Is Sparkletts Water An Unethical Company?

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White Mischief : I'm not even American and now I hate DS Services (ink). Nice job

Rich S. : BTW: Never call. Always write. You should have copies of all of your correspondence so when you go to court you can show a chain of evidence that supports your claims to have attempted to resolve the issue. Also, you don't have to waste hours of your life on hold waiting to talk to low-level morons who are paid to lie to you.

vanvinos : this deserves millions of views on the quality of the writing, production, and edit alone. what wanderingheath describes has happened to any one of us who's ever scrutinized a bill thank you for the patience, humor and altruism you've shown in producing this

InsecureWifi : The billing department sounds like its ran by a rampant AI.

Ray Clouse : Pay the bill, then wait a month and take them to small claims court. They have to send a manager to defend themselves which, in my experience, is not worth their time. So they'll call you to pay you back plus your expenses and then it'll all go away. Also make them write a letter to Experian to fix your credit.

Jay Perkinson : 4:15 why are the reels on the Tascam going opposite directions?

Renorthal : Really good video my dude

Jakob : Ear death at 8:21. Why include that noise in the end? My tinnitus is bad enough as it is :(

ZvedeENG : annoying edit

InternationalDrone : Fantastic edit!

anta baka : Is ______ company an unethical company? Yes.

julio garcia : They don't care. They won't watch this video. Everyone who watches this will forget about it before they go to sleep later today.

Dean Owens : This was chill.

ackerman66 : There are too many people that give a lot of money to a "company" without ever looking up any info or reviews on the "company".

overflow : So messed up, hope to see some backlash from this

CantFeelMe : 1 year worth of wasting time with calls, stress and action for 50$ doesn't seem worth it to me.

CantyCanadian : Reminds me of the video style of Austin McConnell. Honestly, I'd love more videos in that style.

Gabe Sosa : BRaaaaaaaaaanch

Meow Tow : I was with you til 0:43.

Cole Man : Great video. INK!

Shardninja Shenanigans : This is unfortunately, a common practice for most forms of business in the US these days.

Tuco Gallegos : That's because you're returning more bottles than you have in your inventory. You can't get credit for bottles you purchased at Home Depot.

Relinquish : is this video targeted towards 14 year olds?

Jakub Waligórski : From 0:45 I don't understand what you're saying.

o o : The repeated audio gags ruined this video.

Kevin H. : And this is why you buy your own bottles and fill them yourself at a Walmart or wherever has a water bottle filling machine.

fatboyjones2 : Damn they're provably making so much money in little scams people dont feel like disputing

Colin Winter : needs more slipknot, butt utter than dat: nice daps

Jesee Walker : This is why we don't pay for bottled water. F them!

Mushroom Booze Hound : It seems like you have to be a lawyer to do anything these days. Stories like this happen all the time.

UnleashTheBlob : Just drink water out of the tap like a normal person.

agnostickamel : its called a faucet

billyhumco : @fuckspartletts

T beckmanly : How did you get Seth Rogen to narrate this?

kille6525 : This is an awesome video

Austin Munday : make more videos

ChEmIcAl_KeEn : What seems to be the officer problem

Rich S. : Scamlets

Literally MyUsername : 2:18 REEEE

Jaace : How does one stick with this charade for a year before calling it quits?

MississaugaMissions : If i was a customer service rep, and you were as condescending on the phone as you were making this video, i'd have given you all of this trouble too.

User : Fuck Sparkletts.

Daniel Olivares III : DO NOT GET Sparkletts Water. EVER