔥[General Thot-Patrol]🔥❌ : *I have three mains, Mewtwo, Bayonetta and King Dedede, but my true main is Mewtwo. Anyone want to challenge me? I've been maining Mewtwo since the 3DS version.*

Denal _Lives : Did you mean an Inkling spamming side b not toon link

Roberto S?nchez Zuriaga : My main is meta knight and my secondary main is mr. G and W

Splatypus : Another tip is to go to practice mode with your mains to learn kill percentages. I sat in practice mode for about 4 hours checking diffrent kill% for all kinds of attacks from diffrent parts of the map, and it has helped me a LOT.

James Bryant : playing Miis shouldn’t be seen as bad, weird, or broken

Penguinator44 : Well I've 100% completed World of Light, got every spirit other than the Partner Pikachu one and completed the challenge board so I guess it's time to git gud. Ended up playing Palutena and Bowser which is super weird for me since they weren't on my radar at all leading into Ultimate.

Doom Slayer : My main is Wolf but I have two secondaries just in case and those are Cloud and Lucina. I think is a good team

Spencer Kim : What kind of types of characters are there and how do they interact/what type tends to beat who?

Low-Rated Duelists : Unless you get paid to play this game. You should NOT be spending a quarter to a third of your day playing it lol

Shazam28 : 1. Using a GameCube controller instead of double joycon/pro controller

Bennal : Lets get sta

Justus O'Connor : Excellent video joe! how do i find those smash discords ?

Marz Barz Mizzery : I main Corrin and I have Simon/Richter as my secondaries but I wanna learn Wolf too! He’s a really cool character. Personally I didn’t know how good I was at sm4sh until I started playing online and kicking butt. Kinda scared me a bit lmao. Now I’m definitely not the best there is and I haven’t gone to tournaments because frankly I’m too nervous for that, but i fair pretty well and I usually end up winning unless I’d get a really good player against me. Usually it was a cloud or Bayonetta because yknow the best characters, but even then we’d be pretty evenly matched and that makes me happy. I do a lot of these things myself and I had even before I started playing online. (I totally thought online players were like the BEST and I was so scared to actually try it lol) I always check out launch rates and so on that way I know how to take that into a combo without overestimating where I need to be to continue this into a combo. With Corrin, an incomplete side b has become my best friend. It’s basically just the hop before the pin and it works fairly well for really short distance dodges and so on. I usually use that for spacing or combo continuation. I don’t really look at framerates all too much, as I usually just memorize to myself how long the attacks take instead of being tactical lol. But yeah overall this seems like a really good guide to getting better!

A Requiem For Smash : When optimizing combos, how do I recognize they are true if I'm using them in training on a cpu and have no humans to assist me?

Bhawani Sureshkumar : 1. USING OLIMAR

HdogSSF2 : 5:25 yeet my boy Artmagic on the bottom

lol lol : Is young link and Pokémon trainer a good combo?

jonathan kerr : i wanna beat my brothers

KamektheMagikoopa1 : 9:04 Can we talk about this, though?

TwistyCircuit : The Pokemon XY soundtrack👌👌👌

SegaDisneyUniverse : Sometimes even practicing against CPU can teach you how to deal with certain match ups. The CPU in this game are definitely formidable now.

Daniel Tieck Roldan : Hey Joek nice video! How important do you think is to have a secondary maining Pokemon Trainer? I mean, do you think you can balance the bad matchups between the Pokemon?

iAidanugget : I'm maining Zelda, who should I pick up as a secondary? I want to play more Pokemon Trainer as he was my favourite in Brawl but I'm not sure if it's the right character to have as my secondary

iSlayEskimos : Why do you blink so much dude

It's Me, Steve : My main is Mario and my secondary is ,dr mario

wig ! : my main is dark samus

T@NK11 : First

LordArkausey : I really really wanted to main Sonic but my winrate with him is no joke around 15% so I use Corrin and Greninja instead, I wanna pick some other characters too like ZSS, Dark Pit and Cloud but I'm afraid of not playing the first 2 well enough.

Isaiah Hall : Can you link all the websites?

person that exists : 0:40 Lol, Raito tho

A7*First : What is a good seccundary when my Main ja inkling?

Giannis Pixel : So i have 2 mains lucas and pkmn trainer And 3 seconderies kirby ryu and corrin

PlanetSenzu : Ayeee

mav : first?

Shawn Gao : You look dead

Jonah Abenhaim : How do I get a smash discord?

utewbing : Get some sleep man.

yaleksander42 : Number 4 is so spot on for me, my younger brother and I play Smash together since Brawl but he's a sore loser so he gets tired of 1v1 matches and asks me to just play on the same team vs the CPU (our wifi is really bad). Although this isn't 100% bad because this way we can enhance our matchups for 2v2 fights, it's really annoying that in all those years we haven't really gotten much better because essentially we're fighting against our friends who are not that good or against the lv9 CPU that takes a bait and a fully charged forward smash constantly. Now that I live in my own place and don't have to share the videogame with him I hope we can both become better players (if he gets a better wifi service that is)

Somnus : Main is Shulk. Secondaries are Cloud and Young Link. Sword boyos.

AgentMeeM : I main Zelda exclusively but i'm having a lot of trouble winning battles online even though I train a lot. What should I do to improve?