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Solomon Tetteh : When it poops, it will probably be the size of a Nissan Micra.

Candeo : In Soviet Russia, dog walks you

Raul Nunez : Obvious it's a killer...... Try to feed him, he will kill your budget!!!!! They are adorable dogs.

Jimothy j : That is one overheated doggo

Tyrone Taylor : Ovcharka: "I am victim of negative media hype and stereotype." Pitbull: "YOU'RE the victim of negative media hype??? Sheeeeeeeeit."

NeroThe SpookyCat : New dark souls dlc boss biggest of the good bois

Ace : Imagine sleeping with him you'll never be cold again and you wont have anywhere TO sleep Best doggo ever

Shivam Patel : 1:36 When you show her your Yu-Gi-Oh card collection.

antishlak antishlak : Everything in Russia is so big!

Vano Sasuntsi : There is a reaon why they are named Caucasian Shepard , Thats because they are from the Caucases and not Russia, and more specifically Georgia

DeathBorn : They make the German Shepherd look tiny!

Marie Animations# : Thats from mah country! Georgia!! OMG guys dat dog as pip is big too! My friend had one and it was only 3 weeks and it was already big and full of energy! Love from georgia! სიყვარულით საქართველოსგან!

LifeSuxTR : she is so hot that i cant fckng look to dog

Dennis Weifenbach : Now that, is a dawg.

Hemi204 : *this is the breed Russians use as prison guard dogs..*

KingArtoriusTV : Big Dogs are normally chilled, Its always the small Dogs that be starting some shit!! LOL

Willy The Warper : This thing could probably kill a wolf, but a bear? Nah. Edit: A pack of those dogs could kill a bear. But 1 of them alone, your dinner for that bear. I felt like as if the narrator was trying to show off that the dog could kill a bear...

Cathérine : What a lovely family! You can tell this man puts so much love and care into these big dogs! Absolutely lovely creatures!

maxcet tigers : Wolves are still the superior dog kind

Limpan The Swedish Loaf : What a dog-like bear you got there

Limpan The Swedish Loaf : wHy Do YOu haVe A bEAr?

AstrokDaTerrible : My uncle owns one named Zeus and holy shit he is huge my 10 month old one is bigger than I am 6'1 and he is cute

Whytebio : Mmm I wouldn't mind getting Anneka on all fours.

Peter O’Brien : I’d honestly love to buy one, it’ll be such a great protector for the family, and kids 🤗, any idea where to get one ?

SirWrecksy : note to self: nothing in that guy's house is worth stealing


gracesquared1 : I looked them up to find a good photo to send to my husband but all the photos are of dog fighting 😭 now I am very mad and upset. Some results were even videos on YouTube! I wanted to report but I didn’t want to click on them. Humans disgust me.

Ace : and how can you call that ball of adorableness a killer its so friendly

DAVID G.g : Its no caucasian its georgian

Maggie Akkie : I love them and at the same time I fear them

Stephen Hooton : Someone from Antifa wouldn't be strong enough to handle this dog.

Angrage Macmuffins : I love Caucasians, we are the best.

Giorgi Oboladze : It is georgian sherped not russian 🇬🇪🇬🇪

Chickensoup : You can ride that thing to war

Shahzad Ali : German Shepherd are Very Popular here in Pakistan,,,,This Dog is also very loyal and great but it probably eat more than german shephard

Georgia Georgia : At the Kiev III cynological conference "Caucasian Shepherd / tarti / country of origin" - Georgia, which means that the standard of changes can only be changed by the Georgian Film Council. http://worldkennel.org На киевской III кинологической конференции «Кавказская овчарка / tarti / страна происхождения» - Грузия, что означает, что стандарт изменений может быть изменен только Грузинским советом кинос. http://worldkennel.org მეოთხე მთავარი მოვლენა: კიევში III კინოლოგიურ კონფერენციაზე აღიარეს, რომ კავკასიური ნაგაზის /თართი/ წარმოშობის ქვეყანაა – საქართველო, რაც ნიშნავს, რომ ჯიშის სტანდარტის შეცვლა, საჭიროების მიხედვით, შეუძლია მხოლოდ საქართველოს კინოლოგთა სანაშენო კომისიას. http://worldkennel.org/

ekielr jayme : wolf killer if its not a grey wolf..

Sin Waves : Mini-bear

Aviation Nut : My parents had one of these dogs since I was born and we had him untill I was 12. I remember sleeping with him in my bed and the dog pulling me on a sled during winters. I was depressed for almost a year when he passed away, do to old age. He was the best dog ever, to me he was just like family or best friend. I could not get over his passing, because until his passing I was with him since I was born until I was 12 and I spend almost 24\7 with him. The only time I wasn't with my dog was when I was in school, but otherwise he was with me non stop. It's been over 20 years since he passed and I still think about him almost every day. RIP Roly.

Sonu Yadav : I like dog

New Clear : isn't that climate to hot for him?

Will Steele : How would they take that for a walk

Gurgen Grigoryan : Caucasus is not Russia stop to say that Caucasiens are like Armenian,Georgian they are not russians who discovers this dog 🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲

Martin G : Beautiful! I'll take her. I'd even take the dog, too.

Андрей Щепкин : Порода родом с северного Кавказа, а не с Кавказа. Горные районы Дагестана.и не надо грузин приписывать. И других народностей Кавказа.

Dark Assassin : what drug did u feed him

Yigit Ersoy : Bizim karabaş ünlü olmuş


Erin Heck : caucasian shepherd " the wolf killer"....ummm now what species has driven wolves to the edge of extinction? i don't think it was this canine breed. XD

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