Panic! At the Disco vs. Fetty Wap - I Write Trap Queens Not Tragedies (Mashup)

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yeem beam : Emos rolling up in the hood be like

Bombs Away : Finally, now Emo Me and Current Me can both be satisfied.

Mandy Bryant : When you're emo but feeling a little trap

The Music Otaku : The instrumentals of Panic at disco made Fetty Wap sound 1000 times better.

King Slayer : Music is such a beautiful fucking thing man. You can do things like this and breathe new life into two songs simultaneously. Awesome work!


pedro cortes : Whoa! They are completely opposing songs but they sound amazing together. Great job!

penelope (yay) : when i try to dab

Haushinkax : ME vs. BOYS AT SCHOOL

zanesfreckles : dude how do these fit together so good ;o;

Connor Washburn : I don't even like rap but dis is so lit.

star treatment : it fits so perfectly

Craig Todd : Holy shit 00:45

Melissa Gray : Best remix ive heard in a while

Savage Grizzly : Hey that's pretty good

Tess : Why'd the original get deleted?

Summa summa time : This is lit!

Elise McDow : bringmethemashup If you get the chance, do you have the one that got deleted? The reverse of this one with Panics! vocals and Fetty Wap's instrumental? I miss that one a lot

Virgo Bro : What's up with the audio quality?

char lee : why is this so great

Angel S : tbh this is actually pretty good

Phanic! At the Twenty Øne Chemical Crybabies : why is this actually lit

Digital Screams : This song is literally greater than the sum of it's parts!

Anna Vasquez : I love this

Luis G : kys

Donavon Taylor : Fetty wap should try rock after hearing this

Donavon Taylor : More of this

Barron Paragas : Y it perfect

Ryan : so nice

Haylea Rudge : This is bloody mint!!!

Young Plinco : I’m Working On Dying

Hannah Cooper : This is great 😍

Jacia Le Ferve : I love how you take songs that shouldn't go together, and put them together. Great job.

Juan Varela : please Can you upload Radar Vs Latch Mashup?! Thank you 😁 love your channel.

Emily Ann : This is awesome. I didn't think it would work but it did!

Benjamin Rhodes F : Fetty wap wan

Kweie : A rock version of this song.

Cri187Fenty Beer : Love it

Zecory 3 : I love this

SammeJoe : Could you make a mashup of Iggy Azaela Team (Acapella) with Tyga - Rack  City (instrumental)