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Solomon Tetteh : When it poops, it will probably be the size of a Nissan Micra.

operativexeight : my hug instinct is being overloaded right now. holy eff!

Levan Gogichaishvili : This dog breed has a longer history than Russia. I am Georgian and you could see this breed in old Georgian scripts. This dog derived from Caucasian shepherd's dog and have very long time history. Russians first registered him as a Russian breed from North Caucasus. You could see Georgian shepherd dog. Caucasian and Georgian is almost the same.

Stuart Rider : The lady has said the word Huge at-least 87 times in this video.

Ed_ dragon : For some reason I just want to give it a giant hug

NeroThe SpookyCat : New dark souls dlc boss biggest of the good bois

Phoenix Bradberton : That's an Arcanine!

jasmineville : THEY'RE BEAUTIFUL

Flying fat Potato : People use these dogs to protect livestock I personally have this dog and they are loyal fluffy and really friendly but when it's time to attack you can't stop him

lucy : but it’s so cute

DeathBorn : They make the German Shepherd look tiny!

Karachi Reaction : This is Not Just a Dog 🦍🦍

Nite 768 : I grew up with two of these guys when I was little and lived in the peoples republic of Georgia. They are an awesome breed and were one of the best dogs I've ever had. Though they were the runts as far as we knew (we got them on the back of a truck :) they were still huge and had all of the characteristics of Maxemus and were just as cuddly and sweet. Thank you for making this video, and proving that the stereotypes of this beautiful breed aren't true. It means a lot to me and probably to Hayward and Trixie, may they rest in peace.

beslan daur : I had a dog like this when I lived back in Russia. They get HUGE.

Jose Tomas Campos Robledano : *B I G G E S T D O G G O*

SirWrecksy : note to self: nothing in that guy's house is worth stealing

operativexeight : of all the units this one is the most absolute

Amazing Love Tusty : i love you video

Lyna Khem : I love wolves! Don’t kill them!

Billie Eyelish : Awh, how beautiful

Aviation Nut : My parents had one of these dogs since I was born and we had him untill I was 12, so I spend my entire childhood with this dog. I remember sleeping with him in my bed and the dog pulling me on a sled during winters, I was depressed for almost a year when he passed away, do to old age. He was the best dog ever, to me he was just like family or best friend. I could not get over his passing, because until his passing I was with him since I was born until I was 12 and I spend almost 24\7 with him. The only time I wasn't with my dog was when I was in school, but otherwise he was with me non stop. It's been over 20 years since he passed and I still think about him almost every day. RIP Roly.

Len Lemon : To me being a big wolf killer is just more floof to rub

TheFreshman321 : Wait..... did I hear right? The dog is going to get bigger ...errr.

wryta6 : So tired of these “Dog that can kill a wolf” myths. And interviewing a breeder is like asking a car salesman if the car he’s selling is the best in the world. Fully grown Ovcharka - up to 180 pounds, gets fed dog food from a tin, bite force of 600 pounds per square inch max. Fully grown Grey Wolf - up to 170 pounds, pulls down Elk on the run, bite force of 1000+ psi. Combined with teeth nearly 40% larger than any dog (a wolf can crush that Elk’s femur in a single bite), a lifetime protecting itself from other wolves, and a lifetime of hunting and killing animals larger than itself... no dog on the planet is going to stand a chance one-on-one with a wolf. Let alone a 1000-pound grizzly. If you want the true rundown on “Dog versus Wolf”, talk to a wolf expert, not a dog breeder. Note: anyone know a wolf-hunter who has brought down a wolf with a loaded dog?

AnthonyG : "Oh my god, he's HUUGE!!"......that's what she said....no really she said that like 50 times.

Martin G : Beautiful! I'll take her. I'd even take the dog, too.


Vlada Pavlovic : the dog that kill wolf in this video is not the same dog as u r talking about! ! That is the "Sarplaninac" dog and its from Serbia! Not russia

Theodor Gheorghe : Absolute unit

lucy : and they think pit bulls are dangerous 🙄

Стоунер волк : Do not think you can own this dog and have a pet. This guys put loads and loads of work into his pups. He's leashed during the whole video, his dads watching his body language and eyes. Even the breeders of these dogs say do not own one unless you know exactly what your doing. Unless your using them for the job they're bred for. They say it's just a dog in the wrong hands and while yes it's partly true it's also not for the Caucasian, these are one of the ONLY breeds born aggressive. Most breeds learn that behavior these dogs are bred for it. Don't let this one video fool you. Research the breed and you'll understand why I'm making this comment as a Russian and as a person who's worked with dogs/ dog behavior their whole life.

sojourn Traveler : HOW MUCH DOES IT EAT ?

Dan - : Great video. Those laminate/tiled/wooden floors however put immense strain on the joints. Dogs slip and slide, when he stands you can see him readjusting himself to stand. Put some carpet down, your dog will thank you for it. Imagine the strain he's placing on those joints.

SuNTIMAN : This is what a Georgian dog looks like :))

33333333333333331993 : It’s said to see this dog inside the house. They are very loyal to the owner but they are meant to be on farms and villages taking care of livestock not inside houses. These dogs can also be very aggressive.

o k : The only thing that dog is killing is my DEPRESSION.

Chadrick Black : My friends friend has a dog like that I love him so much he is so nice his name is Jake

X x : God y’all aren’t dogs just everything 😭😍

Toby TV : It’s so coot

{ Amoose } : What are those 2 things on its tongue?

Erin Heck : caucasian shepherd " the wolf killer"....ummm now what species has driven wolves to the edge of extinction? i don't think it was this canine breed. XD

Random Channel : I live in the Caucasus and never saw this dog interesting.

A1 Certi : it wouldn’t kill a bear 😂

Richard Henry : Beautiful pooch.

Blind Prosopagnosiac : this is one big boy

Steven Bradley : I'll bet bath time is interesting.

Oto Panculaia : not "Ovcharka", not "Russia", what are you talking about??? this dog is Georgian "Nagazi". thsi dog grows up about 80-150 kg.

Giorgi Kiks : The dog originates from Georgia and north Caucasus, not Russia. Russia never was and never will be a Caucasian nation.

Blue_Wolfe : More to hug

PocketMoneyGPT : Nice but not as nice as me lol hit my image and try to disagree.....