Making your own custom tools. Sometimes DIY is better!

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Gday Youtube. Home made tools can be frowned upon. The DIY aproach in a professional landscape can be out of place. Making your own custom tools does not allways mean welding a bit of pipe to your sledgehammer or your "custom" screwdriver and chisel all in one. Making your own custom tools is something that can save time, money and you get to use that brain muscle you neglect in your everyday. Check out my website Check out my instagram Don't forget to subscribe to me for more regular content.


baddspella : trevor day would approve

Josh Kelly : U going to do a 2019 tool bag tour

Scott Jackson : Brilliant stuff!

nodnod winkwink : A few questions, what are the giant wrenches actually used on? and what are the cables you are tightening? any examples of what the official tools look like?