A-ha - Take On Me (Alexandr Misko) (Fingerstyle Guitar)

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Alexandr Misko : Hey guys, I've returned from my Germany tour and finally here is the new cover for you! This song is a tough one to play, but i tried my best! The guitar is my brand-new handcrafted Baton Rouge Alexandr Misko Signature Model. I hope you like it! Please support me with your LIKES and comments, show this video to your friends if you like it. I really appreciate your help! I've released my second album "Beyond The Box" recently, it's available in every digital store! Thank you! iTunes(US): http://itunes.apple.com/album/id1322488915?ls=1&app=itunes iTunes(RU): https://itunes.apple.com/ru/album/id1322488915?ls=1&app=itunes GooglePlay(US, RU): https://play.google.com/store/music/album/Alexandr_Misko_Beyond_the_Box?id=Bhfekn6sb3ri6v4nee3gykufip4 Amazon(US): https://www.amazon.com/Beyond-Box-Alexandr-Misko/dp/B077ZBW39B

Cole Lutz : This man is changing his tuning mid song. That’s some next level shit right there.

CamoRanger 1205 : When the rest of the band doesn’t show up


Lybrus : he practiced since the song came out

Chris Millenbauer : Poor guy, doesent have a single friend who can play the drums for him, so he had to learn this... 😢

Occasionally a nerd : God damn those mid song tunings were fire

Sky Flier : This is it. This is peak human performance. Where are we to go from here?

S Griffin : To thumb down this guy, really. He must see music in everything. He has more talent than 99.9% of the people i know. It isnt my stylie, but it is awesome none the less.


Ronan C : H-how do you play Wonderwall...

Sirpry : Some people can make things look easy to do, nothing about this is easy.


Mark Arandjus : I've seen players retune a string for an effect for a note before, but I've never seen someone actually make it a part of the song! Amazing.

Lesminster : Yeah, that thing with changing tunning during play is as amazing as well composed into how it sounds ;) However imo that bit seems like a little bit ... messy. Maybe too much of "cool" things on a square meter of sound. Sometimes less glamour is actually better. But skill is beyond impressive. Cheers

BatSnacks24 : This needs more attention

The Nalski Show : And I’m here, Region auditions tomorrow, getting notes out of tune. And then this guy just tuned in the middle of his performance

Kiba miro : Does this mean around 2k people can play better then him ..... Cause the dislikes make me ponder

андрей грабленов : Я один русский?)

TeZoKi : 0:51 Done.

TheSasquatch33 : Um... I'm sorry did he just quickly retune a string mid song?!?!?! what?

Trevor : I love how your arrangement requires on the spot string tuning lol, I'll bet after not too long that would break my guitar's strings

korix Cabral : it takes me longer than 3:46 for just tuning my guitar.. hahaha! this guy is a machine! wew..

ultra water : *M I N I N G A W A Y-*

Raja Gombal : change tunning wtf !! you crazy man

Jon we : Ewan dobson é muito melhor! Faça um desafio a ele Ewan dobson?

Dark Knight Light : Awesomeness at it's finest. BRAVO.👏👏👏👏👏👏

Luigi Cuccitto : GOD Bless You 🎸🎸🎸

denzelnolet : Literally one of the most technically proficient guitarists I've ever seen. Never seen so many techniques applied to a single song.

L C : This is some voodoo child shit! & we all know that you can't become a guitar's God without the devil's approval! I'm so sorry for your soul but damn it's a real delight for all of us to hear & watch you play! This is absolutely amazing!Thank you Satan!

Rocky The Rooster : Even Wonder Why There Are Still Dislikes ?😕

pain gain : wtf i just saw some witch craft guitar

Sappy. : I'd love to see this guy play with a bass drum & a hi-hat!

Dodi : Holy shit, mate. That was off the charts!

aXios : Be honest. How many tries did this take?

Cosmonaut : Congratulations you got to the Nirvana level of the playing Guitar

Geno Bisceglia : this is so bad ass i had to comment again

Sagar Gandhi : Those are scars of talent on that guitar !! This guy is a talent storm !!

Jenny Rae : I still have my own problem of dealing that F Fcking barre😂😂 I think this song will takes almost a decade of my life before I can play this😂😂

william mac : This kid has reinvented the guitar.

Curt Martini : I jave been watching you progress for several years. If I could follow a master.....you are a Jedi! You jave an amazing talent so please keep the songs rolling in!!

dun lx : Another awesome Left handed Guitarist!!

Frank Alcantara : Waauuu!!! Excelent my brother 😮😯

Michael Ko : i am going to bed early tonight, randomly search for a video, 2 hours later i am still searching for more of his performance... simply amazing.

Andrian Alifirwan : This man deserve an adsense.

Henry Vyne : *whispers softly* holy shit

Angelo Alfonso Tayao : Ok i’ll throw my guitar away now

blazejecar : Damn tyler oakley is good at guitar

Name here : Thank u for this video 😄

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