Disney Imagineering has created autonomous robot stunt doubles

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The robot acrobats can flip through the air and stick a landing every time Read more: https://techcrunch.com/2018/06/28/disney-imagineering-has-created-autonomous-robot-stunt-doubles/


Eugene S : Now that's a job I didn't expect to be taken over by robots any time soon......

Ebanks Studios : *misses crash mat *

II QuietRiot II : Wow, didn't expect their form to be so human like. That's impressive work!

nobulle : Cant wait to see mickey mouse triple-backflipping at 200m above ground whilst queueing for space mountain.

artwelve22 : Disney is close to becoming Westworld

Sho Jo : And of course Spider-Man will look even better with these

GeniusGT : Welp that's all folks. Between this, Tesla's AI, and the Boston Dynamics Robots I think it's safe to assume we're a year or two away from Terminators...

Alex S : I, for one, welcome our stunt double overlords.

The Spitting Drama Llama : Do you think they used the upbeat music on purpose? Cause with ominous music this really could have taken another turn 🀣😈😈😈😈😈

www.GPcarAudio.com : First mcdonalds employees, now stunt doubles.

Apti Newim : Disney: No real people have to die or get injured doing crazy stunts. Isn’t this great? People: OMG RUN ITS SKYNET!!!

Asaljeplak : John Connor, where are you?

Emanuel Mayer : Do you want Age of Ultron? This is how you get Age of Ultron.

Patrick Glascoe : Yall want Skynet? This is how you get skynet and robot ninjas..

Gryffindor girl : Disney’s gonna start the robot apocalypse

Rob Plays : Imagine working this not only into stunt shows at the parks, but shows specifically shows geared towards the more immersive Star Wars hotel experience. Really excited to see how they ultimately use the tech!

The Flute Channel : Boston Dynamics is looking at their box wielding door opening robots and wondering what did they do wrong. They need that disney money.

Nathan Asan : and circus artist got replaced

Dan Acutt : My name is Connor. I am the android sent by Disney

Sniuchi : We need to start gathering the resistance,destroy skynet in its early stage

ChrisMC : Pros: no need to worry about deaths Cons: Possible job loses

Airdoo : I saw the white paper on the first articulated stick I didn't realize it progressed to this already. Incredible.

Stuffed with Kimchee : As your effort, I think we're going to die in a very unexpected and efficient way. Thank you.

mrgw982 : And when you wonder how the robot rising started, you can think back to this moment in time.

OmenBoy : This is definitely for a Marvel show at Disney parks.

ken james : Robot De Cirque...Disney 2020!

Drew McPheeters : Did my eyes deceive me or did the robot perform a twist during the sequence that starts at 0:27?

deweyHL4L : Imagine the robots the military has

Demonic : My purpose... is to flip

ballislife2351 : So all those human stunt doubles just gone lose they jobs

TheKoopaClown : Interesting how music makes everything relative... Put this video on mute and play the terminator soundtrack and see how it feels

ExopMan : WOW. So beautiful...imagine how ppl would react to this after i.e. Terminator's debut

Umair Iqbal : 219 stunt doubles disliked this video

Klumsy Kameleon : Boston Dynamics and Disney Imagineering should partner up and build robots that will take over the world!

Lee Trevis : Were they sent from cyber life?

Adam Rohan : the robots are taking over

Hdf Yee : Can't wait for Skynet to go online. It's going to be great.

MainelY12 : And this is how Westworld begun

FloofaDoop : This is both terrifying and amazing

DarqeDestroyer : This is great unless you are an actual stuntman. Then it's "Dey tuk ar jerbs!"

Brunz M : Cool now can you make 1 do my house work? 😁

OmniFilmDK : This is insane... I cant believe we have come this far already. I wonder if they teamed up with Boston Dynamics to create these....

Cringe Central : When the Detroit: Become Human fanbase has gone too far.

Mitchy DiZch0rD Hudson : DAMMIT! 'throws aprentice leotard on the floor'

Nunovia Gottdamnedbizzness : First step towards having an all robotic cast at Disneyland. What could ossibly go wrong. Cough "Westworld" πŸ€” On the bright side, I'll finally be able to take a gun on It's a Small World as it becomes the shooting arcade Walt envisioned.

Rex : We're going to be useless..

mrdinger : Hello I'm connor Im the sick flips bot sent by cyberlife

stealthunter14 : Wow, this will protect the lives of stunt men and women, although they will be looking for work

Nate Wright : Boston Dynamics: We're making robots that can walk like a human. Disney: Hold my beer.