Crazy hockey Dad

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StudMuffinSam : "Way to go Paul" lol

Dloweification : He may be a crazy hockey dad, but I'd be pretty pissed if some kid started kicking my child with his foot knives, then whacked them with a stick and dragged them to the ground.

Sgt Pepper : so much happens between 0:10 and 0:15 some woman shouts a nursery rhyme, a guy named paul breaks some glass....damn canada

Tethys00 : 0:15 WAY TO GO PAUL! i died there. i. DIED.

Ryan : Do you think Paul's kid is on the bench saying "not again..."


D1ABL025 : This is so easy to not laugh at...until " way to go Paul"

Leo Thompson : GET THE WHEELS ON THE BUS Glass Breaks WAY TO GO PAUL I died 😂

jolynelover7 : "GET THE WHEELS ON THE BUS!"

Jake Day Williams : Relax. Everyone acts like they've never been to a hockey game. (Or any sport.) I've seen people hit the glass ten times harder than that and it doesn't break. The guy was wearing a ring. Accidents happen. It doesn't make him crazy.

Sonatina Ayishik : *_"GET THE WHEELS ON THE BUS!"_* WAY TO GO, PAUL.

Simon 1 : The glass shouldn't have broken so easily

coen hogg : Here from pewdiepie

Braden Smith : I love like 10 mins away from this rink 😂😂 this is too funny. "Way to go Paul"

Charlie Gunn : Typical Paul

Lazy Lchilly : He sounds like Paul from lamas in hats

melmatcha : All I can think of is Eddsworld. "Way to go Paul!" "Well I wasn't the one piloting the plane, Patryk!"

Logan Baer : Classic Paul.

Pyrogi : 1. This is not in Canada 2. That guy was mad cause his little girl kicked it in and didint count but another girl kept hitting her with her sticks the whole Game and did nothing 3. He meant to do like a small pound like when you mess up on something you would pound a wall lightly but this guy had a special wedding ring on that was used to show he was married and to break windows This dad was really sorry so shut up and it hurts tons of people to say Canada sucks We Canada had a agreement for most of Asia not to attack Canada . Plus a lot more sick people in usa go ahead search up homeless people use vs Canada

AJTComicsBrand : Paul broke the glass over a kids game? WAY TO GO PAUL.

Katie Schachelmayer : WAY TO GO PAUL


Raider : where the hood where the hood where the hood at

5th_ avenue_nyc : WAY TO GO PAUL😂😂😂*i....can't...breath😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Syzygy : I heard this as "way to go Carl" and not Paul and I've been quoting this vine (along with another lit vines) for a year now cuz I'm crazy and I've only just found out he said Paul and not Carl, my life is ruined I feel weird with saying Paul and not Carl because I heard it as Carl at first :c

Iceman 2214 : Paul's got quite a pimp hand

Sgt. Doakes : Get the wheels on the bus !!! Lmfao

DreamBelievers : Does The Dad Say? Paul : GET THE WHEELS ON THE BUS!!! GET YOUR EYES ON THE PUCK!! I Still Dont Know!! 😂😂😂

groovylobster : Any person who takes a 10 year old league that seriously is an idiot. Do you know whats worse than a kid feeling sad about losing? *Having to put up with a dad like that.*

Virtual Resolution : That was my dad

Devon : Lmao all you are fighting over right and wrong and I'm just sitting here busting a gut over the "way to go, Paul"

handsome jack lover : TAKE THE WHEELS ON THE BUS

Apocalypse Plough : This guy is an American. This happened in Pennsylvania. Stop blaming Canadians.

Howard Sterling : *That is some* *weak-ass* *tempered glass* But seriously though. That is really cheap glass. My car window doesn't even crack when I hit it with my hands

Chevy Does Stuff : WAY TO GO PAUL

Somnambulose : This is typical stuff in Canada. Usually happens when you're angry Timmies messed up your double double. You gotta take it out on something.

Nothing But Hockey : W...w...w...wa... WAY TO GO, PAUL

Wolf The Dentist Stansson : Hockey parents are the worst, especially the moms that shriek when they yell.

Jimmy Jarvis : He is crazy duh. You must've not heard him swearing at the refs at a freaking peewee hockey game. Even the fact that he got up to hit the glass makes him crazy. I don't care if "oh his wedding ring hit a very specific place blah blah energy blah blah." He is crazy.

GotDaKnife : Get the wheels on the bus?

BackflipingSheep : Did some women say "Way to go Paul?" Lol

Nikki Playz roblox : That dad is terminator 😆

TheCanadianLannister : "Way to go Paul" XD

Rachael Cunningham : I know this family and he is a very nice husband, father and friend.  He wears a carbide wedding ring and  that broke the glass. This is the material that they use to make glass breakers for cars.  He feels horrible for what happened in front of the girls but he felt that some one had to stand up for the whole team that was taking a physical illegal in this league beating.  That is his daughter on the ground and yes she was wrong for kicking with her skates and she is fully aware of it.  But what you all don't see is how the other girl had been hitting them all in the back the whole game and the refs never called her for it.  You also don't see clearly the girl that knocked her down kick her with her skates and hit her with her stick. Just remember you are only seeing a clip of the game. 

Jake : way to go paul....

Lurc : way to go paul is right, good job paul on showing these safety glass designers how bad this glass really is! amagine a full speed puck going through there, it would take someone's head off!

swimpz : WAY TO GO, PAUL

Ross Roark : WAY TO GO PAUL!

Fa Q : The real issue is the kid on the ice trying to kick the opposing player with his skates. THAT kid should be banned from hockey.

Kyle Arneson : This is disgusting. He's the reason why hockey parents are labeled as crazy. Referee was handling it just fine and there's no need for his emotional outbreak. Good to know he won't be around the arena for a while, he'll be sure to think twice before he embarrasses himself next time